Sunday, May 31, 2009

Michaels Kids Club NEXT SATURDAY June 6th

Don't Miss Getting the Kids to Michaels NEXT SATURDAY June 6th!

June 6th Knack Kids Club Family Day Event -- Bring the whole family to Michaels between 10 and 1 and create 2 Thumb Doodles cards for Free!
My kids had alot of fun the last time we did this with the Crayola Wonder Markers. Fun and FREE! What's NOT to love?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Money $$$ Maker at CVS Neutrogena

I'm sure many of you have heard about the great money-maker at CVS this week, until/through saturday???? Well, just in case you were busy earlier in the week like me and just heard about it, look for the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 55 sunscreens in the 1 ounce size...SAMPLE SIZE sunblock tube, white tube, light blue accents.. it is sunblock 55 and price is $1.99.

This week's ad states buy 2 NEUTROGENA sunblock/suncare items get $10 ECB. Well, these cute little guys are included! So buy TWO of them for only $3.98 and get back a $10 ECB!! (must scan your CVS ExtraCare card to get the ECB's printed on your receipt at purchase.

You can get FREE purse size sunblocks and 2 gallons of milk (around $3 bucks each at our CVS), or maybe you need some
FREE toilet paper? How about a free card for Father's day and some chocolate? :)

The hardest part of this deal seems to be FINDING these darn little tubes of sunblock. I'm sure they are in the sample section in some stores, also reported in the suncare isle (with other sunblock), in the summer sun/fun isle as well. Look closely for them, they are definitely sample size!

CLUE: I found MY two tubes back in the pharmacy counter/window area in a plastic tube-like container that could hold anything. It was sitting near one of the registers and also had s
ome pens tossed in (for good measure). There were several left!! (Archer Rd/sw 34th street CVS) You are limited to one deal (two tubes, one $10 ECB) per deal/card. I have included a photo for your reference.


Also, DEAL SEEKING MOM says to keep an eye out for:

Hefty One Zip Bags (6 to 8-ct.), $1
$1/1 Hefty One-Zip, exp. 7-31-09 (V 5/17/09) or look for blinkies in some stores!
FREE after coupon!
(Thanks, Stephanie!)

Tracey C.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

MANY Freebies @ Publix Right NOW!!

Hey all you Publix shoppers - this is our week!!! Many items (as usual) are on sale for Buy One Get One Free (B1G1F), when used with coupons, these are often free or close to it! Check out the deals below, then Go get these B1G1F deals!!

Pedigree Denta Stix B1G1F $3.79
- $2.50 (RP 4/19)
Profit, if you have 2 coupons. Note: if you see the blinkie machine nearby, take a peek! Some stores have the $1/1 DentaStix coupons right there!!! You can JUST use these if you don't have the $2.50 coupon, OR you can combine a $2.50 with a $1/1 and get 2 for $.29!! This can make your coupons go further!

Kraft/Seven Seas Dressing/Good Seasons B1G1F $2.99
- $1.50 (S 5/10)
Free if you have 2 coupons

Kraft BBQ Sauce B1G1F $1.49
- .75 (S 5/3)
Free if you have 2 coupons

A1 Steak Sauce 10 oz B1G1F $3.99
- $2 (S 5/10)
Free if you have 2 coupons

Heluva Good Dips 12 oz B1G1F $2
- .50 (S 5/17)
- .50 printable $1 for 2 if you have 2 coupons

Kelloggs POP Tarts B1G1F $2.69 (price may vary) - $1.00/2 (RP 4/5) $1.69 for 2 (.85 each) with coupon

TIDY CAT Jug Cat Litter (scoopable I think) is B1G1F and that is $6.99..BUT my store had $2/1 PEELIE coupons RIGHT ON THE JUGS!!! That is only $2.99 for two jugs! Nice!

Lays Potato Chips @ B1G1 $3.99
$3 off 2 SuperBowl coupons (if you have them)
Look for Tear pad for $1 off produce wyb Lays at the Big Lays Display in most stores..
( That makes it as low as 99 cents for 2 bags of chips and $2 in free produce! You can use one produce coupon per bag of Lays)

I already got a bunch of the Pedigree DentaStix for FREE and even once or twice with overage! What a great deal on those! Also, the Jennie O Turkey Burgers NATURALS (frozen section) are b1g1f for $7.99 and MY STORE had $1/1 peelies on them! Whoo Hoo! Two nice size Boxes of Jennie-O for only $5.99!!

Have fun at Publix! Also check the list at my friend Jamie's blog for even MORE amazing match ups and deals at Publix!!! Wow!


Tracey C.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tombstone Pizza GREAT DEAL!!

Have you seen this printable Tombstone coupon yet?!

Even better, Publix is having a BOGO sale on these this week... match it up with this coupon and you'll end up paying only $2.50/pizza!! What a great deal!

Click HERE for your $1/2 Tombstone Pizza coupon!

In addition to the above savings, you can also get in on THIS deal from Tombstone!
(click on image to go there)

Thanks to Stephanie at Coupon Saving Game for this great tip!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Target Great Deals with Coupons!

There are some great deals at Target with those wonderful Kraft coupons that have been dispensed in the last couple of days, it's all over the internet, so maybe you already have yours printed out! Well, match these coupons with printable Target (a Target (store) and Kraft (manufacturer) coupon can be used together on one product. You can print Target coupons at or on their coupon generator. Print them both, combine, and get cheap or free stuff! Here are some deals and links. Keep in mind, B1G1F sales (like at Publix), or cheap price stores (like Walmart), may also have great deals!

