Monday, March 30, 2009

$10 Leapster Games @ Target!!

Apparently, Target has 2 Leapster games on sale this week for only $15!! Quite a good deal if you purchase these.. and we do. (sometimes). BONUS however is that there is a printable $5/1 Leapster game that you can print TWICE HERE! Yay!!!!!!!!! Sale games are Wall-E and Star Wars (Jedi Math). Other games are on sale, only not so cheap! My daughters' birthday is coming up and they both LOVE LOVE LOVE Wall-E and their Leapsters... Forgeddabouddit!

Don't have the Leapster but WANT one? On sale too! Only $49.99 AND AND AND you can print a $10 off coupon for the Leapster while you're printing those Leapster game coupons! Whoo Hoo!

Thanks "Cents" able Momma for the heads-up!

Tracey C.

FREE Mentos Gum @ Walgreens


Thanks to Amy for this info:

An even better deal is at CVS. Buy three at $1 each (so free after coupon) and get a $1 ECB back!!!!

Living the frugal life in Apex, NC.,

Thanks KingdomKlipper for reminding me that Walgreens has the Mentos Gum on sale 2 for $2, use the 3/1 SS insert to find the $1/1 coupons and get them for FREE!

As a side note, I have also used the mentos coupon to get these free at Publix and another store. Keep these cuties in your purse, handy for when you find a $1 per pack sale! (if you haven't used them all already! they don't expire until 4/30/09 and there are TWO COUPONS per insert! :)

Oh Publix! It's a GOOD LIFE!

GoodLife Cat food, in our region, is still on sale Wednesday and I have 4 coupons left! That is an extra $4 to use for something else!
Today Trip 1: Publix 34th/NW 39th Ave
  1. 2 PERDUE chicken tenders/nuggets B1G1F $4.39 - $1/1 perdue coupon X 2 coupons
  2. 2 bottles of Green Goodness Bolthouse farms bottles/juice B1G1F $2.69 (we love this!)
  3. 4 bags of GoodLife Cat food B1G1F $4.49 - 4 of the $3/1 coupons (free!!!)
Order TOTAL: $2.16 plus $.61 tax = $2.77 OOP

Trip 2:
Publix on Main/10th ave NW
  1. 4 bags of GoodLife Cat food B1G1F $4.49 - 4 of the $3/1 coupons (free!!!)
  2. Bounty ExtraSoft 1 Roll $1.79 (used Target booklet/home mailer coupon $1/1 any)
  3. Mon Cuisine Kosher chicken breast frozen dinner X 2 only $1 each!
  4. Meal Mart 2lbs of Kosher meatballs (frozen, on clearance!) $1.00!! WOW! But WAIT! It gets better, I then noticed it rang up for $5.99 ..after pointing it out, I got the package for FREE! And to my amazement $5.99 is a $4.50 savings according to my receipt (orig price $10.49 sheesh)That's alot of meatballs for free! Publix has the policy that if it rings up wrong price, you get the item (limit 1 per incident) FREE!
  5. Smaller Cheetos bag (used competitor Target $1/1 cheetos coupon printed from their website) was $1.29 final cost $.29
  6. Deli Drink $1.29, daughter and I were THIRSTY, what a waste huh? :)
Order TOTAL: $2.10 OOP, so all I really paid for was tax and my fountain drink! The overage from the cat food ended up paying for our paper towels, 2 frozen dinners, huge frozen meatball pack and cheetos too! WOW!

Total OOP today: $4.87
( still need to catch up on entering all my receipts for the past 3 weeks, sheesh I'm behind!, when I do, that number will nosedive, but then, I get to add in my Garage Sale profits too! ) I would have taken pics for you, but I can't find our camera!

You know, I love shopping days like this one... It's a GOOD LIFE.


Tracey C.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walgreens CHEAP Life Cereal and More This Week!

Walgreens 3/29-4/4 Deals

Thanks to Metroplex Savers and Hip2Save for listing some great deals (and all the others that I browse, don't write down, but store little tidbits for later.. THANK YOU!)

