Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FREE Fluoride & Mouth Rinse CVS after rebate! Profit!

Today I had the option of looking for many things at CVS, but short on time. I really wanted to find the Neutrogena, but did not! I scanned my card upon entering the store, I HIGHLY recommend doing this every time! You never know what good coupon you might get to use right then and there! You often hear about others getting certain coupons, and maybe you never do, but you must always try! Anyway, stepping off that little soapbox.. Ok, so I scanned my card and got a $5 off $30 coupon. My mind started spinning.. what can I get..

I though HEY! I will get ony ECB items that are free after ECB up to around $25 then I will add the toilet paper on sale for $4.99 and get it FREE using this coupon! Free toilet paper is a goal of mine that I do not often obtain. Sadly, today was no exception.

NO Neutrogena (that could have been $6 and a profit), no heating patches, no cotton rounds, no mylanta cherry, no squid soap on clearance... OOOH! 2 bottles left of the NATURAL DENTIST!! At $9.99 EACH, this would put me at almost $20! YES! Go grab 2 Colgate for $2.99 and I am up to around $26 and I can add my...... NO TOILET PAPER! They were completely out! GRRRR!
Ok, back to looking. I mean, I can just add some reg. price tp..no no no... Ok! Found it! ONE box of EARINSE free after ECB for $7.99.
  1. 2 bottles Natural Dentist mouth rinse products, $9.99 ea. minuse my two $2/1 coupons that you can print HERE. (thanks FRUGALSUZ! I love Hounding with you!) $4 ECB for each one, (limit is 5 I think) Will send for rebate of $10 for purchasing TWO I printed HERE. That is a $2 profit after rebate.
  2. 1 bottle of EARINSE for $7.99 free after ECB (limit 2)
  3. 2 tubes of COLGATE for $2.99, free after ECB. I used 2 $1/1 Q's (2/1 SS) so $2 profit
My total after using my coupons and $5 off $30 (I used this one first), one $4 ECB and one $2 ECB was $17.96 OOP. I will get back $10 from the Natural Dentist rebate and I got back $8 ECB (nat dentist), $7.99 ECB (earinse) and $5.98 ECB (colgate).

WORKS OUT TO: I spent $6 ecb + $17.96 oop and got back $21.97 in ecb and $10 mail in rebate..Profit of $8.00 and some great free product!!

Tracey C.
$817.55 - $17.96 oop = $799.59 left in budget

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