Monday, February 2, 2009

Sams Club Hot chocolate

We went to SAMS club today for pricing of Dog Food (we use Pedigree) and to "Look Around." Dangerous I tell you because I am always tempted here. I found a GREAT deal on some Christmas Hot chocolate gift packs. 3 bags (approx 70+ servings total for all) of different flavors and some chocolate dipped candy cane stirrers. Quite a large set and on clearance for $2.90! I got two, one for our house and one for Hot Chocolate treats for school for some classes that met the Boxtop challenge. This isn't out of our household budget though. I also got a quart of heavy whipping cream for $2.97 ( I'll round to $3 cuz not sure, hubby paid and still has receipt). And, that was IT. Hubby found a clearance denim shirt also. The gift set was in a RED box with a front flap that lifts up so you can view contents. $6 OOP.

I will be doing a little Valentines Day giveaway in the next couple of stay tuned for more information!

Tracey C.
$906.31 left in budget


  1. Didn't know if you would look back at my blog or not if I responded to you there so I figured id respond here=)
    Thanks for the wishes!
    Im having a hernia repaired that appeared during my pregnancy...having a 10 lb baby didn't help the situation! Hopefully its a quick recovery so i can get back to shopping hehe!

  2. Recover quick! Blessings headed your way!
    I hope is goes really well and will be thinking of you!
    Tracey C.

  3. Tracey,
    I am looking for recipes to make chocolate pop corn. I got 12 boxes of Jolly Smile pop corn for free.
    Do you have recipes for making chocolate or peanut butter pop corn ?
    Thank you in advance.

    Jamy @

  4. Tracey,
    I am giving away 2 L'oreal shampoos, the link is here :

    Jamy @

  5. Great finds at Sam's... my membership JUST expired and I don't go often enough to renew. Thanks for all you contribute to the Frugal Challange!!



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