Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Coupons to Print!

Coupons.com has some great new coupons to print this week! Check out several of them below
I especially like the high value Gas-X coupons, there is sure to be a good deal using those!
Print them now, before they are gone!

  •  NoMoreRack - Free $10 Gift Card!
  •  Gas-X Prevention - $4.00 off 1
  •  Gas-X - $3.00 off 1
  • Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills - $1.00 off 1
  • Dry Idea - $1.00 off 1
  •  Coast Body Wash or Bars - $1.00 off 1
  •  Hellman's Mayonnaise - $1.00 off 1
  • Crisco Olive Oil - $1.00 off 1
  • Pine-Sol - $1.00 off 1
  •  Crisco No-stick Cooking Spray - $0.75 off 1
  •  Lifesavers & Wrigley's Heritage Tins - $2.00 off 2
  •  Lifesavers & Starburst Storybooks - $2.50 off 3
  •  Hershey Kisses - $1.00 off 2
  •  L'Oreal Revitalift - $2.00 off 1
  • Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil Lasting Impressions holder - $3.00 off 1
  •  VEET® Suprem' Essence product - $3.00 off 1

Swiss Chard Chips in a Nu-Wave Oven!

Arugula Chips? Not exactly! It is actually Swiss Chard! In my original post, I mistakenly called my greens arugula, but they are surely NOT! Swiss Chard, with the bright red stalks, is the first leaf we dehydrated to make Chard Chips! Now, on to the post...You've probably heard of people making Kale "chips", dried Kale pieces, salted and yummy? Well, this is the same thing, only with Swiss Chard and collard greens! Oh, and made in our Nu-wave Oven!
Crispy and Delightful!

But...how do they TASTE?

Very Crispy!

To make: Wash and dry (thoroughly) large leafed Swiss Chard, Collard leaves or, of course, KALE!! Any big, leafy, firm green should work. After you dry them, go ahead and tear the leaves from the hard stem in nice,  large chunks, OR you can just leave them whole and remove the bottom stem part. Place in a large bowl (serving dish works great) and drizzle a bit of olive oil over the leaves...just a bit. You can add more later if you need it, but you don't want them too saturated. 
Now take one of the leaves and start rubbing the oil into the other leaves until they are well coated, glossy and in their happy place! When finished, don't waste that oil on your hands...rub it into your hands, elbows, whatever! Great for the skin! 
Next, salt (and or pepper) to taste with regular salt or sea salt. Word of caution here..we used sea salt first and it was VERY salty..a bit too much, though still delicious. The second batch we did we used standard table salt, very lightly and it was JUST RIGHT!!!
Now, if you have the Nu-Wave oven, just place the leaves in a single layer, really close together is fine, and even overlapping a bit is ok..just not too much. I used the larger rack on the 1" level and a layer of leaves here, then placed the smaller rack on top of that and another layer there. I then removed the racks together (as the smaller sits atop the larger perfectly) and did another layer on the bottom liner pan. I then set the oven to 60 minutes and on power of 2 (low power is important! 1 would work too).  Then I checked after 15 minutes and there was some condensation, this is ok, it goes away! I vented to peek and then resumed at same power for another 10-15 minutes, until crispy! They were gorgeous! Tasted wonderful and were VERY crispy! My daughter and I loved them! 
Our second batch was with Collard Greens (we used the Swiss Chard first). This time we used the table salt. The leaves were lighter, so they blew around the dome a bit. After trying several times to replace them on the rack, I gave up and just let them fly around! This is how they looked....
2 racks and bottom pan with layers

The leaves flew around a bit...

You can see the bottom leaves "stick" to the bottom

Simply lift them gently, they pop right up!

A bit wet still underneath..so flipped and placed on rack..

Dry them on this side for a few more minutes on low power (1 or 2)

That's it! While I've been meaning to have Kale chips for some time now, we receive lots of greens from our farm share (CSA) and I wanted to use what we have. As soon as we get more kale, we are making more chips! They turned out really great! The collard greens had a much more "woodsy" or plant-like flavor than the Chard. We liked the Chard best, but both are bound to be gone completely before dinner. Just wanted to share our Nu-wave dehydration results with you all! Of course, most people will just use their oven set on about 200 or 225 degrees and possibly with the door cracked, for about 20-45 minutes. They dry rather quickly if you don't use too much olive oil on them. Just keep an eye on them and keep the temp low so they don't burn. Every oven varies so closely watch your first batch so you can establish a baseline time-line for your green chips!  Hope you try them out too!

