Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CVS trip today Kid Essentials FREE

Here is a photo of the Squid Soap by Airborne that is on clearance for $2 or $1 at some of the CVS stores. You won't find it in the soap isle though! Every time, I found it near the Airborne products in the cold section on the bottom shelf, sometimes near hand sanitizer. No wonder it is on clearance, who knew it was there? Use it with the $2/1 Airborne coupon found in the SS 1/4 coupon insert. FREE soap! It has a little ink spot pad on top so when your kids press down with their palm, they get "inked." Then they wash until it is gone..that is the amount of time needed to really "clean" their hands. All my kids thought it took FOREVER!! But they still LIKE the ink! :)

CVS today, I did two stops looking for the Renuz/triscents..found 1! Only 1! Every store is sold out, sigh... Anyway, one transaction was $.10 OOP and the other was $.37 OOP. So $.47 OOP total today for CVS. My picture doesn't show my fusion or tpaste or pez, triscents, forgot to add them! They were sitting right there in the bag. Oh well! I got:
  • 1 Best Kids Essentials DRINK 6pk (had the free coupon mailed to me from offer on their website, not sure if still avail, I don't think so) $11.99 on sale (expensive!) FREE w/coupon
  • M&M plastic hearts on clearance, I got 3 for Easter baskets (weird I know, but my KIDS DON'T CARE!) $.37 each
  • 2 CVS BRAND hand sanitizer 4oz gel bottles on clearance for $.50 each
  • Nabisco crackers b1g1f, had $2/2 coupon, so $3.99 -$2.00= $1.99 for 2 (triscuit/ritz)
  • Used $4 ECB with my coupons and was $.10 OOP
2nd Transaction:
  • 2 CVS BRAND (lysol type) Wipes 90 Count! BIG containers! On SALE B1G1Free $4.99, so I got 2 of them, without a coupon, because with my ECBs I've been earning and for only $2.50 for a 90 container, that is a good deal!
  • 4 val day pez for $.37 each (only wanted 3 but my total was too low (toilet paper! sheesh, why dont I just walk away and go get what I can use? pressure, pressure pressure!) OH. anyway...
  • Gillette Gamer Fusion Razor for $7.99, used $4/1 P&G coupon and got back $4 ECB
  • Aquafresh on clearance $1.85, had a printed register coupon for $2/1 Profit
  • 1 Renuzit Triscent for $5.49 used $4/1 coupon from this past Sun. paper, got back $2 ECB
  • Used $11.96 ECB with my coupons and was $.37 OOP (got back $6 in ECB)
Tracey C.
$770.85 -$.47 = $770.38 in budget


  1. before you said it i knew exactly where those soaps were! haha=)
    i hope ours are clearance they look cool!

  2. Those handsoaps DO look cool! Too bad I didn't keep the Airborne coupons.

  3. im going to go to CVS tomorrow and see if ours are on clearance -- chances are they wont be cause whenever theres a good deal like that at my CVS the product wont ring up what everyone online says it will grrr! Ohh and i dont even know if i have that coupon [im going to slap my self if i through it away] and i cant look at my coupons till the AM cause my binder if in the car my husband took to work! ahhh -- okay i just needed to vent hehe!



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