Monday, February 16, 2009

FRESH strawberries!

Wow! Check out these scrumptious strawberries! I went to the farmers market in High Springs, north of here to check out their friday market. The girls had the day off for winter break, so we thought it would be fun. The market was very small! I took some freebie items in case I sensed a good opportunity to barter. I had a small opportunity with the strawberry man! He was handing out free samples and my girls were delighted! I asked how much and he advised me they were $12 for a half flat and $20 for a full one. Hmmm, a full one is a LOT and I didnt have plans to make anything special. I asked if he would take $10 for the 1/2 and he said, uhhhh, nooooooo and I asked about a free razor and $10 for the 1/2? He laughed and asked what kind of razor. I told him the new and nifty fusion GAMER razor (that I had gotten for a little profit from Walgreens)! He said DEAL! Now, I didn't save much, only $2 off his price, and they weren't cheap, but these strawberries sure tasted good! And I've gotten several free razors, so it was a nice trade. Maybe next time he will be willing to trade again... Doesn't hurt to ask! Don't the strawberries look yummy? A half flat is 6 small plastic green baskets FULL. I thought I might try to make a small container of preserves, but we just have been munching these things all day for 4 days now. I have enough left to top cereal/oatmeal for 2 more days and for a TINY little snack for the girls as well. We have loved them!
Tracey C.
Budget $813.55 minus $10 for strawberries = $803.55 left in budget


  1. They look delicious! They taste so good this time of year!

  2. when you clean strawberries you really shouldnt soak them , just wipe the ones that you are going to eat or use right with a wet paper towel, and put the others in the fridge dry and dirty! they soak up alot of water and go bad faster. (just a tip)

  3. I think you got a great deal. I would have paid the $12 for strawberries that pretty. Well, of course, if sampling had showed they were delicious as well. LOL!

    Hubby and I will be picking strawberries in a couple of months, from a local farm. They have some now, but hubby loves to pick, so we wait until they open the fields for picking. And we save a little money that way.

  4. Precious they taste awesome!

    ~Twomoms, I wasn't really soaking them, and they were pretty sandy. There are 5 of us and on that first washing (soaking! :) ) we ate the entire bowl you see, easily! I didn't do anything with the others until we wanted more, then I washed those too. You are right, stored, washed fruit and veggies go bad faster! Thanks for the tip. I whipped up some of the whipping cream I bought at Sams club and we had "fresh" whip cream with them. Sooooo good!

    Frances! Hi! Oh, that sampling sold me for sure! Can you believe I've never picked them? I think we will make it a summer mission with the girls to go pick some great fruit, I know there are strawberries and blues to be had..and what fun! I wish we had done that when I was little. Will you make anything with them?

    Warmly, Tracey C.



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