Thursday, June 30, 2011

Head over to Downy's Facebook page HERE to snag a freebie! Hurry, this won't last long and is live as of 10am..go! 
Their page says:
Downy Fans, it’s time, it’s time! Starting now, we’re giving away 500,000 samples of the new Downy Unstopables. Click here: for your chance to claim a sample for yourself, then share the link with your friends! Good Luck everyone!

Friday, June 24, 2011

WOW! $5 Bounty Facebook Coupon!! Friday ONLY 6/24/11

This was seen on Bounty's Facebook Page:

Fans, we heard you loud and clear and have some great news! We will be doing TWO 5,000 $5 coupon drops tomorrow. The first 5,000 will be given between 8-10am EST and the second 5,000 between 10am-1pm EST. That’s 10,000 $5 coupons! Remember, it’s first come, first serve on both instances and they will go quickly. Thanks and see you all tomorrow!

  WOW! Be sure to get on Bounty's page tomorrow and let me know if you get a coupon!!!

Go HERE to visit Bounty's Facebook Page
Remember to hang out TOMORROW, Friday June 24th!!


Curad Bandages only $.46 each @ Walmart!

You can grab Curad Bandages for only $.46 at Walmart with the $.50/1 coupon from the 6/19 SS! A great staple item for that bathroom medicine cabinet during these busy summer months for kids! (And us too!)

How it breaks down:
Curad Bandages 60 ct pkg, $.96
(1) $.50/1 Q from 6/19 SS
= $.46 each!

(Thanks, I Heart the Mart!)

6/26 Sunday Coupon Preview for Smart Source and Red Plum

SmartSource  & Red Plum Coupon Insert Preview for 6/26/2011

How about a preview for the SmartSource & Red Plum Coupon inserts for the week of 6/26/2011?  Coupons are regional, so some of these may not be in your area, you may get some not listed here AND the coupon values may vary as well (you may see $.75/1 and GET a $.45/1). That is just the way it churns out! I like to see what others are getting, but have learned not to get TOO excited over a high value coupon until I see it in my OWN hands! You know? Also,  don't forget to check for current printables from SmartSource, as well.

Smart Source 6/26:

ACT $1/1 16.9oz+ (7/31/11)
ACT $2/1 Dry Mouth bottle (7/31/11)
Banana Boat $1/1 product 4oz+ (8/7/11)
Barilla $.55/1 Piccolini (8/21/11)