Quaker Life coupon $1/1. Print two HERE. Print, then hit your back browser (or resend info) to print once more. With 2 of these you can buy the Quaker Life on sale 2/$5 and use 2 $1/1's and get cereal for 2/$3. BUT WAIT! You THEN get a $2 Register Reward!!! So only $.50 each box!

Chapstick Natural & Shimmer is $1.99 and you get $1.99 RR back (free). I found some b1g1f coupons at Publix awhileYou can repeat, but remember not to pay with that $1.99 RR from can use the Quaker one though and get the Chapstick FREE and NEW $1.99 RR for Chapstick. Use this for maybe more Quaker (if you have more coupons!)

SOFTSOAP: $3.99 for the shower gel/BodyWash and get back $3.99 RR!! You can pay for the Softsoap with either of the above RR's. Also, use the $1 coupon from the All You magazine pg 44 OR print one $1/1 HERE. Money Maker!! Give the RR first and your results may vary.. you may need to add a small item to use 2 coupon for this...or just save your RR's for a different transaction?!! NOTE: You can also get a man. coupon from this Sunday's SS 3/29 insert (should be $1/1).

NEW MONTH for REBATES! April 09 is here.

One a Day Multi-Vitamin Drink Mix (2 ct) $1.49
$1.49 EasySaver Rebate
Use the $1 coupon from the 1/4SS (expires on 3/31 so do this one SOON!!)
Final cost FREE, plus a $1 moneymaker!

Wal-Itin Allergy Relief 30ct $6.99
$6.99 Easysaver rebate
Final cost FREE!

Printer cartridge Refill $7.50
$7.50 Easysaver rebate
Final cost FREE!

FREE Glade Soy candles
Check out Hip2Save's post HERE for details

Equal Sweetener 2/$5
Use the $2.50/1 coupon from the 1/4SS
Final cost FREE!

Reynolds Foil .89 after in ad coupon
Use the $1 coupon from the 2/8SS
Final cost FREE, plus overage!

I'll add more later!!!
Warmly, Tracey C.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Printable Coupon Links

Where can you go to print coupons online for free? How about:

According to you can cut your grocery bill in half this week!
Membership is always free at

Just a few... enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Printable Coupon Page... FUN!

Coupon Cabin has some great coupons to print at their website! The page I have linked here is for grocery/health/beauty type coupons. They also do the online deal listing thing. Go HERE to check out some good manufacturer coupons!


Thanks to Who Said Nothing in Life is FREE? blog for posting about a printable GoodLife coupon! Whoo Hoo!!! It's worth $3!!

You can print it twice! Just hit your back button on your browser. You TOO can do the deal this week!

Go here:

Enjoy your savings! (see post below for entire deal on the B1G1F cat food at Publix this week)

FREE Good Life Cat Food at Publix (I LOVE Publix!)

Ok, if you were lucky enough to get the $3/1 Good Life cat/dog food coupon in the following Sunday paper inserts:

RP 1/4-----exp 4/5/09----Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat or Dog Food $3


RP 1/4-----exp 4/5/09----Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat or Dog Food $2


RP 3/8-----exp 6/7/09----Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat or Dog Food $2

THEN You TOO can get FREE CAT FOOD at Publix this week.

Current Sale Price is $4.49 for 2 BAGS (Actually B1G1F)
Sooo..... if you have 2 of the $3/1 coupons (and I DO, tee hee!) You get them both FREE and a little overage perhaps!
BUT if you only got the $2/1 coupons in YOUR local ad (like ME!) and didn't take the time to trade for the $3/1 (like I DID!!), you can still get CHEAP/almost FREE cat food! Use 2 of the $2/1 coupons from either the 1/4 or the 3/8 RedPlum insert and you get 2 Bags for only $.49!! Wow!

Isn't that MARVELOUS? Get all you can. And if they run out, GET A RAIN CHECK!!!

Wanna know something funny? The last sale Publix had on the Goodlife was for $3.49 a bag and I was SO EXCITED!! I traded for a ton of the $3/1 coupons (we were hosting a stray and we feed 2 strays outside... Hi little kitty friends!) so I could get cat food for $.49 a bag! COOL! But, after getting only 12 or so bags (hey, pet food is expensive!!)... Publix ran out at a couple of stores, so I got TWO rain checks on 2 different occasions. I saved my coupons and hadn't had time to use them yet on my rain checks. So guess what? I STILL have those pretty $3/1 coupons to use!! But they expire soon...but that doesn't matter because by then, they will be gone, and I will have LOTS of bags of kitty food!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Isn't that HILARIOUS? no? oh, ok.

