Friday, February 27, 2009

SUPER Publix Day! Italian Items Smart Start MORE!

Wow! Had a great 2 shops at Publix today! If our store doubled coupons, I would have ROCKED the house! LOL! Ok, so I did great anyway! My first shop was $11.73 OOP and my next was $15.83 so that is a total of $27.56 OOP. Now.. I do NOT usually think $27 is good for oop expense, because I shop a little here, a little there, but I DO think so this time! I took pics of my 2nd shop. Lots of food!

First shop
for $11.73
I bought 8 Progresso Soup, 2 Prog. blk beans, 2 Muir Glen, 8 Green Giant Veggies (one was mushrooms, not
b1g1f), 2 bags Voila, Revlon freebie, 2 kids yoplait 6pks. Great deal! 25 items & receipt says $39.67 in savings!!

2nd Shop, please see pics. For $15.83 I got 2 bread, 2 yoplait, 4 green giant big bags frozen veggies, 4 kraft 80z shred bags, coffee-mate, 2 danactive (free w/purchase of 2 Kelloggs smart start cereal), 4 boxes Kellogs Smart Start Cereal, 5 Progresso soups, 4 cans GG veggies, 7 Muir Glenn tom sauce, 1 Muir Glenn soup, 1 Airborne gummy chews (1.99, used $2/1 coupon = free), 1 revlon nail clipper freebie (used publix flyer coupon for $2.50 off, cost was $1.49). 40 items & receipt says $74.62 in savings! I got my total to over $50 so I could use my competitor $5/$50 from Hitchcock and I bought enough progresso, green giant and muir glenn to get the $5 off 20 products Italian fest promotion.

I found the tear pad of Danactive coupons in a Kelloggs display near the dairy section, just like recommended (THANKS friends!!!) and that really helped get my total up. I used 2 of the $1.50/2 insert coupons for Kelloggs Smart Start, had them with me in case I found the coupons. I had 4 of the KRAFT $.75/1 2% cheese coupons from blinkies from weeks ago I've been holding onto. I used the Sunday insert Publix coupons for $1/4 progresso and $1/3 specialty green giant and $1/2 muir glenn..and I used these in conjunction with my manufacturer coupons for $.40 off green giant frozen veggies (inserts), $.50/2 progresso (inserts), Muir Glenn $.75/1 (inserts, had a 7 of these and the tom sauce was only $.89, so this really helped!) Also printed 2 of the $.75/1 Natures Own bread and used with Publix $.55/1 coupons! Bread is on sale for 2/$4 for the whitewheat. I don't normally buy, but for such great savings, I will try it out. And I also had a $.50/1 coffee-mate coupon! Coupons for EVERYTHING and extras beyond that! It was a good trip and we have lots of soup, veggies and tomato sauce for chili, pasta, casseroles, whatever! Im freezing the cheese, couldn't pass it up at about $.92 with the coupons that expire tomorrow.
$114.29 in savings at Publix today!!

Fun Fun Fun! If you want the printable links and the insert dates for the coupons I used (besides the ones you find in store (the Italian $5/20 items one is on a cardboard display on a "shopping list" type pad, coupon at bottom) then please check out Fiddledeedee HERE! for amazing Publix printables, matchups and sale pointers. I LOVE this site!!!

Tracey C.

$754.65 - $11.73 & $15.83 = $724.76 left in budget!


  1. I left you an award over on my blog! :)

  2. Wow, I'm just in awe. I saw you referred by Jennifers blog so I had to come read on my own! I have four kids and I could spend 1200 in a month!! Easy. I applaud you. Cause I know it must not be easy. Good Luck. I am forever a reader.



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