Friday, February 27, 2009

SUPER Publix Day! Italian Items Smart Start MORE!

Wow! Had a great 2 shops at Publix today! If our store doubled coupons, I would have ROCKED the house! LOL! Ok, so I did great anyway! My first shop was $11.73 OOP and my next was $15.83 so that is a total of $27.56 OOP. Now.. I do NOT usually think $27 is good for oop expense, because I shop a little here, a little there, but I DO think so this time! I took pics of my 2nd shop. Lots of food!

First shop
for $11.73
I bought 8 Progresso Soup, 2 Prog. blk beans, 2 Muir Glen, 8 Green Giant Veggies (one was mushrooms, not
b1g1f), 2 bags Voila, Revlon freebie, 2 kids yoplait 6pks. Great deal! 25 items & receipt says $39.67 in savings!!

2nd Shop, please see pics. For $15.83 I got 2 bread, 2 yoplait, 4 green giant big bags frozen veggies, 4 kraft 80z shred bags, coffee-mate, 2 danactive (free w/purchase of 2 Kelloggs smart start cereal), 4 boxes Kellogs Smart Start Cereal, 5 Progresso soups, 4 cans GG veggies, 7 Muir Glenn tom sauce, 1 Muir Glenn soup, 1 Airborne gummy chews (1.99, used $2/1 coupon = free), 1 revlon nail clipper freebie (used publix flyer coupon for $2.50 off, cost was $1.49). 40 items & receipt says $74.62 in savings! I got my total to over $50 so I could use my competitor $5/$50 from Hitchcock and I bought enough progresso, green giant and muir glenn to get the $5 off 20 products Italian fest promotion.

I found the tear pad of Danactive coupons in a Kelloggs display near the dairy section, just like recommended (THANKS friends!!!) and that really helped get my total up. I used 2 of the $1.50/2 insert coupons for Kelloggs Smart Start, had them with me in case I found the coupons. I had 4 of the KRAFT $.75/1 2% cheese coupons from blinkies from weeks ago I've been holding onto. I used the Sunday insert Publix coupons for $1/4 progresso and $1/3 specialty green giant and $1/2 muir glenn..and I used these in conjunction with my manufacturer coupons for $.40 off green giant frozen veggies (inserts), $.50/2 progresso (inserts), Muir Glenn $.75/1 (inserts, had a 7 of these and the tom sauce was only $.89, so this really helped!) Also printed 2 of the $.75/1 Natures Own bread and used with Publix $.55/1 coupons! Bread is on sale for 2/$4 for the whitewheat. I don't normally buy, but for such great savings, I will try it out. And I also had a $.50/1 coffee-mate coupon! Coupons for EVERYTHING and extras beyond that! It was a good trip and we have lots of soup, veggies and tomato sauce for chili, pasta, casseroles, whatever! Im freezing the cheese, couldn't pass it up at about $.92 with the coupons that expire tomorrow.
$114.29 in savings at Publix today!!

Fun Fun Fun! If you want the printable links and the insert dates for the coupons I used (besides the ones you find in store (the Italian $5/20 items one is on a cardboard display on a "shopping list" type pad, coupon at bottom) then please check out Fiddledeedee HERE! for amazing Publix printables, matchups and sale pointers. I LOVE this site!!!

Tracey C.

$754.65 - $11.73 & $15.83 = $724.76 left in budget!

FREE Celion Dion Sensational Sample (from Wags)

Want a FREE SAMPLE of Celion Dion SENSATIONAL perfume? Go HERE (a Walgreens link) to sign up today!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Excellence In Broadcasting" Award

Thanks to Julie at Kingdom Klipper. She gave me this Excellence in Broad(blog)casting award...I really appreciate it! She is a Christian and a homeschooling mom and blogger in the Cincinnati area and has a great blog. She loves to save too and always has great tips! Check her out!
This Award is simple:
1. Post this award on my blog.
2. Pass it on to some friends, up to 15.
3. Let them know they've received the award

I pass it on to:
1. Jen at Be Thou Exalted blog. She is also a Christian mommy who likes to blog, save and homeschools her children. Her blog is a blessing!
2. Jennifer over at The Extreme Housewife blog. She is fabulous and fun and again, is a Christian, homeschooling mommy. Who, I might add, likes to (save). Surprise! Be sure to check out her blog area on homeschooling HERE. Wonderful ideas and inspirations!
3. Amy at Who Said Nothing In Life is Free??? who has the MOST fabulous deals and coupons on her blog all the time! She rocks! She, like me, lives in FL, the land of NO DOUBLES, yet finds ways to be creative with couponing! Check her blog out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wags 2/22 More Rebate & Free Reynolds & Dove upcoming Catlina Deal

You can click on the photo to enlarge for details on the upcoming Catalina deal for DOVE.

Another shop to Wags on 2/22. $8.60 on GC so NO OOP! Add:
  • 3 Reynolds wrap on sale $.89 used $1/1 coupons
  • 2 Theraflu on sale $10/2 used $2/1 coupons will get back $6.60 ES rebate (10% bonus) FREE
  • Pringles clearance 6 @ $.45 each = $2.70 used 2 $.30/3 coupons $2.10/6 final cost
  • Excdrn X 3 (I'm a total dork, I knew only one RR would print per purchase, so why did I buy 3? Who knows!) all for $1.99 on sale, used $2/1 migraine coupon and 2 $1/1. Got back $1 RR so $1 for 3 (still a great deal!)
  • 2 dove deodorant on sale $1.99 each, used $1.50/2 coupon = $2.48 for 2
  • Nice N easy color gloss tube clearnc for $1.89 used $2/1 any nice/easy product FREE
  • Clearance water color paint set disney $1.79
  • Total $8.60 on gift card. No OOP! Got back a $1 RR and will get back $6 rebate.
No RR printed for Dove Deodorant like I'd hoped after seeing a post that it would print a $3 RR for buying 2 dove products. I didn't know which it was supposed to work for, thought I'd try since that is a good price anyway for the Dove Deodorant, my fave. I DID get a RR information coupon that shows that RR will be printing for Dove products starting 3/1. Buy 4 get $2, buy 6 get $6, Buy 8 get $8 Register Reward Coupon (good on your next purchase). See coupon pic! Says good on deodorant (of course), skin, bath or hair care. The Unilever coupons from the RedPlum 1/18 are good until 3/22, so cut them out and be ready! Hopefully Wags will pair this with a sale on 3/15 because the info says look for details in wags 3/15 circular. Hope this helps!


Tracey C.

