Monday, February 2, 2009

L'oreal Giveaway for Popcorn Recipe!

Hi friends! This giveaway is not MY giveaway, it is for my friend Jamy over at SEAYKopitiam blog. If you want to know what that means, there is a fun and interesting explanation at her site. Here is the FUN twist to winning the L'oreal Shampoos.. You have to share or come up with a good recipe for making chocolate or peanut butter popcorn treats! Jamy got several boxes of the Jolly Time popcorn for FREE at Publix when it was on sale last week for $1 a box. She of course had $1/1 coupons to use. I myself was just looking for a great popcorn/caramel/chocolate drizzle recipe when I got a coupon to Henry and Davids, but found that $15 didn't go very far there! $9.95 just to ship! So I too would love to see a great chocolatey popcorn treat.. Head over to her website HERE and give it a go! Thanks for sharing Jamy! Remember friends, I will be hosting my very own Valentines Day giveaway either tomorrow or Wednesday, so stay tuned!


Tracey C.


  1. Thanks Tracey,
    I just put up this coming week Publix deal. Do you like Uncle Ben rice ? Well, it is buy1get1 free and there is a $1 coupon, so make the rice 25cents each. Worth to stock pile :).
    See you tomorrow, God willing.

  2. I posted back on my blog to what you commented. Just in case you didn't see it...How do you not pay for diapers? Are you stockpiled? Or do you just buy them with rebates and such? I skipped out on that last Huggies deal @ Rite Aid and now regret it! Anyway, any tips are wonderful! Thanks!



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