Bio-Oil $2/1 2oz or 4.2oz skincare oil (9/30/11)
Blue Diamond $.60/2 6oz cans of almonds (9/30/11)
Blue Diamond $.60/2 8oz jars of oven roasted almonds (9/30/11)
Carefree $.50/1 (8/30/11)
Cheerios $.50/1 original Cheerios (8/6/11)
Colgate $.40/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush or Wisp 4ct (ex. Plus and Extra Clean) (7/16/11)
Palmolive $.25/1 ultra dish liquid 20oz+ (7/16/11)
Colgate $.75/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (7/16/11)
Cortizone-10 $1/1 (9/30/11)
Cortizone-10 $2/1 Hydrasensitive lotion (9/30/11)
Crystal $.25/2 single serve ice cream (8/31/11) DND
Crystal $1/1 ice cream 56oz+ (8/31/11) DND
Don Francisco's $.75/1 coffee (7/31/11)
Don Francisco's $1/1 10oz or 12oz bag Coffee Family Reserve (7/31/11)
Gold Bond Ultimate $1/1 lotion or cream ex 1oz (9/30/11)
Gold Bond Ultimate $2/1 body wash ex 1.5oz (9/30/11)
Gold Bond Ultimate $2/1 hand sanitizer 2.7oz or 12oz (9/30/11)
Hawaiian Tropic $1/1 sun care product 4oz+ ex lip balm (8/7/11)
Hershey's $1/2 milk chocolate 6 packs (8/14/11)
Honey Maid $1/2 grahams 14oz+ (8/14/11)
Hot Pockets $1/1 Snackers (9/18/11)
Innova $3/1 dry cat food 2.2lb+ (7/31/11)
Innova $3/1 dry dog food 6lb+ (7/31/11)
Kraft $.20/2 Jet Puffed marshmallows 8oz+ (8/14/11)
Mitchum $.75/1 ets (7/31/11)
Mt. Olive $.75/1 pickles, peppers or relish product (7/24/11)
Nature Valley $.75/1 granola thins (8/20/11)
o.b. tampons $1/1 ets (9/30/11)
OFF! $1/1 Area product (9/17/11)
OFF! $1/1 clip-on refill (9/17/11)
OFF! $2/1 clip-on starter (9/17/11)
OFF! $3/2 Area products (9/17/11)
Ortega $1/1 taco shells (8/31/11)
Ortega $1/2 green chiles (8/31/11)
Pantene $1/2 products ets (7/31/11)
Purina $1.50/2 dog snacks (9/26/11)
Purina $1/2 cat snacks, ex Fancy Feast appetizers (9/26/11)
Purina $1/4 Fancy Feast appetizers 2oz trays (9/26/11)
Purina $4/4 dog snacks (9/26/11)
Resolve $.75/1 (8/7/11)
Resolve $.75/1 high traffic foam product (8/7/11)
Revlon $1/2 ColorSilk products (7/31/11)
Schick $2/1 Intuition razor or 3ct refill (8/7/11)
Schick $4.50/1 Intuition 6ct refill (8/7/11)
Schick B1G1 free disposable razors, ex 2 count, up to $13.99 (8/7/11)
Skintimate $.55/1 moisturizing shave gel ex 2.75oz (8/6/11
Skintimate $1/1 moisturizing cream shave (8/6/11)
Stacy's $.55/1 Pita Chips or Bagel Chips (7 1/3oz+) (9/26/11)
Stayfree B1G1 free up to $4.49 (8/30/11)
Treasure Cave $.40/1 cheese 4oz+ (9/30/11)
Tree Top $1/2 apple sauce products (8/31/11)
Trojan $1/1 10ct+ condom product (9/18/11)
Trojan $1/1 Vibrations product (9/18/11)
Twizzlers $.75/1 10oz or more (8/31/11)
Tyson $1/1 Mini Chicken Sandwiches or Mini Chicken Sandwiches with cheddar cheese (9/30/11)
Weber $1/1 seasoning (8/31/11)
Wonderful Pistachios $1/1 6oz+ (9/30/11)
Zantac $1/1 24ct+ (8/30/11)
Red Plum 6/26

3 Musketeers $.50/2 (7/31/11)
Best Foods $.40/2 16.5oz+ products (7/24/11)
Body Fortress $3/1 powder (8/17/11)
C&H $.50/1 4lb or 5lb granulated sugar product (9/30/11)
Clemmy's $1.50/2 sugar free ice cream products (9/1/11)
Coppertone $1/1 2oz+ (7/31/11)
Dove $.75/1 anti-perspirant/deodorant or body mist ets (7/24/11)
Dove $.75/1 beauty bar 6 pack+ (7/24/11)
Dove $.75/1 hair care product ets (7/24/11)
Dove $1/1 body wash 10oz+ (7/24/11)
Dove $2/1 Men+Care antirperspirant 2.7oz or deodorant 3oz ets (7/24/11)
Dove $4/1 Men+Care body and face bar 6 pack+ (7/24/11)
Dove B1G1 free Men+Care body and face wash 13.5oz+ or active clean shower tool up to $5.99 ets (7/24/11)
King's Hawaiian $1/2 packages of 12-pack rolls or 4-pack sandwich buns (8/21/11)
Land O'Frost $1/1 sub sandwich kits (8/31/11)
Lipton $.40/1 tea bags, To Go, or any iced tea mix (7/24/11)
L'Oreal $1/1 root rescue product (8/21/11)
L'Oreal $2/1 Excellence or Excellence to-go shade (8/21/11)
Luigi's $.50/1 real Italian ice product (8/27/11)
Milk-Bone $1.50/2 dog snacks (8/26/11)
Milk-Bone $1/1 mini's dog snacks (8/26/11)
Milo's Kitchen $1.50/1 100% real dog treats 3.3oz or smaller (8/7/11)
Milo's Kitchen $2/1 100% real dog treats 10oz+ (9/18/11)
Minute Maid $.50/1 frozen novelty product (8/27/11)
Nalley $1/1 pickles 16oz+ (9/5/11)
Nutro $3/1 Natural Choice dry cat food (8/28/11)
POND'S $1/1 cream, towelettes or cleansing product ets (7/24/11)
POND'S $1/1 wet cleansing towelettes 30 ct (7/24/11)
Pringles $.50/1 snack stack or stix (7/31/11)
Pringles $1/2 fat free pringles (7/31/11)
Pringles $1/3 super stack cans (7/31/11)
Purina $2/12 cans Mighty Dog food or 1 12ct pack (8/15/11)
Rubbermaid $1/1 beverage, pitcher, bottle or carafe (9/30/11)
S&W $1/2 The Recipe Collection beans (8/31/11)
Tums $1/2 24ct+ (8/31/11)
Whole Fruit $.50/1 fruit bars product (8/27/11)
Whole Fruit $.50/1 sorbet product (8/27/11)
Wisk $2/1 45oz+

