Monday, February 16, 2009

Target Fun & Deals!

I went to Target tonight to get milk (remember my $25 Target gift card I got last week? Yay!). I also printed 3 coupons from for $1/1 any Peppridge Farm (goldfish included) since goldfish are on sale 3/$5 (or less for some of the kinds). I also printed 3 KASHI Target coupons for $1/1 any cracker/cookie/bars. I had a $1/1 quaker rice snacks and $1.50/1 coffee-mate. Wow, I wish I could print more than two of those! I love the $1.50 off 1 coffee-mate coupons because I love coffee! Here is what I got:
  • Bag of Hershey kisses 50% off, white choc/rasp for $1.39 (no coupon, but they are WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASP! No brainer here)
  • Quaker caramel rice cakes (my daughter asked for some for lunches) $1.67- $1/1 Q = $.67
  • Goldfish Graham cracker $1.66- $1/1 Q, GoldFish Cinamon $1.66- $1/1 Q and Whole grain cheese Goldfish for $1.52 - $1/1 Q. Best deal is to get the regular GF for $1.52 each, I may go get more. I really wanted to try to find some manufacturer Q's to use with the Target and wanted to try the new flavors.
  • Kashi TLC bars (Oh, I loved the cheap ones I got with those great Internet coupons couple weeks ago! Bars on sale for $2.75 - $1/1 Targ Q = $1.75 each box, 2 boxes
  • Gallon Milk $2.79 GREAT PRICE on sale
  • Coffee Mate $1.87 - $1.50/1 Q = .37c
  • Market Pantry Clearance Cookie mix for $.36, strange find but great!
  • Market Pantry 10pk Juice bags for school lunches $2.29
  • 1 TARGET $5 gift card ( I get the gift cards sometimes for my girls or because I like to have a just in case gift in my purse. I could use my Target gift card to pay for it, and if I need it, there it is!)
  • TOTAL was $18.21 ($5 of that is still mine in a new GC) so $13.21 on GC, $0 OOP
I need to find a way to get more Target Gift Cards! I do better there when I plan my coupons and I also have fun browsing. I am not as tempted as I used to be, so I do ok. It lets me get things like Hershey kisses and juice boxes that aren't in the budget! Any ideas?
Tracey C.
$817.55 in budget

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