CVS update

Update: CVS receipt I hadn't entered, waiting to call customer service because my ECB for boost didn't print from all the boost I bought, only 1. Anyway...
  1. 4 Boost clearance $2.50/$2.12 (thought I recorded this??) used $2/1 Q's should have gotten $1 ECB back for each (or $2 on 2), but only got back $1, so $.62 for 4 until I get the other 3 ECB back..should be FREE
  2. 2 Airborne squid soap (see pic below) clearance $2 each, used $2/1 Q's = FREE
  3. 3 colg total adv. toothpaste sale $2.99 get back $2.99 ecb, used $1 coupons so FREE & Profit
  4. M&M's dark val day chocolates $1.74 (I think LOL!)
  5. 4 CVS little trial size cotton rounds $.99 each, get back $2 for every 2 so FREE
  6. 2 J&J red cross 5 ct bandages $4.99, used 2 $2/1 coupons got back $3 ECB each FREE
  7. instant energy shots 2pk $4.99 get back $4.99 ECB FREE
  8. CVS sale 12pk toilet paper $7.49 (had a $2/$10 CVS coupon, so I applied it here, so $2 off)
I used several ECB about $22 worth, spent $7.94 OOP and got back $25 in ECB (should get $3 more after calling on boost). So my OOP was $7.94, but I really only spent around $2 for all my goodies, and that was for the toilet paper. Just one example of using free stuff with dollars off (cvs $2/$10 coupon) to get stuff you need for alot less! :)

Tracey C.
$770.38-$7.94=$762.44 left in budget

CVS trip today Kid Essentials FREE

Here is a photo of the Squid Soap by Airborne that is on clearance for $2 or $1 at some of the CVS stores. You won't find it in the soap isle though! Every time, I found it near the Airborne products in the cold section on the bottom shelf, sometimes near hand sanitizer. No wonder it is on clearance, who knew it was there? Use it with the $2/1 Airborne coupon found in the SS 1/4 coupon insert. FREE soap! It has a little ink spot pad on top so when your kids press down with their palm, they get "inked." Then they wash until it is gone..that is the amount of time needed to really "clean" their hands. All my kids thought it took FOREVER!! But they still LIKE the ink! :)

CVS today, I did two stops looking for the Renuz/triscents..found 1! Only 1! Every store is sold out, sigh... Anyway, one transaction was $.10 OOP and the other was $.37 OOP. So $.47 OOP total today for CVS. My picture doesn't show my fusion or tpaste or pez, triscents, forgot to add them! They were sitting right there in the bag. Oh well! I got:
  • 1 Best Kids Essentials DRINK 6pk (had the free coupon mailed to me from offer on their website, not sure if still avail, I don't think so) $11.99 on sale (expensive!) FREE w/coupon
  • M&M plastic hearts on clearance, I got 3 for Easter baskets (weird I know, but my KIDS DON'T CARE!) $.37 each
  • 2 CVS BRAND hand sanitizer 4oz gel bottles on clearance for $.50 each
  • Nabisco crackers b1g1f, had $2/2 coupon, so $3.99 -$2.00= $1.99 for 2 (triscuit/ritz)
  • Used $4 ECB with my coupons and was $.10 OOP
2nd Transaction:
  • 2 CVS BRAND (lysol type) Wipes 90 Count! BIG containers! On SALE B1G1Free $4.99, so I got 2 of them, without a coupon, because with my ECBs I've been earning and for only $2.50 for a 90 container, that is a good deal!
  • 4 val day pez for $.37 each (only wanted 3 but my total was too low (toilet paper! sheesh, why dont I just walk away and go get what I can use? pressure, pressure pressure!) OH. anyway...
  • Gillette Gamer Fusion Razor for $7.99, used $4/1 P&G coupon and got back $4 ECB
  • Aquafresh on clearance $1.85, had a printed register coupon for $2/1 Profit
  • 1 Renuzit Triscent for $5.49 used $4/1 coupon from this past Sun. paper, got back $2 ECB
  • Used $11.96 ECB with my coupons and was $.37 OOP (got back $6 in ECB)
Tracey C.
$770.85 -$.47 = $770.38 in budget

Walgreens Rebate Motor Oil

Today at Wags I got my Hubby some of the Shell Motor Oil that is in the February Easy Saver Rebate catalog. Only a few days left to get those Feb. items everyone! You have to buy 4 to get the $5 rebate. Mine were $3.59 each. I bought 4 and also 2 Starbucks chocolates for $10 for 2. I used the ES rebate coupon (from the book) to get $6 off 2. I then used 2 of the blinkie $1/1 coupons for an additional $2 off. I then used a $6 catalina (fusion) and a $1 catalina (exedrin). I would not normally use my budget money to get something like motor oil, and def not my catalinas! But sometimes I like to do that anyway. My total OOP was $11.00 but only $2 of that will count from my budget (for my evil chocolate craving). And while I "gave" my $7 in catalinas to the motor oil for our van, I will get back $5.50 in rebates. It all works out in the wash and it saves us money on something we need anyway.

My hubby had accumulated some serious points on one of his credit cards..enough for me to get a $45 starbucks and $90 in CVS gift cards!!! Whoo Hoo! Hopefully they come faster than my Target MyPoints reward came (took about 8 weeks). I can use that! I also sold some coupons on ebay..actually, because coupons have no cash value, what you are really selling is your service/time in locating, clipping and posting the coupons. Anyway...
I had the Alpo free can coupons and I can't use them since our Pooch only has dry food (per vet recommendations), so I did a buy it now for $6.50 for 15 (value of up to $20+), plus $1.00 shipping (gas, stamp, envie, ). I just put them at the price that they were selling for, a little less than the higher ones. I have to subtract my ebay and paypal fees, but it should be around $4 profit I can add to my budget once I figure it out. It isn't much, but that's some toilet paper!

I don't sell my coupon clipping service very often, because it can be so time consuming. Sometimes you get burned on the fees and because I don't have enough coupons to make it profitable, I don't even bother usually. But these free coupons are worth money to people, just like some free coupons are worth money to me.. so I'd rather earn a little on those!

Anyway, if you don't want to bother with something like that, free coupons like the Alpo from the 2/8 RedPlum insert have a high trade value. Do you need the Angel Soft coupons bad? You can trade the dog food for the toilet paper. Someone wants those dog food coupons and has extra Angel Soft! There are lots of good trading spots like Refund Cents (pay per subscription, but they have lots of goodies, I use them too), A Full Cup, Coupon World (I think)...others. So don't throw those coupons away! And you can always share them with a friend who does need them! OR you can redeem them and donate to a shelter. Extra shampoo, womens needs to a maternity, abuse or rehab shelter or home will be welcome. Extra pet food, litter, treats to a local pet shelter or rescue organization. Your church may have a pantry or "closet" for helping otu memebers of the church or community. And of course food shelters are in dire need right now too, so you can always share your extras. If you find you have 30 toothpastes, you can save for a yard sale, or you can keep what you need and share the rest with others... :) Blessings!

Tracey C.

OOP $2.00
$772.85- $2.00= $770.85 left in budget

Profit on Renuzit Tri-Scents at CVS

Money Maker on Renuzit Tri-Scents at CVS

Thanks so much to Amy over at Who Said Nothing In Life Is FREE???? She posted this great deal! Good luck finding it! I'm going to try one first to make sure the ECB print around here.
They are $5.49 and there was a $4 coupon in yesterday's (2/22) Smart Source insert and you get $2 ECB (limit 5 per card).


Yeah, I'm talking to YOU! Want to eat FREE ? Want to EAT FREE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24th? ALL DAY??? YOU May be in luck! Check t
hese offers out! But HURRY!