Monday, November 29, 2010

FREE Wendy's Fries coupon? Act FAST!


Do you want some FREE fries from Wendy's? Go print this coupon, but hurry, you KNOW it won't last long! Yummy!

FREE Baby sling? Only pay shipping! Mamapedia deal is Great!

http://s3.amazonaws.com/mamapedia_deal_photos_production/photos/0df04f3c4601858703c95cc2508db96685461bcb-full.jpg?1290026111Ok, hurry!!! If you get this Mamapedia deal now, before Monday is over, you will score a really great deal on a pretty hip baby sling! Do you have a new Mama in your life that likes to look great and be fashion forward? Check out the patterns and styles and grab up one of these deals on Mamapedia before it ends!! The sling is FREEEEEEE!!! That's right, you get the sling Free and only pay shipping and handling of $11.95!! What a deal! Check it out (I used city: Orlando) HERE before the deal ends!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chronicle Book Hauliday!! Come WIN with me!


Have you heard about the fun giveaway Chronicle Books has going on right now? I have entered to win up to $500 in books and YOU can enter to win my booklist with me, and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post!!!
Do you have your own blog? You can leave a comment here, and then, post a list of your own Chronicle Books valued at up to $500 that you’d like to haul in. You’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to WIN your list of books! In addition, if YOU win, one of your lucky readers who comments on the post will win the list too! Woo Hoo!
Last day to submit entries is December 10th! 
Don't forget to leave your comment with a valid email address so you can enter to win my list!

Here’s my list:


Cake Pops by Bakerella
Yum-Yum Bento Box by Crystal Watanabe, Maki Ogawa
Fast, Fresh & Green by Susie Middleton
Fields of Plenty by Michael Ableman
A Beautiful Bowl of Soup: The Best Vegetarian Recipes by Paulette Mitchell
The Big Book of Potluck by Maryana Vollstedt
 Skinny Dips by Diane Morgan, Sheri Giblin
Simply Organic: by Jesse Ziff Cool, France Fuffenach
Field Guide to Produce by Aliza Green (LOVE IT!)
Super Charged Smoothies by  Mary corpening Barber, Sara Corpening Whiteford
Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea by Alice Waters, David Liittschwager
Very Merry Cookie Party by Barbara Grunes, Virginia Van Vynckt, France Ruffenach
Pressure Cooking for Everyone by Rick Rodgers, Arlene Ward, Kathryn Russell

Cook It in a Cup! (with silicone cups) by Julia Myall, Greg Lowe
The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: boxed set by David Borgenicht, Justin Heimberg, Robin Epstein
Artful Jewelry by Jo Packham
3-D World Atlas and Tour by Marie Javins
The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Deck: Vocabulary and Word Play by Lynn Brunelle
Show and Tell by Dilys Evans
Delicious: The Art and Life of Wayne Thiebaud by Susan Goldman Rubin
Let's Draw and Doodle Together by Elise Gravel
Don't Let Auntie Mabel Bless the Table by Vanessa Brantley Newton
Ivy and Bean Boxed Set 2 by Annie Barrows, Sophie Blackall


Paper + Craft by Minhee and Truman Cho
Every Day's a Holiday by Heidi Kenney, France Ruffenach

Total is $498.71
I used the wishlist featured on Chronicle's website. You can create an account and make one too!

Leave a comment below if you would like the chance to win this booklist too!!

Publix Grocery Deals 11/26-12/1

publix logo
The new Publix ad is ready, even if shopping for food is FAR from your mind! A BIG thank you goes to I heart Publix and the Passionate Penny Pincher who put together such great deals/coupon matchups.  There are a few good deals ...especially for Holiday preparations..like the Nonni's Biscotti and the Blue Diamond almonds. These both can be added to a fun gift basket...the Scotch tape is dispensible... (get it? Dispen...never mind!).  Also, if you buy gas...you should really try to incorporate the BP/Shell $50 gas card into your shopping trip. Using the coupon in the ad, you can get $10 off a $50 gas card with a $25 grocery purchase. EVERYONE uses gas! I just get the card (no fees) and consider the $10 a grocery savings. You may be more inclined to save on your gas! Either way, it's a GREAT deal. So take a peek and enjoy the savings! For a complete list, I like to use IheartPublix.com and Passionate Penny Pincher, these are just a few highlights.

