Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winn Dixie, Quaker Rebate & BAD KITTY!

Today I had an emotional shopping experience. Where I wanted to SPEND money to feel better. Isn't that ridiculous? But true! Why? Wellllllll... This stray cat we took in and have been trying to find a home for (he was someone's pet but was lost and we found him) has been a little (did I say little?) nuisance! He is adorable, but he gets hissy and bitey (I know, not a word) at odd times and it bothers us a lot. We have 3 small children, so we don't like it. We already decided to give him to the pet rescue, but we have been trying to hold him until a new owner is found (cant find his old one). Well, today the little monster PEED all over our FAVORITE huge bean bag. These are the wonderful Corda-Roy bean bags that cost an arm and a leg to purchase! We LIVE on ours and it is totally ruined! Because of the filling inside, we would have to take some stuffing out, stuff it into a pillowcase, tie it off, bleach the heck out of it and then put it in a bag... repeat. About 20 times. Seriously. Our washing machine cannot hold a big fat stuffed pillowcase, so we would have to do a small amount at a time. Not only a total waste of my laundry soap, hot water, bleach and electricity (washing AND drying), but my precious time as well! (or my hubby's). It had really soaked in too when we found it and it is the worst kind of thing to get out.


Kitty is going to find a new home tomorrow. Enough said.

So, I was angry, frustrated and annoyed that while changing his litter box I find we are out of litter. UGH. To the store I must go. And ESSSSSSSSSSSCAPPPPPPPPPPPPPE. I didn't bring my coupons, because I was buying the cheapest, nastiest stuff I could find. Ha! Take that little Pee Kitty! DUSTY litter! What do you think of that?
Oh, LOOK, the Quaker is on sale and I just got the $5 rebate form in the mail today!! (Thank you Joan M!) Weird, because this is HOLIDAY special edition instant oatmeal. And it is all in new carton boxes on an end of isle. These weren't even out during the HOLIDAY! Funny! I think Quaker found some in a warehouse or something and sent them out cheap to stores...they all had $1/1 peelie coupons on them! Price before coupon? $1.97, after? $.97!! Wow! So I buy 5 and will get back a $5 refund! FREE oatmeal! Isn't that awesome? We love oatmeal around here. So I may get more while it's cheap. The expiration date is in 2010, so no worries there. Very nice!! Thank you Winn Dixie! (No kitty, I am NOT thanking YOU!) I also got a six pack of Propell on clearance for $1.99 and a HUGE french bread loaf on sale b1g1f and got the other loaf sliced for sandwiches for the kids lunches. I also bought a gallon of OJ on sale for $2.99. I don't usually buy it, but we love it, need some OJ and it was a good price. Also got some new flavored creamer, white chocolate coconut. WOW! On sale? NO. Coupon? NO. Like I said, emotional shopping at it's best. Sigh. My total OOP excluding the CAT BRAT litter was $16.41. I will get $5 back, so my real cost will be $11.41 once my rebate comes in. Not bad for 5 oatmeals, a gallon of OJ, creamer and propel! OOP= $16.41.


  1. This website is FABULOUS!! I am also a SAHM with four teenagers and this is so inspirational! We have two boys and two girls...I spend WAY TOO MUCH on groceries, so I follow your column every day for motivation. Thank you! Have a blessed day!! HS

  2. And it's cheaper than therapy!

  3. Thanks so much HS! You know what is interesting? I THOUGHT I was very frugal before attempting this, and you know what? I spent way more than I thought! I was always doing "little" trips to the store. Sure, I was couponing, saving lots of money, but I was also spending a lot of money that we didn't need to! I'm off on my budget if you look at it monthly, but I have lots of rebates out already and also, I really have been spending so much less! I take advantage of all the rebates I can, especially the food ones!

    Bliss, you are hilarious! :)

    Thanks ladies, blessings,
    Tracey C.

  4. Oh no, BAD BAD KITTY LOL!!

    Retail therapy is awesome! :-)



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