Breakfast Anyone? According to my friend Karen S at RefundCents she got an email:

Dear Family and Friends, On Tuesday, February 24, I will be celebrating National Pancake Day with free pancakes at IHOP. That’s right – free pancakes!* The good news is that you can get the same great deal at your local IHOP. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on February 24 at participating IHOPs across the country, you can get a free short stack (three) of IHOP’s famous buttermilk pancakes. For every short stack of pancakes served on National Pancake Day, IHOP guests are invited to make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children with 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the U.S., or other local charities. For more information and to find a restaurant near you, visit It encourages me to share the info so I'm sharing it!

Lunch? Visit Jack (Jack-In-The-Box) at his blog HERE, find out how he's doing since the "accident" and register to get your 2 FREE tacos. Look for the button at the top of the page, over to your right. It looks like this.
Good ONE DAY only at participating locations. Not
sure if there is a Jack In The Box in your area? Then there probably isn't! Ok, OK! Check HERE for locations near you. There is NO Jack near me, so I'll have to make my own lunch! Darn!

LUNCH OR DINNER! I do not have a Jack, but I DO HAVE ARBY's! Thanks to Jamy at, I now have a lunch spot with a FREE Roast Burger! Sure, I gotta purchase my drink, but so whaddaboudittt? Go HERE and print your FREE sandwich coupon too! (remember, participating stores only, and how do I know if your restaurant participates? I don't!) Yay!!!! Free Food!

How about a free sub from
QUIZNOS? Just go HERE to register for a free sub, but hurry!!! First million get a coupon sent to them after registering. Nice! Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Ill go try to find some free dessert somewhere for you ok? If I do, I'll update. If not, use your coupons and get a cheap carton of ice cream, make some sundaes at home! :)

Enjoy friends!

Tracey C.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Publix Trip BIG savings!

Ok, I know I've said I love Publix, but I LOVE Publix! I got a $5/$30 purchase coupon in the mail from them, it was their Italian meal advertisement but for any groceries of course. Well, I also have a $5/$50 from Hitchcocks and Publix takes competitor coupons..

So, a quick lesson on maximizing a dollars off coupon..
  1. Always use with coupons and get the items that become cheapest with coupons. For instance. If you do a b1g1f deal (which publix has often) for an item like Progresso chicken broth for $2.59. See, you can use 2 of the $1.25/1 coupons..making your final cost $.09 for 2 broths, but your TOTAL before coupons will be $ this will get you to your $30 to use your $5/$30 coupon...which leads me to..
  2. ALWAYS give the $5/$30 or the $5/$50 or whatever FIRST, this is when your total is highest and you haven't lowered it with your coupons yet.
  3. Get as close to the dollars off total as possible to maximize your savings. For instance if you need to spend $30, don't spend $50. Unless you were planning/need to. This way, if you have another $5/$30 coupon, you can use other items for that.
  4. Use the "extra" money to buy things you NEVER get coupons for but need and this varies for different people. I like to get produce, you might want to get meat that is on sale, or organic items for instance. If you buy $10 worth of meat, you can consider that $5/$30 to be for the meat, so you are getting your meat 1/2 off.
  5. When you can, add a mail in rebate item, especially with a coupon, to your order. This gets your order total higher, and you will get that money back! For example, if I had a rebate form for a Try me free Sure deodorant clinical and a $2/1 coupon for the product, I could buy the $9.99 item at Publix, get my total $9.99 higher/closer to my $30 requirement, then use $2/1 to lower my OOP, then get that money BACK, plus profit, when my rebate comes in!

Ok, I bought the following items, as pictured.

  • 1 gallon of milk $2.99
  • 6 Goodlife Cat food bags (had raincheck) $3.49 (used $3/1 coupons on each) Also note that cat food is not included in my household budget, so I will subtract the food cost at the end.
  • 2 Progresso chick broth b1g1f @ $2.59/2. I used 2 $1.25 coupons, making it $.09 for 2
  • Coffee Mate 16oz for $1.67. I used 1 $1/1 printed coupon from = $.67
  • Green Goodness Bolthouse farms juice $3.00
  • Sabra Garlic Hummus $3.99 (missed the b1g1f sale!) Used $1.50/1 coupon = $2.50
  • Rachel's yogurt $1.00. Used $.55/1 = $.45
  • 2 containers Blueberries 2/$5.00
  • Cantaloupe sliced $2.18
  • Asparagus wrapped $2.49
  • Grapes Red container $1.64
  • Planters Cashews $4.69 (used my freebie Kraft coupon (up to $5) ) FREE
  • 6 Progresso Soups @ $1.25 each on sale. Used 2 $1.10/1 & 1 $2/4 Q=$7.50 - 4.20=$3.30
  • Used $5/$50 competitor coupon
  • Used $5/$30 Publix coupon
  • Total OOP = $18.66- $4.35 (includes tax) for cat food = $14.31 OOP
What do you think of that price? Remember, our Publix doesn't double coupons! I was in a rush too, or I would have maybe done a few more freebies and a rebate item to make my produce even cheaper, but I was pleased with this amount. The produce, great soup, milk, hummus and specialty juice are all things I spend more on usually, so nice to get so cheap! Thanks Publix!

Tracey C.

$787.16- $14.31 = $772.85 left in budget

Walgreens Feburary Rebate Dealspot

Here are some of the February Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate deal items that I bought yesterday and added to my DEAL SPOT. I was waiting for my gift card/rebate from Jan to take advantage of more deals. I have already purchased glade and windex wipes...haircolor, I finally got my gift cards! One for Jan and one for NOVEMBER! Hey, if you forget, mail that rebate in! It will only cost you a stamp and you will more than likely get least try!
First Purchase:
  • 4 Starbucks Chocolates 2/$10 and I used $6/2 Wags Rebate Book coupon AND 2 of the blinkie $1/1 manufacturer coupons that you can find in Wags, some CVS and some Publix. Ends up $1 a box/bag.
  • D/F Spagetti 2 boxes clearance $.37
  • Pringles (sour pickle or something weird like that) $.45
  • Car vent Scented rebate item $4.99 (raincheck item)
  • Walg. Mult Solution for eyes $1.99 rebate item. 10% profit
  • Revlon Creme Gloss lip $9.99 each, got 2 with b1g1f wags sale. Used 2 of the $2/1 man. q and this is monthly rebate item. Both items free plus Profit.
  • Fructis Shampoo (wave) Rebate Item. $3.99. used $1/1 man. Q. 10% extra back. Profit.
  • Total for these items: $23.92 on a gift card. Will get back $23.05 in rebates!