Aren't I lucky? Aren't I blessed? (yes!!)

So, I swooped in today and got just 2 bags..and they took off both $3 coupons in their entirety.

I spent $4.48 and got this:

2 Bags of Goodlife Cat food (3lbs each?)
FOUR Bolthouse Farms juice smoothies (smaller bottles are B1G1F for $2.79)
TWO Boxes of Tofutti ice cream, ON SALE for 2/$2.45, a super price! We got the 8 pack of little sandwiches and the 12 pack of "fudgesicles."
1 box Morningside Farms non-meat Corn Dogs (50% off) for $1.99
1 pack of Danimals (squeezers) for $1.67 minus the blinkie $.55/1 coupon right there!

Breakfast yogurt, Dinner Corndogs, Dessert Ice Cream, Smoothie lunches, Cat all day food. If you eat more than one Tofu ice cream treat... you know, as filler...that is like a whole day of food for less than $5!! Ok Ok, so we need some veggies and a little good carb-action here, but I have my FREE canned veggies still and I have w/w bread and bagels all over the place! So there!

I also used a $6 Walgreens Catalina as a competitor coupon, which not only scans just fine, but also is fully acceptable at my Publix in Gainesville!!

Total $3.81
Tax $.67
Grand $4.48 OOP (will calculate later)

Vendor coupon 12.55
Advertised Savings 12.07
Advantage buy 0.33 (?)
In-Store Special (tofuttis?) 4.86
Total Savings of $29.81!!! Wait til I get organized this week!!!

Have fun!
Warmly, Tracey C.

Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat or Dog Food $2 RP 1/4 4/5/2009
Goodlife Recipe Dry Cat or Dog Food $3 RP 1/4 4/5/2009
Goodlife Recipe Food for Dogs or Cats $200/1 RP 3/8 6/7/2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TYSON Meal Kit deal @ Publix!!

Have a Publix near you? I was browsing around tonight looking for deals and coupons while I waited for my daughter's prescription to be ready. I found some Tyson meal packs/kits on sale! It said "while supplies last" which means clearance to me..though they didn't SAY that specifically!

Regular price is $6.99 Sale price is 2/$6.99!!! $3.50 for dinner!
It included the following 3 kits:
  1. Chicken Fajitas
  2. Chicken Quesadillas (cheese crisps for you southwesterners!)
  3. Chicken Fried Rice
I got one of each and didn't have a coupon. I didn't mind though because that is a good deal and the kits include EVERYTHING! We had the chicken fried rice tonight, my 3 small daughters and I. It was enough for the 4 of us, and would probably work for 2 adults and possibly 2, maybe only 1 small child. But maybe not enough for 3 adults... If my husband had been eating, we would definitely had needed more! It could have been rounded out with a salad, bread or extra pile of veggies or a combo of those. I scrambled some Egg Beaters (previous Publix sale) and added those, but it would have been yummy without it. About 15-20 minute prep time from frozen.

My kids loved it!!!!

Now that I am home and can research on my computer, the following coupon MAY work for this product:
Tyson Frozen Chicken or Beef Strips $1 S 1/4 4/5/2009

Not 100% sure! Also, you can check online, but I couldn't find anything. If YOU do, let me know!
Still, $3.50 is a great price for these..and you can bet I'll go get a few more after trying them!

Tracey C.

Want a FREE Nature's Source tote Bag?? L@@K here!

First 18,000 to respond to Right @ Home HERE may win a FREE Nature's Source Tote Bag!! Here are the details:

Heading to the grocery store? Picking up a few things at the pharmacy? Bring along our new reusable Nature's Source™ tote bag, perfect for grocery shopping, errands and more. It's also made from a recyclable fabric that is both durable and environmentally friendly.