Thanks to A Full Cup for all the great deals about Target!

Kraft Salad Dressing $1.59
- $1
- $1/2 Traget Printable
Final price .09 wyb 2

Ritz Crackers $2.50
- $1
- $1 Target printable
Final price .50

Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs $1.93
- $1 printable
- $1 Target printable
Final price free

Triscuit Crackers $2.04
- $1
Final price $1.04

Easy Mac and Cheese Single Serve Cups .77
$1/2 Easy Mac & Cheese printable
Final price .27 each

Kraft Velveeta Shells & CHeese $1.50
- $1 prinable
Final price .50

Nabisco 100 Calorie Cakesters $1.93
- $1/2 printable
- $1 Target printable
Final price .43 each wyb 2

Crystal Light Drink Mixes $2.99
- $1
B1G1F Crystal Light printable
- $1 Target printable
Final price free

Kraft Mayo $1.99
- $1
- $1/2 Target printable

Also try these sites if the is "out" of the coupons. They only allow so many to be printed before they pull that coupon off the print site, but sometimes you can find that promotion at a grocery store website and print some extra, or just your first ones if you missed a first round of printing.





Hope a few of these work for you!

Warmly, Tracey C.


Hey all! This weekend there "should" be 3 inserts in the Sunday paper, maybe 4! Smart Source (SS), RedPlum (RP) and Proctor and Gamble (P&G). I have also heard there may be an additional insert of the SS. Different areas know that not all regions are created equal. Your area may or may not have 4 inserts. This many makes up for Memorial Day weekend when there will not be any coupons!! (5/24) So, check to see what's in yours and if it's good, stock up!

Tracey C.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Upload Difficulties and my Wags Pics

Hi friends! I have tried several times this week to upload my photos to my blog with no success! I have tried uploading photos I've uploaded previously to see if there might be a problem with the new ones..and THOSE upload! Same camera, same everything really, but photos are different. I can't figure it out. I checked size and they are all comparable to the ones I've uploaded. Hmmm.. scratching head! Anyone? Anyone? Help! I'll try uploading to an off site and using the URL for that..

Here goes... YAY!! It worked. Now, why wouldn't it work from my photos on my comp? Ok, here are my OLD photos from my Wags trip that I talked about in my last post. I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY behind on things, sorry, but family life and friends are taking a front seat right now (where they should be!), so I'll be caught back up soon! I miss my posts! Here are the pics ............ First is American Cancer Coupon donation book...2nd is the
coupons inside. You can
click on the image to enlarge (I think).

Next photos are the Wags items I got. They speak for themselves and the descrpt. of what I paid is in the post just before this. Keep your eyes open for the Fiber One in CARAMEL..looks sort of like honey grahams or french toast crunch shaped. I found some today that were NOT MARKED but rang up $1.19 each! Super! I suspect the Cheerios Oat Clusters might be the same if not marked on shelf, they were $1.19 too.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wags Good Deals I Got!

Had a good shopping trip at Walgreens. I couldn't get my act together after getting home from Arizona until Saturday, and then, just barely! Leaving home always makes me a little disorganized.. a LOT actually! (clearly! ) So, I got one Right Guard ($2 RR), 2 Pert ($2 RR for 2), 2 oreos (sep transaction, $3 RR for 2), 1 hand sanitzer, 1 hand wash pump (both on clearance), 1 Bayer Quick Dissolve (FARR free after register reward). I found coupons next to the Quick Dissolve for $1/1 making this a money-maker deal. Price is $2.49 and RR is $2.50. I also found Cheerios on clearance for $1.19 and had a $1/1 cheerios coupon with me. Also, some sugar free strawberry jam for only $.75 on clearance! Fiber one (caramel version) was also only $1.19, but I didnt have a coupon.

Later in the Evening:

Had to go back to Wags get some ointment for my daughter who scratched her eye (OUCH! Poor sweetie!). While waiting for my hubbie to speak to the after-hour pediatrician I had to shop around while I waited. Found a Bayer II contour monitor, free with coupon and got a $5 RR, also another Bayer Quick Dissolve Free and $1 profit. Found 2 PUR water flavor options on clearance for $1 and just happened to have a catalina coupon that printed a few weeks ago for $2/1 that I used for those, some $1 socks for my scratched up little girl in her favorite colors too.

I then had to go to Wags #2 for the evening to speak to a pharmasist (24 hr pharm) about ointment in my girls eye..the after hours recommended ointment in it, the pharmasist said no way! Sheesh. So I went to talk to her and get a second opinion in person. I also found another Bayer II monitor for a $5 profit, another Quick Dissolve, some Tostitos and some more Pert.

I took pics to show the goods.

I also donated $1 to the American Cancer Society and got a coupon book. I took pics of that for you so you can see what's inside. I think you have to make a $1 or $5 donation to get the coupons. If you donate $5 you will get a $5 RR good for your next purchase of $10 or more on REVLON products. Could be a good deal! Click on any image to enlarge for detail.

Sorry I have't been posting pics or deals, but after being out of town for a week and then home.. I've been busy with family and playing catch up with their school work/projects AND going on a field trip all day friday to Sea World with the youngest of my cutie-girls! It was alot of fun!

I'll post some good deals for this new week as soon as I have some good deals/coupons matched up for you all. Don't forget to get your coupon inserts Sunday! There should be one SS and one RedPlum.

Tracey C.


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