Sunday, February 1, 2009

CVS Gillette Goodies

Couple days ago I went to CVS to get the Fusion Gamer and the Shampoos for the ECB deals. I ended up getting the wrong razors, 2 of the phantoms for $9.99 so I could get the free shampoos with my P & G coupons and get back ECB. I could have waited until they got the Gamers in on Friday, but sometimes that doesn't work out. This way, I was still getting a good deal on the razors by using my Free shampoo coupons and the return ECB's from them toward the balance of the razors. Today, I went in, got 2 of the Gamer Fusion razors (sale $7.99) and exchanged for my original phantoms (9.99). Confused? Here is how it worked out:

Original Purchase: 5 bottles of Gillette Shampoo for Men @ $4.99 ea.
2 Phantom Fusion Razors @ $9.99 ea.
1 Gallon of milk $3.39 and TWO handwriting tablets for my girls $1 ea = $2
USED: 3 coupons for $2/1 shampoo so - $6.00
2 coupons for FREE shampoo w/Fusion purchase so - $9.98
1 coupon for $4/1 Fusion razor so - $4.00
2 ECB 1 for $2.00 and one for $3.99 so - $5.99
SUBTOTAL: $24.35 TAX $2.77 TOTAL $27.12 used Gift Card.
GOT BACK: $3 ECB for each shampoo = $15 ECB

TODAY: Returned the two $9.99 fusion for the $7.99 GAMER Fusion. Received $19.98 + $1.35 tax = $21.33 on a CVS gift card. Immediately used it to purchase the 2 GAMERS for $7.99 ea = $15.98 plus $1.08 tx = $17.06 off that gift card. (4.27 remains) Total OOP $0
GOT BACK: $8 ECB ($4 for each razor)

Final total: $27.12 on gift card for orig purchase (plus milk & tablets)
Got back $15 ECB so cost was $12.12. (exchanged the fusion w/ no cost out of pocket, but with $4.27 remain on GC) So subtract $4.27 from my cost $12.12 - $4.27 = $7.85 AND I got back the $8 in ECB. so Final cost $.15.

I did use $5.99 in ECB's to pay for my first transaction, so my TRUE final cost was $5.84 and this was for the Milk and writing tablets. Plus this purchase was my main $50 P & G purchase for the coupon rebate. So even though I only had ONE $4/1 razor coupon, the free shampoo coupons (2) plus the $3 ecb for those $2 covered my taxes and the razor I didn't have coupons for. It all worked out.

PLUS this shampoo smells terrific! Can't wait to sniff it in hubby's hair!!

Tracey C.

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