Thursday, February 12, 2009

CVS Free Fusion, Free BOOST, Free stuff!!

Today, while we were out and about I stopped at CVS (stopped at wags earlier) and got a Fusion power razor, 4 packs (6 per pack) of Boost Smoothies/drink, 2 small Ritz cracker boxes, 2 small wheat thin boxes of cracker, 2 25ct cotton rounds CVS brand (get back $1 each on ECB). GREAT BOOST deal right now! I had 4 manf. peelie coupons from boost packs that read $2 off any 1 boost nutritional drink offer. You can also use the blinkies that were out awhile back, also there are coupons inside many of the Boost Smoothies. I found several for $3/2 packs. If you buy them at $2.50 CLEARANCE (not a sale price, if your CVS is out, they are out of them!) you still come out with free Boost.. but the $2 peelies are best! Im not sure how many Boost deals you can do, but I have done at least 8 packs. I bought Boost smoothie drinks in Rasp/Straw. You get $2 back for every 2 Boost you buy (must buy 2!). Retail was $2.12 and $2.50 for the Boost (4/$2.12 and 4/$2.50 = $9.24) , so after my $2 coupon for each, and $1 ecb back (each), I came out ahead like this: $9.24 cost - $12.00 in coupons/ecb = $2.76 profit on these!! Great for smoothie shakes with real fruit added in.
I also had a couple of the $2/2 Wheat Thins, Ritz etc. crackers. My daughter was holding one of them, so I only used one! Also used a $4/1 Fusion coupon.
Total OOP was $1.35. I Used coupons and $8 ECB to pay, plus $1.35 cash. Got back $4 ECB (razor), $4 ECB for 4 boost and $2 ECB for the 2 cotton rounds)

Made more than I spent! Love it! Enjoy!

Tracey C.
$821.32 left in budget

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