Next Purchase:

  • Loreal Excellence hair color on CLEARANCE $3.29 each, got 2 boxes and I used $5/2 Wags Reb. Book Coupon AND 2 of the man. $2/1 coupons. FREE = Profit
  • Zucol-rebate item. $7.99. Used a $2/1 internet printable coupon HERE. Profit
  • Walgreens Nutrition Drink 6 pack chocolate $4 on sale will get back $4 rebate = 10% = FREE plus Profit!
  • Thermacare Heat Wrap Neck trial size $2.49 rebate item, used $1/1 man. Q. FREE + Profit
  • Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor. $8.99. Used $4 P & G insert Q, Got back $6 catalina. PROFIT
  • Box of Heart Chocolates on clearance= $2.49 (not free!)
  • Total for those items = $17.77 on Gift Card Received $6 Cat and will get back $15.92 in rebates (includes my extra 10%)

Next Purchase:
  • Revlon Concealer Rebate Items $9.99. Used $2/1 man insert coupon.
  • Peeps clearance hearts $.10 (so I could use 2 coupons I threw it in)
  • Total for those items = $8.78 used $6 catalina from gillette deal, will get back $10.98 in rebate (includes 10% bonus)
Paid $2.78 on GC no OOP

Next Purchase:
  • Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99. Used $4/1 man coupon.
  • Total for this item = $5.60
Paid $5.60 on GC. Got back $6 catalina Profit


Total for all $50.07 on gift cards. ($21.30 left on one gc) Will get back $47.52 in rebates plus $4.75 BONUS 10% !! Yay! $52.27 Back = Profit....all free!! Including my Starbucks!!! Ain't that COOL??? OH! BUT WAIT! I also still have $6 Catalina from those purchases (I used one, kept one). So, even better Profit!! Whoo Hooo!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winn Dixie Unplanned trip (don't try this at home)

So. In a mad dash of desperation to the store for salad. (for salad?) Me. No coupons. (DUH saster!) I mean, I got a mini loaf Italian bread (impulse), Eggo Lego waffles clearance $1.39 (impulse), pre-made salad because ALL of the sale salad was gone and everything else was over $3.00!! (no pulse!). It was $2.39 for the salad, at least it had cheese, egg and toms in it too!

Why? I am placing dinner on the table and open the bag of salad from our fridge to find it (the salad) not so fresh..uh, not even for the rabbits ok? (repulse) So dinner is ready (just mac/cheese/tuna thingy), kids are sitting down, and salad, which is their veggie, is not happening. OH NO you don't! We are HAVING SALAD! Whatever. We don't even EAT salad that much, I was just freaking out... or something.

So. I....

Run to store, get new salad. See waffles (why am I even LOOKING in the frozen section? Why?), clearance, OH! Lego Waffles, how fun! We can build things. Because, you know, I have LOTS of free time in the morning with the girls before school. So giving them something to DISTRACT them on PURPOSE is like walking into idiot-ville with a can-do attitude. DUH mb.
Oh, and lets not forget the Tuna fillet I bought on sale (did I say SALE? I could buy $30 worth of food for $1.99 if I really tried! Really!! I CAN!) for $1.99 (for ONE sad pouch) for my oldest because, "I don't like macaroni and cheeeeeeeessssssssseee.. can't I just have salad?"


Cuz, she will do that. She will really eat just salad and be satisfied. She won't even ASK me 20 minutes later if she can eat something because she is starving. Sure!

So. I got it. The pouch. She loves them. Im a sucker.

Oh and some BAN NA NAS. Which we actually could use and were on sale for .69lb. Total OOP? $8.83.

No coupons,
No rebates,
No amazing sales.
Sometimes.........I just buy stuff at almost full price. .. then I feel guilty for about 2 weeks. I see the coupons I could have used, I dream of them, I cry a little into my pillow. But you can't ever hear me.

At least I have my Starbucks chocolate!

Night Night
Tracey C.
$795.99- $8.83 oop = $787.16 left in budget (don't look at me like that!)

FREE Warm Delights by Betty Crocker

Are you a subscriber to the Betty Crocker email Newsletter? NEW subscribers can get a FREE sample of WARM DELIGHTS minis for signing up! Hurry, before the offer ends! Go ahead! Sign up! You get great recipes, tips and exclusive coupons to print (we love those!). The link is HERE.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walgreens Rebate & Ensure FREE

I finally found my receipt I knew I had not added to my budget! It was with the Ensure that I bought and will be sending a rebate in for! On 2/13 I purchased:
  • 1 ensure 6 pack for $6.99, used a $3/1 coupon.
  • I purchased 2 starbuck chocolates on sale 2/$10, used the ESC (easy saver coupon) for $6/2 and TWO blinkie man. Q's for $1/1,
  • also purchased 2 of the Glade Lasting Impressions for $8.99, used 1 B1G1F Man Q -$8.99, 1 $4/1 Man Q - $4.00 and will get two $3 rebates for this months ES Wags rebate (up to 4, I already purchased 2 Sense & spray so I will get total of $12 back), so $1 + profit on that one.
  • Also bought a snapple (used $.50/1 coupon).
  • Total included $1.97 in tax, I used a $6 RR and final total was $7.59 OOP. Will get back $6.99 from Ensure, $6.60 (addtl 10% for gift card) from Wags.
OK, WEIRD!!! I spent $13.59 in cash and register rewards (my $6 catalina) and will get back $13.59 in rebates... how cool is that? Did I add right? I mean, I got a totally superfluous bottle of Snapple and 2 highly important packs of Starbucks chocolate..and still didn't come out behind! :)

Tracey C.
$803.58 - $7.59 = $795.99 left in budget!

Publix Flyer All Well & Good Coupons

Here is a pic of the newest (for us) Publix flyer/coupon booklet called All Well & Good that my friend Jamy gave to me today (thanks Jamy!). Please check out her fun deals on her blog HERE. The flyer has $18 worth of coupons inside including the Colgate $1/1. They are, for your reading pleasure (just the basics, I am not going to outline all the words on each coupon!) as follows:
  • Tetley British blend tea 80ct or 40ct decaf .55/1 ex 4/30
  • *Atkins any bar 5pk or shake 4pk $2/1 ex 5/32
  • Gorton's any 1 item $.60/1 ex. 3/31
  • *Smart Ones (weight watchers) Morning Express FREE with purch of any FIVE (5) Weight Watchers Smart Ones products max value $3.49 ex 3/31
  • Welch's $1/2 any 64oz juices ex 3/31
  • Bird's Eye $1/3 any veggies (excludes steamfresh varieties) ex 3/31
  • *Friendship cottage cheese $.55/1 ex 3/31
  • *Ocean Spray $1 off any 1 Cranberry Juice Drink exp 3/31
  • Good Belly (multi fruit drink probiotic) Buy 1 Get 1 FREE 4pk (no max $ shown) ex 5/31
  • PUBLIX COUPON: B1G1Free 2pk of 1st Step Supplements b12 shots (little bottles like energy shots) not man. coupon 3xp 3/31
  • Back to Nature nuts and trail mixes $1/1 any exp 3/31
  • PUBLIX COUPON: Weight Watchers $1/6 yogurt 6oz cups exp 3/31
  • Back cover: COLGATE $1/1 any Colgate TOTAL toothpaste 4oz or larger ex 3/31
NOTE: coupons with * state Do Not Double on them, but all manufacturers coupons bar codes start with a "5". This info is for those that have stores that double. Ours do not. Hope this helps! Warmly, Tracey C. $803.58 left in budget

Kellogg's Rebate Rec'd $3.99

Today in the mail I got lots of fun goodies, but mainly I received another rebate (such a good several days for these!) in the mail! Yay! $3.99 for my Kellogg's Mini Wheats Blueberry/Strawberry Smart Start Rebate. I will tell you, this one took 4-EVER! But here it is! That is + $3.99 back into my budget.
I also got:
  • Enfamil Next Step Lipil checks of $4 and $5 (why? My kids are like, almost 6 and I don't even sign up for baby stuff anymore... I must have signed up for something! They like to spread your name around too! Im sure I can pass it to some baby mama I know..
  • FREE address labels from St. Jude (I only have about 3,000 free labels from various groups, so why do I keep saving them? I could not POSSIBLY ever run out.. so why?
  • My Kellogg's rebate
  • Family Fun Mag
  • a BILL (cant win em all)
Over all profitable day! I am STILL waiting for my Walgreens Rebate from Jan. I want to USE it for this months other rebates, but some of them can't wait much longer! There are sales to take advantage of! Also, I will be receiving my NOV. rebate that I sent in late (but what a blessing!). Thank you Walgreens for honoring it!
Also, it was a cereal for dinner sort of day too! Thank you hubby!

