Sunday, February 8, 2009

CVS Madness!

I purchased a few coupons for $2.98 OOP = $885.82

At CVS this week I was doing lots of little shops. I wasn't finding all the things I wanted, but I had fun and did quite well. I've been using my gift cards (even my $50 milk one, sigh) up, but I still have many ECB to turn over. I didn't take pics, sorry! I just wanted to catch up my totals. I have been CVS'ing, and Publix'ing too. I wanted to get as many of the Goodlife Cat food at Publix for $.49 as I could. I have lots of coupons for $3 off and its on sale for $3.49 (ended yesterday). Pet food isn't out of my budget, but it's why I have all these little Publix shops I do. I get more coupons, or hear about another deal and I grab that too...
I just want to keep you updated on my budget, and me too!
2/6 Publix- OOP $14.01 (got 2 bounce for $1.63 each clearance for 105 ct) bleach, 2 w/w pita b1g1f, bag potat, 2 chex mix clearance, 2 Yoplus yogurt pks, 4 uncle bens rice, 1 grn juice, good stuff!
2/7 Publix- OOP $10.88 got 3 danimals 6pk yogurt, 2 more pita b1g1f, revlon nail clips free w/publix ad coupon, bananas 2lbs, Gallon MILK, 4 boxes miniwheat cereal, Great price!

Total OOP Publix $24.89... $885.82-$24.89 = $860.93 left

For CVS I was excited to get the Hershey dark bars for $1 each, used $1/1 coupons and got back $1 ECB for every 2 I bought. Not sure limit because I got 6 "sets" of 2 bars on my card and got ECB for all of them. Got a few on Hubbys card and neither said limit reached. Money maker! Also, the Dove deodorant invisible was on sale $2.29 each and get $2 ECB when you buy 2. JUST saw this today! So I run home to get my $1.50/2 dove coupons. I got 8 deodorants for $4.32 after ECB and that is only $.54 each!!! I LOVE this deodorant and rarely find it cheap, I was so excited! Probably will find it free next week, you know how it goes! LOL! Ok, used gift cards... but here is break down..
  1. $.41 OOP = 6 extra dark hershey bar (no ecb small enough to use)
  2. $2.66 OOP = 8 dove deo. 5 hershey bar
  3. $.99 on gift card NO OOP = 3 single bath tissue 3/$1, 5 hershey, 1 cvs chewable asprin (free w/ecb), 1 instant enegery shots (free w/ecb), used ecb to pay and got ecb back too!
  4. $3.12 on gc NO OOP= 3 cans cam. soup & 2 hershey bar, 1 3pk cvs paper towl, 1 excedrin ex/s 10 ct, 1 lipstick (free w/cvs $2/any cosmetic).
  5. $2.37 on gc NO OOP= 2 glade candles, 2 glade oil candle refills, (got back $5 ecb and used Q's), 4 hershy bars, 2 Val sticker packs for daughters .99 ea, 1 clearance oil burner and oil (from Christmas only $1.50), 4 extra oil bottles .50 ea, fun stinky stuff for house!!!!
Total OOP is $3.07 and $860.93- $3.07 = $857.86
No pics, sorry! Was out late w/friend having food and coffee! :) (thanks friend!)

Tracey C.

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