Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Starbucks Chocolate for $1!! Free Glade! Free Haircolor!! Go Wags!

WOW! Valentines Day Special at WALGREENS! I found a blinkie machine at my Wags for $1/1 Starbucks chocolate (larger sizes only).

Great, these machines have been around off and on for months. WAIT!! Hold on! Isn't there that $6 off 2 starbucks chocolate coupons in the Feb. Monthly Easy Saver? AND aren't the Starbucks on sale for 2/$10? That means, $10- $6 wags coupon - 2 of the $1/1 man. coupons = $2 for 2 bags of truffles? Espresso? Vanilla Bean? MOCHA? You betcha! I got four and may get more. Maybe not. Main thing is I got some yummy teacher gifts for

only $1 a BAG!
Now, there are like 10 truffles inside, but that is an awesome deal!

Also, Clairol Perfect 10 has some clearance colors. I found one I like, I used the Nice N Easy $2/1 coupon from the RP 1/25. ALSO Wags monthly rebate offers $5 gift card for buying the perfect 10 haircolor. Clearance price was $5.69, minus $2/1 = $3.69 and will get $5 back a PROFIT!

Also, 2 other clearance Clairol Nice N easy products, one haircolor for $3.29 and one gloss/hair treatment for $1.89. Used the RP 1/25 $5/2 coupon for a total of $.18 plus tax!

I got eggs .99,

2 windex wipes 28 count for 2/$5, used 2 printed $1.50/1 coupons (see yesterdays post) so cost me $2 which I will get back in Wags Feb rebate ($1 each)
so FREE!

Also, Glade Sense and Spray. I bought TWO for $8.99 on sale, but spent $4.99 OOP (see next post for details) and will get back $6.00 !! another small PROFIT!

OOP does not count chocolate (gift not included in budget, ok so one if for me! SO WHAT! I count! I am special on Valentines Day! I MATTER!) Oh, sorry. heh heh... uh, where was I? Oh yes, OOP was $13.63 - $4 chocolate gifts = OOP $9.63. Will get back $11.00!! Awesome!

Why are you still HERE? There is STARBUCKS chocolate on SALE!! GO GO GO!!! :)


Tracey C.

$839.16 - $9.63 =
$829.53 left in budget


  1. LOL!! I am still here because I am at work and cannot leave yet.

    Thanks for the heads up on some great deals!!

  2. Thanks for the info! I found those blinkies somewhere else and my 1yr old loves blinkies, so I picked some up. Woo Hoo! Great cheap valentine's candy.

    Can't go now, sick kids. Will go tomorrow no matter what. LOL.



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