Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walgreens Feburary Rebate Dealspot

Here are some of the February Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate deal items that I bought yesterday and added to my DEAL SPOT. I was waiting for my gift card/rebate from Jan to take advantage of more deals. I have already purchased glade and windex wipes...haircolor, I finally got my gift cards! One for Jan and one for NOVEMBER! Hey, if you forget, mail that rebate in! It will only cost you a stamp and you will more than likely get least try!
First Purchase:
  • 4 Starbucks Chocolates 2/$10 and I used $6/2 Wags Rebate Book coupon AND 2 of the blinkie $1/1 manufacturer coupons that you can find in Wags, some CVS and some Publix. Ends up $1 a box/bag.
  • D/F Spagetti 2 boxes clearance $.37
  • Pringles (sour pickle or something weird like that) $.45
  • Car vent Scented rebate item $4.99 (raincheck item)
  • Walg. Mult Solution for eyes $1.99 rebate item. 10% profit
  • Revlon Creme Gloss lip $9.99 each, got 2 with b1g1f wags sale. Used 2 of the $2/1 man. q and this is monthly rebate item. Both items free plus Profit.
  • Fructis Shampoo (wave) Rebate Item. $3.99. used $1/1 man. Q. 10% extra back. Profit.
  • Total for these items: $23.92 on a gift card. Will get back $23.05 in rebates!

Next Purchase:

  • Loreal Excellence hair color on CLEARANCE $3.29 each, got 2 boxes and I used $5/2 Wags Reb. Book Coupon AND 2 of the man. $2/1 coupons. FREE = Profit
  • Zucol-rebate item. $7.99. Used a $2/1 internet printable coupon HERE. Profit
  • Walgreens Nutrition Drink 6 pack chocolate $4 on sale will get back $4 rebate = 10% = FREE plus Profit!
  • Thermacare Heat Wrap Neck trial size $2.49 rebate item, used $1/1 man. Q. FREE + Profit
  • Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor. $8.99. Used $4 P & G insert Q, Got back $6 catalina. PROFIT
  • Box of Heart Chocolates on clearance= $2.49 (not free!)
  • Total for those items = $17.77 on Gift Card Received $6 Cat and will get back $15.92 in rebates (includes my extra 10%)

Next Purchase:
  • Revlon Concealer Rebate Items $9.99. Used $2/1 man insert coupon.
  • Peeps clearance hearts $.10 (so I could use 2 coupons I threw it in)
  • Total for those items = $8.78 used $6 catalina from gillette deal, will get back $10.98 in rebate (includes 10% bonus)
Paid $2.78 on GC no OOP

Next Purchase:
  • Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99. Used $4/1 man coupon.
  • Total for this item = $5.60
Paid $5.60 on GC. Got back $6 catalina Profit


Total for all $50.07 on gift cards. ($21.30 left on one gc) Will get back $47.52 in rebates plus $4.75 BONUS 10% !! Yay! $52.27 Back = Profit....all free!! Including my Starbucks!!! Ain't that COOL??? OH! BUT WAIT! I also still have $6 Catalina from those purchases (I used one, kept one). So, even better Profit!! Whoo Hooo!


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the Walgreens deals. I posted them on my blog. I shop there sometimes. If the price is right I am there! And it sure seems like it is this week! :)

  2. I love when Walgreens has tons of deals! You know, in my area, Kmart is having a super double coupon week, and I might go..but most of the items I can get at CVS or Wags with a coupon for a BETTER price! I love these stores! Thanks for commenting and I look at your blog too!
    Warmly, Tracey C.

  3. I think you can also submit for the rebates online. At least I did for my easy saver rebates for February. I will see if it still works out okay.

  4. Hi Laura! You CAN submit online, and that is how I do it. However, if you miss the submission deadline, you have to snail mail it in. We didn't have access to the online submission at first, only a few places did, but now, it is SOOOO much easier. My point was that if you MISS submitting, go ahead and send it in (snail mail) and see if they honor it. Mine was several months late, but they took it! Yay! I LOVE the online option though and I hope the rumors that Walreens is discontinuing their rebates will not come to pass. If so, I will miss them dearly... :(
    Warmth, Tracey C.



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