Blue Diamond Almonds, Assorted Varieties, 6 oz can, BOGO $3.19
  • $.75/2, $1.00/2 or .60/2 Blue Diamond Almonds 10/10 Smart Source Insert 
  • OR  $1.00/1 8/22 Smart Source Insert = as low as .59 each
Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna In Water, 5 oz pouch, BOGO $2.89
  • $0.55/1 Bumble Bee Tuna Pouch 9/12 Smart Source Insert = .89 each after coupons
Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Assorted Varieties, 18.6 to 15.25 oz bowl, BOGO $2.39
Campbell’s Soup; Chicken Noodle or Tomato, 10.75 oz can, BOGO 99¢
Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers or Party Mix, Assorted Varieties, 9.75 to 14 oz box, BOGO $3.29
Chung’s Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls, Assorted Varieties, 10 to 12 oz box, BOGO $2.99
Fresh Express Salad Blend or Greens, Assorted Varieties, 4.5 to 12 oz bag, BOGO $3.99
Gardein Garden Protein Meat-Free Entree, Assorted Varieties, 9 or 10-oz pkg. BOGO $3.99

  • -$1/1 Gardein product, any – 10/17/2010 SS Insert = $1 per box after coupon

 General Mills Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 12.25 to 18.25 oz box or Oatmeal Crisp Cereal, 17 or 18 oz box, BOGO $4.29
Kellogg’s Eggo Pancakes or Cinnabon or Eggo Nutri Grain Fruit Pizza, Assorted Varieties, 5.3 to 16.4 oz box, BOGO $2.79
Lysol Disinfectant Trigger Spray Cleaner, All Purpose 4 in 1: Lemon Breeze, Pacific Fresh Scent, or With Bleach, 32 oz bot, or Antibacterial Kitchen Citrus Scent, BOGO $2.69
  • $1/2 Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  • $1/1 Lysol Disinfectant Spray 11/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/7/2010)
  • $1/2 Lysol Cleaners 11/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/7/2010)
  • $1/1 Lysol Disinfectant Spray 11/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/7/2010)
  • $1/2 Lysol Cleaners 11/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 12/7/2010)
  • Stack with $.50/1 Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner from Dollar General Market Booklet if your store accepts DG Market as a competitor  and you have the booklet= as low as FREE plus Overage
Marie Callender’s Entrees, Assorted Varieties, 24 oz box, BOGO $5.49
Nonni’s Biscotti or Soft Baked Tusconi, Assorted Varieties, 4.7 to 7.4 oz box, BOGO $3.37
  • $1/2 Nonni’s Biscotti or Tusconi 10/3 Smart Source Insert = $1.18 each after coupon
Pedigree Dentastix Snack Food for Small Dogs: Regular or Mini, 6 oz pkg, or Daily Oral Care, 7 sticks, 6.2 oz pkg, BOGO $3.79
Pop-Secret Premium Popcorn, Assorted Varieties, 11.2 to 21 oz box or 30 oz jar, BOGO $4.69
  • $0.50/2 Pop Secret 11/14 Red Plum Insert
  • Stack with $1/2 Pop Secret Popcorn Publix Coupon Book Save Big Dream Big (exp 11/30/2010) = $1.59 each after coupons
Scotch Gift Wrap Tape, BOGO $2.79
Simply Potatoes, Homestyle Slices, Red Potato Wedges, Diced Potatoes With Onion, or Shredded or Southwest Style Hash Browns, 20 oz bag, BOGO $2.50 
Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner! Assorted Varieties, 10.75 to 16.35-oz box BOGO $2.69
  • Watch for Peelies
Grocery Sales that are not BOGO

General Mills Chex Mix, 8.75 oz bag or Gardetto’s or Bugles, 6 to 8.6 oz bag, 3/$5
In Ad Coupons
$10/$50 BP, Shell, Chevron/Texaco or Hess Gas Card wyb $25+ Groceries
$3/1 Box Huggies Diapers
See the full list of deals HERE. or HERE.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Coffeemate $1 coupon on Facebook

http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/hs455.snc4/50504_120251049238_2379328_n.jpgGo HERE on Facebook and click on the Coupons tab of Coffeemate to get a $1 coupon!! Experience the yummy holiday flavors...they are the BEST!! Don't forget, you can print twice, just hit your back browser!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leapster Coupon & Target Black Friday Deal

Target: Black Friday Deals abound!!! Check out TotallyTarget.com for lots of deals/matchups.

