Monday, March 2, 2009

CVS run Sunday

Dropped into CVS to get some milk, and SCANNED my CVS Extra Care Card FIRST! Always do this! Anyway, got a $5/$20 CVS brand coupon. OK, hmm, I can wait and use this, or just use it now. I had no coupons with me, just my ECB, my card and a CVS gift card for $25. I am almost out of Toilet paper. OH NO! So, perfect timing, even if not free.

I got my starbucks $45 and my 2 $45 CVS gift cards in the mail on friday. Very Good! So fast for a reward from our Credit Card!! I still have about $60 in reward to redeem too! Nice!

Anyway, I decided to get some tp and to get my total to $20 (milk is now TG Lee, used to be CVS brand I think) I added the FREE after ECB monthly Vitamin D 400 100count for $2.99, 1 CVS bleach for $2.39 and 2 12pk premium CVS tp for $7.49 each. Not on sale, I know, but $5 off! good enough for me, plus I make money on ECB items all the time, so using them towards this, and my free gift card, is what keeps me from spending out of pocket on these items!

I also got 2 nestle candy bars on sale 2 for $1 and my milk for $3.29.

COUPONS: $5/$20 CVS brand purchase coupon, $3 ECB, $5 ECB.
TOTAL after coupons: $12.02 w/tax, which I paid on a GC. $0 OOP
ECB received $2.99
No pic.

$724.76 left in budget


  1. Super shopping trip.

    I wish my CVS had a scanner. I've used them at other CVS stores. They are great and have some really good savings.

    I just sent an email to CVS asking when they would be putting a scanner in my CVS. I've asked the meployees at my CVS and they said they had never heard of them. How can that be? If they don't know about them how in the world am I ever going to get to use one in there store?

  2. Oh! Gramm-I remember when we first got our CVS scanners, I was soooo happy! We use to have just Eckerds and they switched took awhile, but when it happened, it was SO NICE. Keep asking, find someone who will tell you, ask the store manager and if they don't know, get their name and contact corporate (through email probably) and let them know that your manager doesn't know if/when, but YOU think he/she should and YOU would like to know if/when!!! Another way to get coupons before shopping is to buy a very small item in the store like a $.20 clearance candy or something cheap. I would scout out cheap things until I found a few that were cheap enough and that were not total wastes of money..actually, I think they were always total wastes of money! LOL! This way you make a small purchase and you get any ECB coupon to print before you shop! Let us know if you find out! Thanks for the comment,
    Warmly, Tracey C.



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