If you’re one of the first 18,000* to respond, you’ll receive a free reusable Nature's Source™ tote bag.
First 18,000 people to respond will receive a Step into Spring Gift Pack. For your chance to receive a gift pack, simply complete all required information on the form below by March 31, 2009, 11:59:59 p.m. Central Time (CT). Offer available to U.S. residents only. Gift packs available until March 31, 2009, or while supplies last.
Gift pack offers are available to Right@Home™ members only.

Not a member? Join Right@Home™ for free to be eligible for future members-only offers like this.

FREE Pledge at Walgreens

Pledge is on sale at Walgreens this week for TWO for $7.00. You get $2 rebate back on 2 of the products from the monthly ES rebate book. I printed 3 Pledge coupons from their website HERE and got a $3/1 aerosol and $2/1 multisurface and $2/1 Pet sweeper. I bought an aerosol and the sweeper for $7. Minus my $3 and $2 coupon, I paid $2 for the two. Will get that back in rebate.. so free pledge! I was told the $3 coupon was $3/2 items, but my coupon was good on just one product. Your results may vary, so hurry!

UPDATE: I went to the link and see that it says you can get only TWO coupons now, both for $2/1 product (sweeper and the multi-surface. Again, your results may vary, and it is still a good deal to get both products for only $1!!

Warmly, Tracey C.

Walgreens and FREE Soleil Shavers!!!

Hot tip on the Bic Soleil Shavers being on clearance for $3.59. Maybe!

Use the Easy Saver $2/1 coupon in the monthly booklet AND use the manufacturer coupon for $2/1 found SS 3/15 insert. You could get overage on this. Give the man. coupon first, then the Wags. Beware though! I got 2 kinds of soleil systems...I had the cashier scan the pink one (shimmer) and it WAS on clearance, as I was told it might be for $3.59. So I got 6, but 2 of them were ORANGE boxes/packages. Well, I should have scanned them to check..but didn't. They rang up as $5.29 on sale. Now, $1.29 isn't a bad price for the razor, but it isn't free so I was not quite happy. I looked my receipt over because something was off (price too high), but didn't want to go over with that checker as he is NOT friendly and it is a huge hassle to ask him to even take something off. I know, I know, just DO it! :) Anyway, apparently the Walgreens $2 coupon only came off of TWO of the razors, the orange ones! It did NOT come off the pink ones at all, though they are BOTH Soleil razor systems. Hmmm, so instead of getting them free (or with overage), I was not even given the coupon amount on FOUR of them!


I will take care of this by returning the razors, and if it is a good cashier, I may attempt to re-ring the sale price ones. If not, I will just get a refund because it is not worth paying $1.29 and $1.59 for all of the razors (not with my budget so restricted anyway). I'll try to update you on it, but the deal MAY work for you! Just try it like this perhaps... one razor at a time, and make sure it is scanning at the clearance price (if you want it free). If it is a good deal for you to get it for $1.59 (witout the $2 Wags coupon), or for $1.29 (with both coupons and reg price on razor), then go ahead!!!! It's still a good deal! Just make sure if you want it free that the Wags coupon scans for that pink shimmer one! See pics for reference.

I also got some Trident on sale for $.32, $.32 and Wrigley mult. pack for $.67. Will update budget once I know my final amount.


Tracey C.

Swiffer Sweeper Great Deal @ Target

Wow! I had to share this deal with all of you great readers. If you have been wanting to get the Swiffer Sweeper, now is a GREAT time... here's why. I had cut out my $2/1 Swiffer sweeper from my Homemade Simple (P&G coupon booklet) because I also had a coupon for buy the swiffer, get a FREE pack of refills pads (wet or dry) from the P&G Sunday insert on 2/8.

I almost bought this at Publix, the sweeper was $14.99 and it would get my total up so I could use a $5 off competitor coupon, making it $7 off with my man coupon..but I thought I would wait. I'm glad I did!