I wanted to share this one for those with kids that love their Leapfrog Leapster Gaming System:
For sale on Friday:
Leapster Software ALL incl Toy Story 3, Tangled ---$15
PLUS use this-$5 off any Leapster Learning Game HERE

Also, in movies, a few Disney Deals (don't forget about the deals I posted HERE and HERE)

DVD: Disney’s Tinkerbell Great Fairy Rescue $10
-$5/1 Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue Blu-Ray COmbo Pack OR DVD (Disney Movie Rewards)
DVD: Disney’s Toy Story 3 $13
-$5 MIR wyb Beauty & The Beast/Toy Story 3 AND (3) Campbell’s Kids Soups/SpaghettiOs HERE

FREE Sample of Purina One Smart Blend Cat & Dog Food from Target

Target is offering a FREE sample of Purina One Smart Blend cat food HERE.  After filling out the form, make sure to browse the site for another sample of Purina One Dog food! 

FREE Bath & Body Works Item With $10 Purchase Coupon

Print this coupon to receive a FREE item, valued up to $13, with any $10 Bath and Body Works purchase!  The coupon is good through December 24th

CVS: FREE Gift Coupon!

CVS is offering a coupon for a Free Item!  Choose from a travel size Bioluxe shampoo or conditioner OR a CVS/pharmacy Brand toothbrush. You'll need to enter your ExtraCare Card Number and your coupon will be emailed to you. Coupon expires 11/27.

Will you be shopping at CVS this week?  I won't be missing the Black Friday deals.  Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks, Frugal Finds 4 Frugal Minds!

Monday, November 22, 2010

WOW! Abe's Market $50 Gift Card for $23: Natural and Organic Products CHEAP

Abes natural goods market
Love Organic and Natural products? Then you will LOVE this deal! Eversave (a daily deal group buying site) is selling $50 Abe’s Market gift cards for only $25! PLUS if you are new to Eversave, you will receive a $2 credit = $23 for $50 gift card! This is a way to get organic products CHEAP!
Abe’s Natural Goods Market sells natural and organic products from foods, baby, household and more. Basically covering every area of healthy, natural living. They are an ONLINE store, so you don't have to worry about what city you are in for this deal (Deals are usually area specific, unless for an online store/biz). What do they have?
  • Natural, chemical-free products for the whole family
  • Excellent Waste-Free Lunch Box kits, these are GREAT!
  • Home of the organic nail polish remover praised by Oprah and Allure Magazines
  • Hundreds of stocking stuffers, decor, healthy snacks, etc
  • Ideal destination for organic eaters and people with dietary needs
There are ONLY 600 of these available and these are sure to go fast, there are only 2 days left to purchase and over half are gone as of this post! If you wanted one, then be sure to grab it before it is gone! Each person can order up to 2 of these gift certificates, but you can only use one at a time. Would also make a nice gift for the organic lover in your life. Please note that once you purchase this deal, you will not be able to start using it until the 23rd at midnight (meaning, it will be available to use in about 2-days)!  You should also be able to use this on sale items to make your deal even better!
This deal is under nearly every city, but if you can’t find it in yours, look under Orlando, Charlotte, Albuquerque, or Salt Lake City and it should show up on the side as a "side" deal!
The Fine Print:
  • Voucher Expires: May 22, 2011
  • Coupon Code available 1 days after purchase at 12:00:PM EST
  • May buy up to 2 Saves for family, friends, gifts or repeat purchases
  • Use one coupon code per person
  • Only 600 Saves available
  • $4.99 flat-rate shipping for orders under $79

Family Dollar Coupon for $5 off $25 For Black Friday

Here is another HOT store coupon that you can use with the Black Friday sales and deals for the Family Dollar.  Just take this Family Dollar coupon for $5 off $25 with you starting on Friday, November 26th – Sunday November 28th!
family dollar coupon
Family Dollar already offers some really low prices and great deals, so this coupon is just a little extra to make it even sweeter!!

As a side note, if you are registered for their site, or if you register while you are there..you can VOTE in their Holiday Dash contest that has 25 entries. You can read 25 stories of families/people wishing to win a 90 second DASH Shopping Spree!! How fun is that? There are some cute stories, and some heartfelt moving ones, so join in and vote!! You can vote once a day until Friday, the 27th of November. Even if you don't want a coupon, you can help someone win this prize! I'd say who I voted for, but I don't want sway anyone else!!