Tracey C.
$799.59 + $3.99 = $803.58 left in budget

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FREE Fluoride & Mouth Rinse CVS after rebate! Profit!

Today I had the option of looking for many things at CVS, but short on time. I really wanted to find the Neutrogena, but did not! I scanned my card upon entering the store, I HIGHLY recommend doing this every time! You never know what good coupon you might get to use right then and there! You often hear about others getting certain coupons, and maybe you never do, but you must always try! Anyway, stepping off that little soapbox.. Ok, so I scanned my card and got a $5 off $30 coupon. My mind started spinning.. what can I get..

I though HEY! I will get ony ECB items that are free after ECB up to around $25 then I will add the toilet paper on sale for $4.99 and get it FREE using this coupon! Free toilet paper is a goal of mine that I do not often obtain. Sadly, today was no exception.

NO Neutrogena (that could have been $6 and a profit), no heating patches, no cotton rounds, no mylanta cherry, no squid soap on clearance... OOOH! 2 bottles left of the NATURAL DENTIST!! At $9.99 EACH, this would put me at almost $20! YES! Go grab 2 Colgate for $2.99 and I am up to around $26 and I can add my...... NO TOILET PAPER! They were completely out! GRRRR!
Ok, back to looking. I mean, I can just add some reg. price no no... Ok! Found it! ONE box of EARINSE free after ECB for $7.99.
  1. 2 bottles Natural Dentist mouth rinse products, $9.99 ea. minuse my two $2/1 coupons that you can print HERE. (thanks FRUGALSUZ! I love Hounding with you!) $4 ECB for each one, (limit is 5 I think) Will send for rebate of $10 for purchasing TWO I printed HERE. That is a $2 profit after rebate.
  2. 1 bottle of EARINSE for $7.99 free after ECB (limit 2)
  3. 2 tubes of COLGATE for $2.99, free after ECB. I used 2 $1/1 Q's (2/1 SS) so $2 profit
My total after using my coupons and $5 off $30 (I used this one first), one $4 ECB and one $2 ECB was $17.96 OOP. I will get back $10 from the Natural Dentist rebate and I got back $8 ECB (nat dentist), $7.99 ECB (earinse) and $5.98 ECB (colgate).

WORKS OUT TO: I spent $6 ecb + $17.96 oop and got back $21.97 in ecb and $10 mail in rebate..Profit of $8.00 and some great free product!!

Tracey C.
$817.55 - $17.96 oop = $799.59 left in budget

FREE Diet (or not) Dr. Pepper

If you haven't seen the good deal on getting a FREE coupon for Dr. Pepper, go HERE and get it! You must register and choose between a free 20 ounce or a free 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. The coupon I saw said Diet OR Regular though, so if you don't do diet, try it anyway! You can always trade the free coupon for something you really want! Slurp!

Budget update

Hmm, I'm not sure what happened to one of my post, but one of my shops is not listed as I review. So, let's update....
2/12 $11.20 OOP = $821.32 in budget
2/12 $5.00 rebate added= $826.32 in budget
2/12 CVS No OOP, used GC (.74c) = $826.32
2/8 WAGS (must have misplaced this one, though I recorded it) $3.65 OOP = $822.67
2/12 CVS Boost (clearance, plus coupon, plus used ECB), Fusion = $1.35 OOP = $821.32
2/13 Walmart misc $7.77 OOP = $813.55 in budget
2/12 Farmers Market berries $10 OOP = $803.55 in budget
2/14 Rebates $8 = $6 (bayer and BH & G) = $817.55 in budget

Still think Im missing a cvs or wags receipt, will check my coupon binders, but that is more accurate! I think I was updated on my posts, but hadn't "reported" everything. Too many receipts, but I gotta keep track! :0)

Tracey C.
$817.55 left in budget

Monday, February 16, 2009

Target Fun & Deals!

I went to Target tonight to get milk (remember my $25 Target gift card I got last week? Yay!). I also printed 3 coupons from for $1/1 any Peppridge Farm (goldfish included) since goldfish are on sale 3/$5 (or less for some of the kinds). I also printed 3 KASHI Target coupons for $1/1 any cracker/cookie/bars. I had a $1/1 quaker rice snacks and $1.50/1 coffee-mate. Wow, I wish I could print more than two of those! I love the $1.50 off 1 coffee-mate coupons because I love coffee! Here is what I got:
  • Bag of Hershey kisses 50% off, white choc/rasp for $1.39 (no coupon, but they are WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASP! No brainer here)
  • Quaker caramel rice cakes (my daughter asked for some for lunches) $1.67- $1/1 Q = $.67
  • Goldfish Graham cracker $1.66- $1/1 Q, GoldFish Cinamon $1.66- $1/1 Q and Whole grain cheese Goldfish for $1.52 - $1/1 Q. Best deal is to get the regular GF for $1.52 each, I may go get more. I really wanted to try to find some manufacturer Q's to use with the Target and wanted to try the new flavors.
  • Kashi TLC bars (Oh, I loved the cheap ones I got with those great Internet coupons couple weeks ago! Bars on sale for $2.75 - $1/1 Targ Q = $1.75 each box, 2 boxes
  • Gallon Milk $2.79 GREAT PRICE on sale
  • Coffee Mate $1.87 - $1.50/1 Q = .37c
  • Market Pantry Clearance Cookie mix for $.36, strange find but great!
  • Market Pantry 10pk Juice bags for school lunches $2.29
  • 1 TARGET $5 gift card ( I get the gift cards sometimes for my girls or because I like to have a just in case gift in my purse. I could use my Target gift card to pay for it, and if I need it, there it is!)
  • TOTAL was $18.21 ($5 of that is still mine in a new GC) so $13.21 on GC, $0 OOP
I need to find a way to get more Target Gift Cards! I do better there when I plan my coupons and I also have fun browsing. I am not as tempted as I used to be, so I do ok. It lets me get things like Hershey kisses and juice boxes that aren't in the budget! Any ideas?
Tracey C.
$817.55 in budget

Rebate! Rebate! Money in the bank!