I found the Sweeper on sale at Target 2 days ago for $8.99 - $2 coupon = $6.99. I then was trying to decide which refills to get, wet or dry (I chose wet) and noticed the bigger pack (24 wet cloths) had the lovely lavender vanilla scent I love so much with Febreze. Well, that was surely not included... I studied the coupon and guess what? There is NO MAXIMUM dollar amount listed! That's right! Usually on a free product it says something like, "Free up to a maximum of $4.99 (or whatever" But this coupon has no such limits. Well, the big 24 pack of the wet cloths was $8.49 so I threw it in my cart and headed up front. There, I asked the cashier what SHE thought of the coupon..and she said, no limit stated, no limit! (MAN, I should have gotten the HUGE 40 count BOX of wet refills for $12.99!!!). I was so happy! No problems entering it, then it said.. no item scanned for this coupon..she just put it through. I don't know if that meant it wasn't supposed to use a big size, or because it cannot know which product you will pick it does not "attach" to any one product and is a normal prompt that doesn't cause problems. BUT, the coupon definitely does NOT specify a size or price limit. In any event, it is a great deal, so don't miss it! I got both for only $6.99 plus tax! I'm sure you can probably print something online too for the sweeper kit... See my pic and enjoy your savings!

Tracey C.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FREE Reach Toothbrushes, floss and Listerine at Walgreens

Quick update (ended up not so quick with Catalina lesson below) for those that aren't aware of this deal at Walgreens this week..look on the back page of your flyer for details or go to and view weekly flyer that way (last page).

Here is the deal per the Walgreens Website/Ad:
The more you ADD the more plaque you SUBTRACT
• Ultraclean Toothbrush or Floss, 30 yds.
• 2 pack Advanced Design Toothbrushes
• Original, Fresh Burst, Cool or Vanilla Mint Mouthwash, 500 ml.

save with register rewards®*

Sale Price 3/$9 - Register Rewards* Good on Next Purchase $6 = Like Paying 3/$3

*Limit 1 coupon printed per offer. See coupon for exclusions, limitations and any 3 of these products
Buy 3 for $9... please USE the coupon from this past Sunday in the Smart Source coupon insert (3/15/09) for $3 off these 3 products (must buy one of each) to get your total to $6. You will then pay $6 plus tax and will get back a $6 Register Reward. Free (or almost free, you pay tax)

Register Reward: This is a coupon that prints from that little gray box next to the register called a Catalina machine. The catalina coupons are also called register rewards, or RR's for short. You can use the RR's for anything in the store! (except a few legal no- nos like lottery, gift cards, cigs, alcohol, etc.). I like to use them to get more new deals, this is called "rolling" the register rewards. Actually, the true definition of rolling means to use the register reward to do the same deal again and again, therefore never having to pay out of pocket for a new deal. This is no longer something people can do. For instance, if you try to use your $6 to buy more reach/listerine, you will NOT get a new $6 RR. You CAN do the deal more than once, but you must pay with cash, gift card, whatever. You CANNOT do the deal more than once in a SINGLE transaction. So, if you buy SIX of the items, you will not get TWO of the RR's!!! You can ring up 3, get a $6 RR, and ring up 3 more and (pay with something other than that $6 RR!!) get an additional RR.

Also note, if you are doing another Catalina offer/deal, like the buy 8 dove products (full size) get $10 RR, you MAY use THAT RR for paying for a different deal.

Here's the scenario:
I buy 8 dove single bars of soap (on sale 25% off this week) for $1.19 each. I pay $9.52 plus $.64 tax for a total cost of $10.16. I get a $10 RR on the spot, from the machine. I then go back inside or back on a different day..whatever. I then buy 3 of the Reach/listerine products for $9. I use my $3/3 coupon (or others, see list) and owe $6. I want to use my $10 RR, so I add items to my cart to get to $10 after my coupons.. I add milk $3 for 2 half gallons (sale) and one clearance speed stick deodorant for $1.19. (speed stick has a buy one get a $1 RR deal this week too, and some are on clearance for for $1.09 - $1.69!!) My total is just over $10 before tax. I use my $10 RR and pay the difference (say $.65, I'm just throwing figures here) OOP out of pocket for tax and such. My NEW $6 RR prints out!!

