Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kellogg's Rebate Rec'd $3.99

Today in the mail I got lots of fun goodies, but mainly I received another rebate (such a good several days for these!) in the mail! Yay! $3.99 for my Kellogg's Mini Wheats Blueberry/Strawberry Smart Start Rebate. I will tell you, this one took 4-EVER! But here it is! That is + $3.99 back into my budget.
I also got:
  • Enfamil Next Step Lipil checks of $4 and $5 (why? My kids are like, almost 6 and I don't even sign up for baby stuff anymore... I must have signed up for something! They like to spread your name around too! Im sure I can pass it to some baby mama I know..
  • FREE address labels from St. Jude (I only have about 3,000 free labels from various groups, so why do I keep saving them? I could not POSSIBLY ever run out.. so why?
  • My Kellogg's rebate
  • Family Fun Mag
  • a BILL (cant win em all)
Over all profitable day! I am STILL waiting for my Walgreens Rebate from Jan. I want to USE it for this months other rebates, but some of them can't wait much longer! There are sales to take advantage of! Also, I will be receiving my NOV. rebate that I sent in late (but what a blessing!). Thank you Walgreens for honoring it!
Also, it was a cereal for dinner sort of day too! Thank you hubby!

Tracey C.
$799.59 + $3.99 = $803.58 left in budget


  1. I wish you luck on your challenge!

    I don't think I could go that low. My budget is $400 a month, but I am actually trying to only spend $200 each month ($2400 a year) so that I can keep the extra for fun things instead! :) If I managed that I would be very excited.

  2. Jennifer, so FAR my avg is about $200 a month! And that is HARD!!! I have had a couple of larger spending moments though, that should last me if I use them correctly. Plus, I have a few dollars tied up in rebates that will (are starting to already) come back in. I think it is fun and I bet you will do a great job. Really, I just picked that number to be crazy..and it surely is! $400 sounds extravagent now, but was less than what we spent a few months ago. Thanks for wishing me luck! It is fun and challenging, I'll watch to see how you do too!
    Warmth, Tracey C.



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