Yay! I got two of my rebates in the mail on Saturday! One for $6 and one for $8!
  1. Better Homes and Gardens Rebate. This was for the sugar cookies I bought on clearance after Christmas at CVS. I looked and looked for these and when the markdowns were at 75% I found a tin that had sugar cookie mix, cutter, sprinkles. Inside, was an offer for a year FREE of Better Homes and Gardens, OR a rebate instead. I chose the rebate. Instead of giving me the clearance price, they gave me the full amount! $6.00! Great profit!
  2. Bayer rebate on the half off deal for Flinstones Vitamins, etc. I bought $20 worth for a catalina deal at WAGS, so I used 4 $1/1 coupons, paid $16 for 4 bottles and got back $10 in catalina coupon. (so $6 OOP). Wasn't sure if I'd get back $3-$8 (it was up to $10) because I bought all flintstones. The wording made it unclear to me if I would be able to get half off if I bought all of one kind. I got it all! the full $8.00 back. So FREE vitamins and a profit!
Great rebate amounts! I love when it all works out. That is $14 back into my budget! Whoo Hoo!

Warmly, Tracey C.
$803.55 + $6.00 + $8.00 = $817.55 left in budget

FRESH strawberries!

Wow! Check out these scrumptious strawberries! I went to the farmers market in High Springs, north of here to check out their friday market. The girls had the day off for winter break, so we thought it would be fun. The market was very small! I took some freebie items in case I sensed a good opportunity to barter. I had a small opportunity with the strawberry man! He was handing out free samples and my girls were delighted! I asked how much and he advised me they were $12 for a half flat and $20 for a full one. Hmmm, a full one is a LOT and I didnt have plans to make anything special. I asked if he would take $10 for the 1/2 and he said, uhhhh, nooooooo and I asked about a free razor and $10 for the 1/2? He laughed and asked what kind of razor. I told him the new and nifty fusion GAMER razor (that I had gotten for a little profit from Walgreens)! He said DEAL! Now, I didn't save much, only $2 off his price, and they weren't cheap, but these strawberries sure tasted good! And I've gotten several free razors, so it was a nice trade. Maybe next time he will be willing to trade again... Doesn't hurt to ask! Don't the strawberries look yummy? A half flat is 6 small plastic green baskets FULL. I thought I might try to make a small container of preserves, but we just have been munching these things all day for 4 days now. I have enough left to top cereal/oatmeal for 2 more days and for a TINY little snack for the girls as well. We have loved them!
Tracey C.
Budget $813.55 minus $10 for strawberries = $803.55 left in budget

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CVS Free Fusion, Free BOOST, Free stuff!!

Today, while we were out and about I stopped at CVS (stopped at wags earlier) and got a Fusion power razor, 4 packs (6 per pack) of Boost Smoothies/drink, 2 small Ritz cracker boxes, 2 small wheat thin boxes of cracker, 2 25ct cotton rounds CVS brand (get back $1 each on ECB). GREAT BOOST deal right now! I had 4 manf. peelie coupons from boost packs that read $2 off any 1 boost nutritional drink offer. You can also use the blinkies that were out awhile back, also there are coupons inside many of the Boost Smoothies. I found several for $3/2 packs. If you buy them at $2.50 CLEARANCE (not a sale price, if your CVS is out, they are out of them!) you still come out with free Boost.. but the $2 peelies are best! Im not sure how many Boost deals you can do, but I have done at least 8 packs. I bought Boost smoothie drinks in Rasp/Straw. You get $2 back for every 2 Boost you buy (must buy 2!). Retail was $2.12 and $2.50 for the Boost (4/$2.12 and 4/$2.50 = $9.24) , so after my $2 coupon for each, and $1 ecb back (each), I came out ahead like this: $9.24 cost - $12.00 in coupons/ecb = $2.76 profit on these!! Great for smoothie shakes with real fruit added in.
I also had a couple of the $2/2 Wheat Thins, Ritz etc. crackers. My daughter was holding one of them, so I only used one! Also used a $4/1 Fusion coupon.
Total OOP was $1.35. I Used coupons and $8 ECB to pay, plus $1.35 cash. Got back $4 ECB (razor), $4 ECB for 4 boost and $2 ECB for the 2 cotton rounds)

Made more than I spent! Love it! Enjoy!

Tracey C.
$821.32 left in budget

2 FREE Fusion Gamer Razors Walgreens

Happy Thursday! Took the kiddos to the Farmers market today, but FIRST I stopped at Walgreens with 2 P&G coupons good for $4/1 Fusion razor. I bought two fusions for $8.99 each in two SEPARATE transactions (so I could get two Catalina coupons), one right after the other. Each one was $5.60 OOP (no gift card yet) and each one generated a $6.00 Catalina coupon. $.80 profit for two.

Here is a view of the
(must be the GAMER fusion to get the $6 catalina) and a view of what a catalina coupon looks like for those that are new to this. The Catalina coupons print out of the little gray box next to the register at the end of the transaction. Sometimes they print a little late, so if you are expecting to get a coupon, wait a beat. If NOTHING prints, and you KNOW it should (like an advertised deal), do not leave that store until you get your coupon or return the item you bought. Advertised deals need to be honored in my opinion. Of course, you can make a mistake. Say you bought the Fusion Phantom instead of the Gamer? No catalina. AND don't use the $6 catalina to purchase another Fusion because paying with the Catalina for another of the SAME deal will not get you a new coupon. You can use a catalina to pay for a NEW/diff deal, but not to roll them. So I just asked the cashier to ring mine seperately and he said no problem!

Total OOP $11.20 = $821.32 left in budget
Add a $5 rebate check today from Pert.
$826.32 left in budget

Weight Watchers Rebate Received!

Today I got my first Rebate check of 2009. One I sent for in Oct of 2008! Slow? ya' think? Anyway, that is $2.99 added into my budget. Not alot, but hopefully they will start coming in! I bought some weight watchers cookies (chocolate chip, sort of cake like) because I had Try Me Free form and they were free. They were pretty tasty too, though I don't really buy this sort of thing! (not that I couldn't use less calories). Anyway, hurray!

Tracey C.
$829.53 + $2.99 rebate = $832.52 in budget

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day Cookies.. Want one??? Yummy!

I broke down and made cookies for my girls for their V-day parties at school. I had 2 bags of Pillsbury sugar cookie mix from Christmas that I never used, because I'm a total slacker! I used 2 eggs from my Wags egg purchase, 1 tbspn flour each bag and butter I already had. So, I thought, here is my chance to redeem myself! I should have started MUCH earlier, but oh well!

I wanted to show you the goodies the kids will be giving out in little ziploc bags they decorated with stickers. I decorated the cookies using a bag of Wilton candy melts I've had for months, some tubes of cookie icing I got on clearance in Dec. at Wags using $1/1 coupons, so cheap.

I also colored some sugar for the first time!
Have you tried this? You just take some sugar in a baggie (ziploc type, bread bag, whatever), I used our organic sugar because the crystals are a bit larger than table sugar. I'm not sure if that makes it easier or harder to color, but I knew it would show up better! So I stuck a toothpick into some pink gel food color from Wilton, globbed it around and then stuck the toothpick into the sugar. I pulled the toothpick out while scraping the color off by pinching the sides of the bag while pulling it out. Make sense? So the gel would come off inside the bag right? I then sealed the bag and began to knead it. I smooshed it around and around. It globbed up a little at first and their were some gel chunks/clumps. You just keep squeezing and kneading. Pretty soon, the whole bag, about 1/2 cup worth is totally pink! Neat! I had read about this wanted to try it for a long time!