Do not leave without it! If it doesn't print, do not leave! Be prepared to get that RR, it is an advertised deal and they must honor it! Sometimes the machine doesn't work, sometimes it is out of paper.. sometimes it takes a couple of seconds after the cashier opens/shuts the drawer. Some cashiers are not familiar with Catalina and will tell you it won't print if you use coupons.. this is NOT true! This is ONLY applicable if you use a RR from the deal you are trying to do to pay for the SAME deal again.. this will not work and you will not get a new register reward. BUT if you are paying with any other RR or cash and manufacturers coupons, you WILL/should get your RR!! I know this is true and I have done these Catalina deals many, many times!!! You CAN use coupons with these offers! Many of the flyers will even have a little "note" on their ad that you should "check sunday paper for additional coupons" and it is right in the deal window on the flyer!!!
Ok, that is the lesson for the day. I hope you can get in on the reach deal, even more than once this week and get your family some good dental tools for months to come.
You can find coupons for these products in the past Sunday paper Smart Source insert:

Reach Floss and Reach Toothbrush and Listerine Antiseptic $3/3 SS 3/15
Reach Floss and/or Reach Toothbrush and/or Listerine Antiseptic $1.50/2 SS 3/15
Reach Floss or Toothbrush or Listerine .50 SS 3/15

these additional coupons you can use:

Reach Toothbrush or Ultraclean Dental Floss or Efferdent 76 ct or lrgr $1 RP 2/8
Listerine 500 ml+ or 24ct+ PocketPaks .50 RP 2/8

Remember, Walgreens deal. The price is 3 items for $9. You will get $6 back. So your cost, without any coupons, is $3 for 3 items!! A good deal! Coupons will make this deal cheaper or free, depending on what you have!!! Good luck and happy shopping!

Tracey C.

CHEAP Quaker @ Target!! Run!! Hurry! Don't miss!

Target special this week through saturday the 21st of March.... buy 5
qualifying Quaker products and get a $5 Target Gift card (my store just deducts it from your total). Includes at my store: all instant oatmeal boxes (weight control, simple harvest, plain, etc.) $2.50 each... includes the fiber granola bars, the true delights bars, the breakfast squares, life cereal (all of these are $2.50 at my store..except the regular granola bars are $2..just buy 5. I have $1/1 coupons for oatmeals and bars, but not regular bars, not for the life (have $1/2). Here are the coupon inserts you may find Quaker coupons from thanks to for the info.. I have an online subscription and recommend you check out their site! There are coupon databases, chat deals (huge resource!), refund lists and offers, printable coupons, store deals, doing refunding for 29 years, the owner, Michele Easter really knows her stuff! Here's the list:

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars .75/2 RP 3/8
Quaker Fiber and Omega 3 Chewy Oat Granola Bars $1 on any RP 2/8 RP 2/8
Quaker High Fiber Instant Oatmeal $1 RP 1/4
Quaker Instant Oatmeal .70 RP 1/4
Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Quick or Old Fashioned Oats $1/2 RP 2/8
Quaker Life Cereal $1 on 2 boxes RP 1/4
Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal 16 oz.+ .50 RP 1/4
Quaker Oatmeal to Go Breakfast Bars .55 RP 1/4
Quaker Old Fashioned or Quick Oats 18 oz.+ .60 RP 1/4
Quaker Rice Snack products $1 RP 1/18
Quaker simple harvest all natural multi-grain chewy granola bars $1 RP 2/1
Quaker True Delights Granola Bars $1 RP 1/4
Quaker True Delights Granola Bars, $1.00 RP 3/1

If your store is like mine, you can do more than one deal in seperate transactions. You can gather your coupons and then load say, 2 deals (10 items) in your cart.. place all items on checkout belt with divider between (or YOU) and say I want to ring these seperate please..simple as that! Since my store doesn't give a card, just deducts, there is no hassle. With 5 items at $2.50.. all with $1/1 coupons my total is $7.50 - $5 gc offer is $2.50 plus tax (if applicable). That is around $.50 a box!!! AWESOME!! I am going to stock up like MAD! It is ok if my budget takes a hit on this because we eat lots of oatmeal and granola bars around here and this stuff will last! I may throw in a couple boxes of life cereal in one or two transactions and the cereal will end up being $1 a box ($2.50 x 5 = $12.50 - $1/2 - $1/1 (3) - $5 gc offer = $3.50 or $.70 each item avg. If you have something to buy that uses a coupon with overage, you can do even better.