Disney's Beauty and The Beast and Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack ONLY $9.99 At Target

Earlier, I posted about some great coupons for DVD's from DISNEY HERE, well now you can pair up those great coupons with Target deals and coupons to make for some very SWEET deals on Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue and the Diamond edition of Beauty and the Beast!!! After coupons and sales you will only pay $9.99 for each of them!! What a great deal! Here is how....

beauty and the beast diamon edition
Thanks Free Snatcher & The Thrifty Couple!

Here’s how to get Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue for $9.99:
Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue
  • Buy Disney’s Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue for $19.99 this week
  • Then use the $5.00/1 printable from Disney’s Movie Rewards = $14.99
  • Then use the $5.00/1 Target Disney Movie printable (or from the Target ad from 11/21) = final price is $9.99
  • This movie will be 45% off on Black Friday – but we do not know what the regular price is.. with coupons it could end up being a little cheaper than this price, but you also run the risk of not getting it and facing those crowds! If you are going to Target then anyway, it's a possible better deal on that day!!

CVS $5 off $25 Coupon For CVS Black Friday

cvs diaper deals cheap
Get Ready! CVS has released a CVS coupon code for $5 off a $25 or more purchase when you shop online at CVS.com during their 3-day Black Friday weekend sale. The details on how to use this coupon will not be released until the day the sale starts, but be ready for some potential great online deals.
This is AWESOME news and you can go to TheThriftyCouple.com to see the CVS Black Friday deals that they posted earlier ....they are an even better deal when you take this coupon into consideration. It looks like they are going to have some pretty awesome deals at CVS! Visit their website for the deal listings and more info!!
Today through tomorrow, you can receive 20% off your entire online CVS.com online order using code: HOLIDAY20 at checkout! Also, you can get FREE shipping if you spend $49 or more.
Also, check your email if you are a CVS Extra Care Bucks cardholder who receives email notifications, as you may receive a printable coupons for the sale.

Thanks Thrifty Couple!!

DISNEY Coupons & Rewards

Looking for some new DISNEY coupons for DVD's and Christmas shopping? Disney just put out a few more, for Phineas and Ferb ($6), Santa Paws ($10) and Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue ($5)..a few other deals too!! Go HERE to see the deals and print your offers!!

More Hallmark $5 Gift Card News...


Just got an email from Hallmark (gold crown) about savings for the Holidays, nothing you can't find on their website..however, they did have the blurb above about where to find their $5 gift coupon!!! See my original post HERE for other magazines people are finding the coupon in. I KNOW the coupon is in Martha Stewart Living, I got one myself with my subscription copy (maybe not in newstands issues? Not sure)..so this list they gave out is not complete! Just wanted to add to the others for those that are searching for these fun coupons! Enjoy!!! 

Christmas Shopping? Buy a Gift Card, get a FREEBIE!!!

Are you buying gift cards this year for yourself or as gifts? Why not choose the cards that give a bonus when you purchase them? It only makes sense to make your dollar stretch further!!! Here is a small list of some cards that might be useful to you, some are not in your area, but some are sure to be. I'll try to add more if I see other deals for them.

AMC - Buy $50 in Gift Cards,  get $10 in concessions
:  Buy $50 in Gift Cards, get a $10 Bonus Gift Card
Barnes and Noble
– Buy $100 in Gift Cards, get a $10 eGift Card
Ben & Jerry’s
– But $10 or more in Gift Cards, get a free scoop of ice cream
- Buy $50 in Gift Cards, get a $10 Gift Card
Brunswick Zone
: get a free $5 bonus certificate for every $25 in gift cards
California Pizza Kitchen
: Buy $100 in Gift Cards, get a $20 Rewards Card
: Buy $20 in Gift Cards, get a FREE Adult Buffet!
Buy a $20 gift card, get a voucher for a free Double Deluxe Value Basket.
Jamba Juice
: Get a free 16 oz smoothie with a $25 gift card purchase.
Joes Crab Shack:
Buy $25 worth of Gift Cards, get $5 in Bonus Bucks
Macaroni Grill
For every $25 Gift Card, get $5 Bonus Gift Card
Max & Ermas
Buy a $25 Gift Card, Get a $5 Bonus Gift Card
Outback Steakhouse
: Buy $100 Gift Card, Get a $20 Bonus Card
: Buy $25 Gift Card, Get $5 Bonus Voucher
Red Robin:
Buy $25 Gift Card, get $5 in Bonus Bucks
Ruth Chris Steakhouse
: For every $250 in Gift Cards, get 10% in Bonus Gift Cards
Steak ‘n Shake
: Buy $20 in Gift Cards, get a $5 bonus certificate.
Smokey Bones:
Get a $5 Bonus WYB $25 or $10 Bonus if you are a card member.
Ted’s Montana Grill
: get a $20 bonus card for every $100 you spend in gift cards.
UNO Chicago Grill
Buy $25 in gift cards, get a $5 bonus voucher
(Thanks Clippin with Carie!)