I made a sheet of mini cookies and sanded them with this.
I also made mini heart cutouts and FROSTED them with the melted Wiltons. Have you ever tried this? A friend of mine does this with her sugar cookies and they are TO DIE FOR!! So I just used the back of a plastic spoon to spread the melt around the cookies (shape works well) like frosting and sprinkled with some sugar. Fun! To the bags I added some Christmas Hershey Kisses, some Pastel mints from my Hickory Farms order and there you go! What do you think? Are you hungry yet? The gel decorator icing (in tubes, dries so you can stack) was a bit runny like it is supposed to be, but I think I prefer regular icing since I can decorate better. Of course, I was in a hurry anyway, so they were nowhere near perfect. Who has time for that? I was busy sneaking a couple of sugar cookies!

Happy Valentines day Kiddos! Enjoy my hard work!

Tracey C.

Starbucks Chocolate for $1!! Free Glade! Free Haircolor!! Go Wags!

WOW! Valentines Day Special at WALGREENS! I found a blinkie machine at my Wags for $1/1 Starbucks chocolate (larger sizes only).

Great, these machines have been around off and on for months. WAIT!! Hold on! Isn't there that $6 off 2 starbucks chocolate coupons in the Feb. Monthly Easy Saver? AND aren't the Starbucks on sale for 2/$10? That means, $10- $6 wags coupon - 2 of the $1/1 man. coupons = $2 for 2 bags of truffles? Espresso? Vanilla Bean? MOCHA? You betcha! I got four and may get more. Maybe not. Main thing is I got some yummy teacher gifts for

only $1 a BAG!
Now, there are like 10 truffles inside, but that is an awesome deal!

Also, Clairol Perfect 10 has some clearance colors. I found one I like, I used the Nice N Easy $2/1 coupon from the RP 1/25. ALSO Wags monthly rebate offers $5 gift card for buying the perfect 10 haircolor. Clearance price was $5.69, minus $2/1 = $3.69 and will get $5 back a PROFIT!

Also, 2 other clearance Clairol Nice N easy products, one haircolor for $3.29 and one gloss/hair treatment for $1.89. Used the RP 1/25 $5/2 coupon for a total of $.18 plus tax!

I got eggs .99,

2 windex wipes 28 count for 2/$5, used 2 printed $1.50/1 coupons (see yesterdays post) so cost me $2 which I will get back in Wags Feb rebate ($1 each)
so FREE!

Also, Glade Sense and Spray. I bought TWO for $8.99 on sale, but spent $4.99 OOP (see next post for details) and will get back $6.00 !! another small PROFIT!

OOP does not count chocolate (gift not included in budget, ok so one if for me! SO WHAT! I count! I am special on Valentines Day! I MATTER!) Oh, sorry. heh heh... uh, where was I? Oh yes, OOP was $13.63 - $4 chocolate gifts = OOP $9.63. Will get back $11.00!! Awesome!

Why are you still HERE? There is STARBUCKS chocolate on SALE!! GO GO GO!!! :)


Tracey C.

$839.16 - $9.63 =
$829.53 left in budget

4 FREE Glade Fragrance Products at Walgreens!

Hey all! Many thanks to Jamy at for this GREAT Glade deal right now at Walgreens! Check out her site, she has new deals all the time!

This month, the February Easy Saver Rebate booklet features a $3 rebate on Glade Sense and Spray OR the Glade PlugIns Lasting Impressions scented oil unit. You can get up to FOUR! Or get 2 of the Sense and 2 of the Impressions! So that is up to $12 back.

Right now, the Sense and Spray is on sale for $8.99 ( the Impressions might be too, not sure, regular is $9.99 so still free after deal). Buy TWO. Use one of the B1G1F coupons you will print from HERE to get ONE free, and use the $4/1 manufacturer coupon from Sundays SS insert (2/8) to get $4 off the second one. You will then submit for the monthly rebate and get $3 back for each one!!!

So: Buy two at $8.99 + $8.99.
Minus $8.99 for b1g1f coup.
Minus $4 for man. coupon on 1.
Total out of pocket (or use a Register Reward or Gift card, even better!) is $4.99 plus tax. Rebate is $3 + $3 = $6.
That's a profit!!! (not sure what your tax will be!)

PLUS if you get your rebate by gift card, Walgreens gives you an extra 10% back (always, in case this is news to you) so that is an additional $.60.
You can do the same thing with the Lasting Impressions. If it is on sale for $8.99, same deal. If regular price of $9.99, you just get a smaller profit. Print the Lasting Impressions b1g1f coupon HERE. The sunday coupon $4/1 for this is in same place as the Sense and Spray, SS 2/8.

Well? Go get 'em! I did! See post below for my great shop!

Tracey C.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FREE scrubbing bubbles & Windex Wipes @ WAGS

So many of my great coupon friends posting about the Walgreens deal:
On sale now is the Scrubbing Bubbles wipes 2/$5 Use the printable $3/2 coupon and it will cost you $2 for 2. Mail in (or submit online) for the Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate for Feb. and you will get back $1 for each item. *up to 4 rebates on these cleaning items This will be free, plus a tiny profit if you count the 10% back you will get on your gift card. (I do) On sale now is the Windex Wipes for 2 for $5 Use the printable $3/2 coupon (print this when you print above coupon.) so $2/2. Then submit for Feb Wags ES rebate = FREE. After you select your coupons to print, and then print them just click on the back button on your browser and it will print a second set. You can print them twice. If you try again, it will tell you LIMIT reached!
I am going to buy 2 of the SB wipes and 2 of the Windex wipes. That will be my 4 item rebate limit and I will get back $4.00 plus 10% $.40. Great deal! Go HERE to print.

GREAT mail day!

Hey! How fun! I had a GREAT mail day today! Here's what I got:::::::

  1. Suavenomics FREE bottle of Suave coupon ( I already got a shampoo with free body wash attached! Thanks Suave!)
  2. FREE $25 Target Gift Card from one of my credit card rewards program! It took so long to get to me, I forgot I ordered it! Sheesh, but still happy!
  3. Envie trade from Joan M with my Quaker $5 rebate form in it! Yay! I really wanted to do this one, so thanks Joan! Also, lots of fun coupons inside, where did she get them all? :)
  4. Hospital bill.. OH! NOT SO FUN! scratch this one!
  5. Family Circle Magazine
That's it! Great stuff though and it made my day a little better. Wish all mail days brought gift cards, free full size products and nice rebates that netted me free product! Hmmmm.

Tracey C.
$839.16 left in budget

Winn Dixie, Quaker Rebate & BAD KITTY!