BONUS: I hear the quaker rice snacks are only $2.. if you have the $1/1 coupons from (see above insert listings) insert, you can get 5 for $10 minus $5 in coupons = $5 minus the $5 gc offer = FREE! :) Add an oatmeal or two and you have some cheap snacks and breakfast!!

BONUS 2: Please see my pics! LOOK for the oatmeal with the $4 in coupons inside printed on front!! Inside you will find:
  1. $1/2 any LIFE CEREAL
  2. $1/2 any Instant Oatmeal
  3. $1/2 any chewy granola bars (on sale for $2?? get 4 boxes and a quaker oatmeal (if you have $1/1 coupons) or fiber bars... $2 x 4 = $8 plus $2.50 = $10.50 minus $3 in coupons (2 @ $1/2 and 1 @ $1/1) is $7.50 minus the $5 gc offer is a $2.50 final cost! And you can keep cutting coupons from the oatmeal box if you get those!
  4. $1/1 any oatmeal squares cereal
BONUS 3: Please see my pics! The SIMPLE HARVEST oatmeal (maple brown sugar) had a $1/1 ANY simple harvest BARS OR OATMEAL coupon inside!! I can't guarantee yours will, but what a great way to do more deals!!!

I hope everyone gets lots of great Quaker using this deal, this is the perfect thing to stock up on for your family if you eat instant oatmeal or rice snacks or granola bars... I know some use the plain oats and eat really cheaply..but I like the many quaker flavors and I love getting it for $.50 a box!!! I will get as many as I can.. why pay $3.99 (FULL PRICE) on this stuff? Why pay $2.99 or even $2.50 or even the sometimes GREAT sale price of $1.99? You can save a bundle on this sale, so grab a friend or two and get going!

PS- I also finally used my printable $.55/1 Motts coupon and the Target $1/1 (or was it the other way around?) and got my applesauce for around $.40 for six. I also gave in to my twin daughters (I mean we, errr.. me) when they freaked over caramel marshmallows!! WT?? Ok, these smell SO strong (in a good way to me) that I could smell them in the bag all the way through the store. If I were preggers I would now crave these little puppies for 9 months.. delicious!! I will update my budget (lots of updates, just no time!) very soon! Go! Go! Go shop!

Tracey C.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More good Mail...

Good mail again... I got notice that my Wags Feb. Rebates were reloaded onto my card. I've been checking, but nice to receive notification of my $77plus rebate. Now I can get the March rebate items on my card! (and some chocolate..errrr, I mean milk)!!

I also received my Gillette rebate in the form of a coupon good for one FREE shampoo, conditioner or styler (mens), nice! I sent for this after getting several shampoos for free after coupons and ECB at CVS.

This coupon and my free Kashi entree will help me get my total up at Publix when I use a $5 off $30 competitor coupon...that is about $8 worth of product or more right there! :) If I add in a NEW mail in rebate (I haven't done Oraganix yet for instance, though I think they are b1g1f at Winn Dixie if I can get over there before the sale ends).

Also..don't forget to check your yellow pages type books for coupons hidden inside! :)

Have fun!
Tracey C.

Target get Mott's Applesauce for $.22 or Less!

Thanks to It's Hip to Save for this great deal at Target! Be sure to head over to her site to check out all the great freebies, clearance deals and monthly rebate deals at Walgreens too! GREAT info!!!

Mott's Applesauce 4-6 packs are priced around $1.77 each (this price may vary up or down a little). Use the $1 Target coupon from here, plus use the .55 Mott's coupon from here. You should be able to print two coupons per computer. Final cost ONLY .22 per pack!

CHEAP Huggies Diapers @ Walgreens!!!

Have you heard? Do you have a child in diapers? Do you have 2? Maybe even 3 or more? Then listen!

Walgreens is having a sale on Huggies Diapers for $10 (sizes/type vary, see ad for details). You can print out $5 and $3 coupons
HERE. Once you print, hit the back button on your browser and print again, or just go back and click those coupons and print can print twice. Do you have 2 printers? You should be able to print twice from each printer. Does Mom or Dad or Best friend (without a kid in dipes) have a printer? Ask them to print these for you also, TWICE each!