Amazing DEAL on Blind Side DVD & Blu-ray!!!!

HURRY! Right now you can get The Blind Side on DVD for only $3.99 HERE at Amazon, and it qualifies for FREE Super Saver Shipping!
What a GREAT movie to give as a gift, and at a GREAT price, and don’t forget to buy one for you too!  There is also a GREAT deal on the Blu-Ray version too,  HERE for just $10!
But, to make the deal even sweeter... both the DVD and the Blu-ray qualify for a FREE $4 Amazon Video on Demand Credit. That's like getting the DVD FREE after the $4 credit! Once your item is sent to you, you’ll get an email with a promotional code worth $4 towards the purchase of eligible movies and TV shows from Amazon Video On Demand.
(Thanks Hip 2 Save and WildforWags!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

B1G1 Free at Starbucks Last Day 2-5pm!

November 18-21st from 2-5pm you can get a free holiday drink at Starbucks when you buy one! Including:

-Creme Brulee Latte
-Peppermint Mocha
-Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha
-Peppermint Hot Chocolate
-Gingerbread Latte
-Eggnog Latte
-Creme Brulee Frappucino
-Peppermint Mocha Frappucino

In Addition, you can text "12DAYS" to 29943 to get notified of Starbuck's daily deals starting 12/1 during the 12 Days of Sharing. I've also heard the BOGO deal might last longer, but haven't seen this printed anywhere or confirmed, but here's to HOPING!!! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hallmark Coupon for New Moms! $10 Off Purchase of $10+

Are you a fan of the great ornaments that Hallmark stores carry? Love seeing what is new and exciting for Christmas? Love a deal? Of course you do! Well, if you are an expectant mother or recently had a baby, then here’s another great reason for you to head to your local Hallmark store. Just go here to sign up for Hallmark emails, and you’ll have the option to print a coupon good for $10 off your purchase of $10 or more! What a DEAL!
(Thanks, Hip2Save!)

LOOK! HOT Arts Cow Personalized Photo Ornaments Only $1.99 Shipped – No Limit!

photo ornaments

Check out this great deal for ornaments from ArtsCow, I love this deal!
This is such an awesome deal! One of the things we get our 3 girls every year is a special ornament, just for them. We try to make it reflect the year, a special event, an interest specific to them, a favorite toy or sport..they love it! When the time comes for them to have their own tree, they will have a starter set of ornaments that have meaning and that are special to them! This deal allows us to make a VERY personalized ornament for each of them, at a VERY reasonable price!!!
ArtsCow is offering their personalized photo ornaments for only $1.99 with FREE shipping  after you use coupon code: ORNTS2010. This code is good until 11/25 and for single-sided ornaments only!
There is no limit to how many you can make!
Here’s how to get this deal:
  • Head over to Arts Cow and click on the holiday link. Look for the ornaments there and create the ornament of your choice, single side only (the single side qualifies for the $1.99).
  • Then at checkout use code: ORNTS2010 to drop the price to $1.99 and FREE shipping for each ornament!
ANOTHER great deal is for the playing cards (54 DIFFERENT photos on the fronts and one photo for all the backs) for only $2.99 SHIPPED!! AMAZING!!! Go HERE for that deal!
    If you are a NEW member of Arts Cow, you will enjoy the 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits!! These are not redeemed all at once, but you can get up to 100 a month!! Great deal for the coming holiday prints we will all want!!

      Friday, November 19, 2010

      $30 @ The Organized Parent for only $15 thru Mamapedia!!!

