Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank You KRAFT!!!!

I got my sweepstakes win from KRAFT today in the mail! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I got 3 FREE product coupons! I got:
  1. Planters Snack Product FREE to $5.00
  2. Kraft package of Reg, 2%, Polly-O, Cracker Barrel cheese any variety FREE to $3.99
  3. Nabisco Cracker Product (any) FREE good to $4.69 ( I think, mine was less)
That was a nice surprise in the mail today! Publix had the Wheat Thins and Triscuits on sale b1g1f, so I could have doubled up, but I got a big box of RITZ instead as they last longer and go with meals better for us. I got a bunch of free KRAFT Mac N Cheese crackers for snacking last week anyway, so these were perfect! PLUS! We had CVS bargain soup for dinner tonight with our Ritz crackers and Kool Aid! The soup was 2/$1 (minus my $.40/3 coupons) or $.37 each can. (One chix, one tom) Ritz were FREE! Kool Aid was already accounted for from last meal (leftovers) But add about $.10 for the sake of.. And you have dinner for One MOM and 3 KIDDOS (dad was otherwise occupied) for LESS THAN $1.00!!! Wow! And it was great too because it is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING here! Old Phil decided 6 more weeks of winter and it started HERE! Temps in Sunny Florida around 25 or 26 for the next 3 nights. Ok, it's no Massachusettes but we are in FLORIDA people, we should be WARM! BRRRRRRR! Soup is good food!! I will be trying to use my Ro-tel and Pasta Sauce and Cream to make a creamy tom soup in the next couple of days. Wish me luck! Warmth, (really, really, really WARM I hope!)

HEY! GREAT IDEA!!! Found this nifty Ritz/Chocolate idea at JOYFUL ABODE. Think, Free Crackers, Chocolate, Salty, Craving.. Go SEE!! YUMMY..

Tracey C.

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  1. Those are great coupons you received from Kraft!



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