Today I had an emotional shopping experience. Where I wanted to SPEND money to feel better. Isn't that ridiculous? But true! Why? Wellllllll... This stray cat we took in and have been trying to find a home for (he was someone's pet but was lost and we found him) has been a little (did I say little?) nuisance! He is adorable, but he gets hissy and bitey (I know, not a word) at odd times and it bothers us a lot. We have 3 small children, so we don't like it. We already decided to give him to the pet rescue, but we have been trying to hold him until a new owner is found (cant find his old one). Well, today the little monster PEED all over our FAVORITE huge bean bag. These are the wonderful Corda-Roy bean bags that cost an arm and a leg to purchase! We LIVE on ours and it is totally ruined! Because of the filling inside, we would have to take some stuffing out, stuff it into a pillowcase, tie it off, bleach the heck out of it and then put it in a bag... repeat. About 20 times. Seriously. Our washing machine cannot hold a big fat stuffed pillowcase, so we would have to do a small amount at a time. Not only a total waste of my laundry soap, hot water, bleach and electricity (washing AND drying), but my precious time as well! (or my hubby's). It had really soaked in too when we found it and it is the worst kind of thing to get out.


Kitty is going to find a new home tomorrow. Enough said.

So, I was angry, frustrated and annoyed that while changing his litter box I find we are out of litter. UGH. To the store I must go. And ESSSSSSSSSSSCAPPPPPPPPPPPPPE. I didn't bring my coupons, because I was buying the cheapest, nastiest stuff I could find. Ha! Take that little Pee Kitty! DUSTY litter! What do you think of that?
Oh, LOOK, the Quaker is on sale and I just got the $5 rebate form in the mail today!! (Thank you Joan M!) Weird, because this is HOLIDAY special edition instant oatmeal. And it is all in new carton boxes on an end of isle. These weren't even out during the HOLIDAY! Funny! I think Quaker found some in a warehouse or something and sent them out cheap to stores...they all had $1/1 peelie coupons on them! Price before coupon? $1.97, after? $.97!! Wow! So I buy 5 and will get back a $5 refund! FREE oatmeal! Isn't that awesome? We love oatmeal around here. So I may get more while it's cheap. The expiration date is in 2010, so no worries there. Very nice!! Thank you Winn Dixie! (No kitty, I am NOT thanking YOU!) I also got a six pack of Propell on clearance for $1.99 and a HUGE french bread loaf on sale b1g1f and got the other loaf sliced for sandwiches for the kids lunches. I also bought a gallon of OJ on sale for $2.99. I don't usually buy it, but we love it, need some OJ and it was a good price. Also got some new flavored creamer, white chocolate coconut. WOW! On sale? NO. Coupon? NO. Like I said, emotional shopping at it's best. Sigh. My total OOP excluding the CAT BRAT litter was $16.41. I will get $5 back, so my real cost will be $11.41 once my rebate comes in. Not bad for 5 oatmeals, a gallon of OJ, creamer and propel! OOP= $16.41.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FREE Valentines Day Gifts Giveaway Has Ended!

The Winner of My Valentines Day Giveaway of the
2 Copies of the LOVE DARE book


"K. Cleaver said...I'd love to win this for my husband and I."

Congratualtions K. Cleaver!! You have 48 hours to get back with me, or I must choose another winner! I am so excited for you!

Thanks everyone for participating.

More Publix....

2 more trips to Publix to record, mostly Goodlife cat food, but some extra for groceries.

Trip 1. $.66 OOP (I also got 6 bags of Goodlife) for 2 boxes Uncle bens rice for b1g1f @ $1.49 and used $1/2 coupon. Added tax (but think I added wrong, but too high, so whatever!) SAVED $26.49 according to receipt!
Trip 2. $1.63 OOP (I also got 5 bags Goodlife, most stores running low or out) for Melitta chocolate lava coffee (OH MY!) on clearance for $3.10, used $1/1 peelie and got overage from the Revlon emory boards for $1.89 (they took off whole coupon $2.50). SAVED $26.65 according to receipt!
Total OOP = $2.29 SOOOOO $857.86- $2.29 = $855.57 left in budget. WHEW!

CVS Madness!

I purchased a few coupons for $2.98 OOP = $885.82

At CVS this week I was doing lots of little shops. I wasn't finding all the things I wanted, but I had fun and did quite well. I've been using my gift cards (even my $50 milk one, sigh) up, but I still have many ECB to turn over. I didn't take pics, sorry! I just wanted to catch up my totals. I have been CVS'ing, and Publix'ing too. I wanted to get as many of the Goodlife Cat food at Publix for $.49 as I could. I have lots of coupons for $3 off and its on sale for $3.49 (ended yesterday). Pet food isn't out of my budget, but it's why I have all these little Publix shops I do. I get more coupons, or hear about another deal and I grab that too...
I just want to keep you updated on my budget, and me too!
2/6 Publix- OOP $14.01 (got 2 bounce for $1.63 each clearance for 105 ct) bleach, 2 w/w pita b1g1f, bag potat, 2 chex mix clearance, 2 Yoplus yogurt pks, 4 uncle bens rice, 1 grn juice, good stuff!
2/7 Publix- OOP $10.88 got 3 danimals 6pk yogurt, 2 more pita b1g1f, revlon nail clips free w/publix ad coupon, bananas 2lbs, Gallon MILK, 4 boxes miniwheat cereal, Great price!

Total OOP Publix $24.89... $885.82-$24.89 = $860.93 left

For CVS I was excited to get the Hershey dark bars for $1 each, used $1/1 coupons and got back $1 ECB for every 2 I bought. Not sure limit because I got 6 "sets" of 2 bars on my card and got ECB for all of them. Got a few on Hubbys card and neither said limit reached. Money maker! Also, the Dove deodorant invisible was on sale $2.29 each and get $2 ECB when you buy 2. JUST saw this today! So I run home to get my $1.50/2 dove coupons. I got 8 deodorants for $4.32 after ECB and that is only $.54 each!!! I LOVE this deodorant and rarely find it cheap, I was so excited! Probably will find it free next week, you know how it goes! LOL! Ok, used gift cards... but here is break down..
  1. $.41 OOP = 6 extra dark hershey bar (no ecb small enough to use)
  2. $2.66 OOP = 8 dove deo. 5 hershey bar
  3. $.99 on gift card NO OOP = 3 single bath tissue 3/$1, 5 hershey, 1 cvs chewable asprin (free w/ecb), 1 instant enegery shots (free w/ecb), used ecb to pay and got ecb back too!
  4. $3.12 on gc NO OOP= 3 cans cam. soup & 2 hershey bar, 1 3pk cvs paper towl, 1 excedrin ex/s 10 ct, 1 lipstick (free w/cvs $2/any cosmetic).
  5. $2.37 on gc NO OOP= 2 glade candles, 2 glade oil candle refills, (got back $5 ecb and used Q's), 4 hershy bars, 2 Val sticker packs for daughters .99 ea, 1 clearance oil burner and oil (from Christmas only $1.50), 4 extra oil bottles .50 ea, fun stinky stuff for house!!!!
Total OOP is $3.07 and $860.93- $3.07 = $857.86
No pics, sorry! Was out late w/friend having food and coffee! :) (thanks friend!)

Tracey C.

Publix Cheap Cereal!

I got lots of cheap cereal this week at Publix with their Kellogg's B1G1F frosted mini wheats. I used several b1g1f peelie couons good on ANY Kelloggs cereal to get several free. I bought 8 boxes this trip, 2 boxes were "regular" cereal, not on sale for variety. I spent $4.51 cents on 8 boxes = $.57 each box!! Awesome! 2/5 OOP = $4.51 So $893.31 - $4.51 = $888.80 left in budget hee hee!


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