Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 FREE Fusion Gamer Razors Walgreens

Happy Thursday! Took the kiddos to the Farmers market today, but FIRST I stopped at Walgreens with 2 P&G coupons good for $4/1 Fusion razor. I bought two fusions for $8.99 each in two SEPARATE transactions (so I could get two Catalina coupons), one right after the other. Each one was $5.60 OOP (no gift card yet) and each one generated a $6.00 Catalina coupon. $.80 profit for two.

Here is a view of the
(must be the GAMER fusion to get the $6 catalina) and a view of what a catalina coupon looks like for those that are new to this. The Catalina coupons print out of the little gray box next to the register at the end of the transaction. Sometimes they print a little late, so if you are expecting to get a coupon, wait a beat. If NOTHING prints, and you KNOW it should (like an advertised deal), do not leave that store until you get your coupon or return the item you bought. Advertised deals need to be honored in my opinion. Of course, you can make a mistake. Say you bought the Fusion Phantom instead of the Gamer? No catalina. AND don't use the $6 catalina to purchase another Fusion because paying with the Catalina for another of the SAME deal will not get you a new coupon. You can use a catalina to pay for a NEW/diff deal, but not to roll them. So I just asked the cashier to ring mine seperately and he said no problem!

Total OOP $11.20 = $821.32 left in budget
Add a $5 rebate check today from Pert.
$826.32 left in budget


  1. Thank you. You're Fabulous!

  2. Thank YOU! I love a great deal too!
    Warmth! Tracey C.



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