You also may find in your paper:
Target P&G Coupons (Expire 9/15/11)
$1/1 6pk+ Bounty paper towels
$1/1 8pk+ Bounty extra soft paper towels
$1/1 Charmin bath tissue ultra soft, ultra strong or sensitive
$2/1 18pk Charmin sensitive bath tissue
$.50/1 Puffs facial tissue excludes Puff To Go
$1/1 8pk Puffs facial tissue
$1.50/1 8pk+ Duracell batteries

Credit goes to: Jasper44 at We Use Coupons for posting the Sunday coupon insert preview list.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FREE sample of Mott's for Tots @ VocalPoint

I know you love to get FREE tasty tidbits, 'bout this one: Mott's for Tots® has 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice and a great taste kids love—it's an easy and healthy way to spoil 'em.
Sign up for a FREE sample over at VocalPoint HERE. Don't you love free stuff?

Printable coupon match-up for current Publix BOGO Cheese!

What a great coupon to go along with the BOGO Rondele Cheese spread sale this week at Publix. Print it NOW (you can print it twice) and use it for the sale going on THIS week at Publix, what a GREAT deal!
 Printable Coupons For Current BOGO
Rondele Cheese Spread 8oz cup BOGO $4.49
-$3/2 President Cheeses
Only 75¢ per package after sale and coupon! VERY nice! This cheese is great on crackers and my kids love it! 
Thanks to  for this great deal!

Friday, June 3, 2011

List of this Sunday's 6/5 Whole Coupon Insert list for the Smart Source SS (FL region)


Want a peek at this Sunday's Inserts? You KNOW you do! One way to do this is to go check out eBay of course!! Just pick a Smart Source insert (also known as the SS) or P & G insert or the Red Plum (the RP), and do a search by date. Like this:  Smart Source Coupon Insert 6/5 , and up will pop 100's of options! Just look for one nearest you and you can see what MIGHT be a little more regional for your area than just a random list. I'm in FL so finding the list is easy and helps me plan for a week of shopping ahead of time! Sometimes the insert prices are pretty good too..sometimes they go really high! If you just want a free way to check out what's coming..head on over! Take a peek at what I found for the June 5 Smart Source HERE.
It was also pretty easy to find the P&G insert info and the RedPlum. With all the coupon craze going on, tell me, have you ever felt like you've been invaded by people on a hunt for the extreme coupon high? Are you still following our loved hobby like before? More so? Less? 

Do you find yourself pumped up to go save, checking your coupon binder several times a week to make sure every coupon is in it's proper place? Are you still buying weekly papers? Are you joining the throngs of people trying to buy whole inserts from a coupon service, only find they are constantly selling out of papers? I have used a service for coupons a few times, and they were both pretty good. In addition it saved me from driving all over town trying to find papers that actually had a complete set of inserts for any given Sunday. I have ordered coupons on, on,  I have asked friends and family (Yay family!), and I have had pretty good success!!! I used to buy 10 papers (if there were coupons) EVERY week, but after prices rose, it began to be too cost restrictive! Now I find myself using a combination of purchase, donations (friends/family), a lucky find at Starbucks on the weekend and just buying what I need for a specific sale at Publix or Winn Dixie.  

So, how do YOU like to save throughout the week? How many inserts do you typically get and do you have a group of friends you trade or swap with? Let us know what works for YOU!


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