Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GREAT mail day!

Hey! How fun! I had a GREAT mail day today! Here's what I got:::::::

  1. Suavenomics FREE bottle of Suave coupon ( I already got a shampoo with free body wash attached! Thanks Suave!)
  2. FREE $25 Target Gift Card from one of my credit card rewards program! It took so long to get to me, I forgot I ordered it! Sheesh, but still happy!
  3. Envie trade from Joan M with my Quaker $5 rebate form in it! Yay! I really wanted to do this one, so thanks Joan! Also, lots of fun coupons inside, where did she get them all? :)
  4. Hospital bill.. OH! NOT SO FUN! scratch this one!
  5. Family Circle Magazine
That's it! Great stuff though and it made my day a little better. Wish all mail days brought gift cards, free full size products and nice rebates that netted me free product! Hmmmm.

Tracey C.
$839.16 left in budget



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