Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Publix....

2 more trips to Publix to record, mostly Goodlife cat food, but some extra for groceries.

Trip 1. $.66 OOP (I also got 6 bags of Goodlife) for 2 boxes Uncle bens rice for b1g1f @ $1.49 and used $1/2 coupon. Added tax (but think I added wrong, but too high, so whatever!) SAVED $26.49 according to receipt!
Trip 2. $1.63 OOP (I also got 5 bags Goodlife, most stores running low or out) for Melitta chocolate lava coffee (OH MY!) on clearance for $3.10, used $1/1 peelie and got overage from the Revlon emory boards for $1.89 (they took off whole coupon $2.50). SAVED $26.65 according to receipt!
Total OOP = $2.29 SOOOOO $857.86- $2.29 = $855.57 left in budget. WHEW!

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