      View Deal
      $30 50% $15
      value discount you save
      The Company
      The Organized Parent
      Online Store

      Stress Free Promise
      $15 for $30 Worth of Merchandise from The Organized Parent
      Mamapedia is offering this GREAT deal now! Adorable organizers for your kid's artwork, great recycle items for that special teacher in your life, for a great price! And now, get an even better price with the half off Mamapedia deal! I especially like the shopping totes found in the sale area and the cute artwork display items for my kids! Shopping for Christmas? Why not spend LESS and find great items at the same time? New deals all the time at Mamapedia, and you can check it out Nationally or locally to certain cities. I have signed up for the DEAL ALERTS so I never miss a good deal!
      Get Started Now!

      Wednesday, November 17, 2010

      See the Black Friday Ads!!!

      We Use Coupons has compiled all the Black Friday
      Ads in to one place. click on the above
      link to check it out!

      Wednesday, November 10, 2010

      Veterans Eat FREE @ Chilis this Thursday!

      Veterans Eat Free on Veterans' Day  Thursday, November 11
      It's Our Way of Making Up For all Those MREs*.
      Chili's salutes our veterans and those on active military duty.  Attack some Chicken Club Tacos!
      Come in Thursday, November 11 and get your free choice of one of 6 great entrees,  none of which are served in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, or even require hydration!    You've served your country.  Now we look forward to serving you!
      CLICK HERE to view the active list of Veterans' Day Meals *Meals, Ready to Eat.  Otherwise known as Field Rations.
      Find A Chili's Tell A Friend Offer availabe during business hours on November 11, 2010 at participating Chili's in the U.S. only.  Dine-in from limited menu only.  Beverages and gratuity not included.  Veterans and active duty military simply show proof of military service.

      20 Christmas Cards only $1.99!!

      Here's another great deal from VistaPrint. Get 20 holiday cards and pay only $1.99!

      Don't forget to add the FREE address labels (find these under "free things" on the home page after you do your cards! You only pay shipping! 
      Thanks CouponSavingGame.com!!! 

      $4 Printable Wholly Guac Coupon!

      Go HERE to Facebook to print a $4 coupon for Wholly Guacamole! You will have to register, but what a GREAT coupon! This will make free Guac at most stores!
      Thanks MyLitter for sharing!

      Return of the $5 off Hallmark Coupons in December Magazines!!

      A $5 Savings!!!

      Word on the Blog is that you can find a $5 off any purchase at Hallmark coupon in the Martha Stewart Living December Issue! These great coupons were available last year and helped lots of people get free cards, wrapping paper, ornaments and just a great savings for gifts you want to buy! It was GREAT! My daughter and I used ours to get some really nice ornaments and tiny treasures. According to Rose @ Roseknowscoupons.com you can also find these coupons in the following magazines (and perhaps others will pop up too!)...

      Martha Stewart Living December Issue pg 93
      Real Simple December Issue pg 74
      Southern Living December Issue
      MidWest Living December Issue pg 17
      NEW (not confirmed, but reported) Additions to this list:
      Redbook Dec Issue pg ?
      Oprah O magazineDec Issue
      Family Circle Dec Issue
      Womens Day Dec Issue

      So be sure to check for the coupon before you buy the magazine (some people will tear them out and not buy the magazine..but please don't do this, even if the temptation is GREAT!!). You might also want to check mags while waiting for the doctor, meetins, etc.... but be sure to ask before you tear it out.
      Another hint? You may want find the customer service #'s for these mags online and call them up. Why? So you can request a FREE sample issue (just in time to get that December issue perhaps?). Who knows, you may love the magazine and keep the subscription, or you can just cancel after you get your free trial issue and say, "No, thanks!" The whole point of those free trials is to try them out right? So why not during the best time of year to get the mags in my opinion. Filled with great gift ideas, holiday decorating, recipes and so much more, you might be glad you did! Please note, however, you may end up getting the Nov. or Jan issue, so there is no guarantee, just an idea!

      Thanks Rose!

      Monday, November 8, 2010

      FREE Subscription to American Baby!

      Here is a great deal if you are expecting a new baby or have recently had one! You can get a FREE Subscription to American Baby magazine HERE. You only need to fill out the form to subscribe for FREE!!
      Lots of hints and tips, great shopping advice too and sometimes a few great coupons!
      Do you know someone who is expecting or a new Mom? This would make a nice gift (if you know they like mags!) What a nice surprise and the best part is it was totally FREE! 


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