Now, you need to spend $25 on huggies diapers and/or wipes (see ad for details) and you will then get the register's catalina coupon machine to print out a $10 RR. (like instant rebate or cash back, but you must usually spend it in Walgreens, unless a store near you takes them as competitor coupons, like some Publix do).

So, you can buy 3 packs at $10 each or $30 total, use the printable $5 coupon (maybe 3 times) and $30 - $15 = $15 get back $10 RR = 3 pack of diapers as low as $5!!! Or you may only be able to use the $3 coupon for the diapers you need (the coupons are for different types), then $30 - $9= $21 - $10 RR coupon back = $11 cost or $3. 67 or so each pack! Of course, you can mix and match diapers and wipes to get to $25, then various appropriate coupons, then get $10 back in RR. You can do the deal AGAIN, but DO NOT USE THE $10 RR to PAY!! This will prevent the machine from printing a NEW $10 coupon. So use gift cards, or other RR (like the $2 vaseline lotion, or $3.50 colgate RR) to pay.

Again, you can do multiple deals, ONLY 1 at a time, Do not pay with Huggies RR or a new coupon will not print!!!

Go on! Go get some cheap diapers!!! Hurry before the printable Huggies coupon is gone!

PS_ if you miss the Walgreens deal this week, you can still use that coupon for great deals! Use it with a Babies R Us coupon (they take a store & a manufacturer coupon together), or at Target for one of their gift card deals...etc. It's a great coupon to print... You can even buy diapers for a baby shower!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Vent Fresh Car Freshener Rebate RECEIVED!

Today I received a rebate check in the mail for $4.99 from my Vent Fresh Elite purchase!! (this is the Walgreens car vent freshener) That is $4.99 back into my budget! Yay!

$659.42 + $4.99 = $664.41 left in budget

More FREE Dove at Walgreens (get paid!)

Walgreens + Dove + Coupons = Free Product & $$$

Transaction #1: Vaseline Rescue lotion, on sale 25% off = $2.69 - $1.50 coupon = $1.38 (taxed) OOP. Got back $2 RR. $.62 PROFIT

Transaction #2:
  1. 1 Gallon Milk- $2.79
  2. 7 travel sized dove deodorants .99 each. Used 3 $1.50/2 manufacturer coupons from 1/18 RP (I would have bought one more but 7 is all they had left)
  3. 1 bar of dove regular sized soap $1.59 (use the Wags in ad $.99 coupon, I FORGOT!! had kids with me!) GOT BACK $10 RR for buying 8 Dove products! $8.52 (w/out tax) minus $4.50 in coupons = $4.02 cost = $5.98 PROFIT. Would have been higher if I used the in ad coupon!
  4. 2 Sambucol cld & flu $12.99 - $10/1 Easy Saver Q (wags rebate booklet) - two $4/1 printable Sambucol coupons. $2.02 overage as they took off full amount of manufacturer coupons. PROFIT
  5. Nutrisse H/C on clearance $3.19. Used a $2/1 Garnier man. coupon AND the $2/1 ES Q and got $.81 overage toward total. PROFIT
  6. Vaseline Lotion Cocoa Butter 10oz $2.69 (on sale- $1.25/1 man coupon (1/18 RP) (get back $2 RR)
  7. Colgate Max Fresh t/p 6 oz sale $3.29 (get back $3.50 RR) no coupon on this
  8. Colgate Advance Total (w/bonus trial size tp) 4oz $3.49- $2.50/1 ES Q & $1/1 man. Q (from Publix Health booklet) FREE
  9. HEY! She charged me TWICE for MILK!! See! I don't pay close attention with kids with me and a line of people behind me! That is $2.79 they need to refund me, and $.60 I didnt get for my dove soap! EEEEK!!! OK..OK...OK.. lets move on!
I used a $6 Catalina Coupon and my total OOP was $6.92. I got back $15.50 in Catalina coupons. I will get back another $2.79 for my milk! (humph!) So my REAL OOP for this transaction is $4.13 considering I didn't buy 2 milks!! I also like to consider my Catalinas used as I used $10.13 to pay and got back $ I made an increase of $5.37 + $.62 from 1st transaction = $5.99!!! ALL that great product for FREE (including my milk!) and a profit on top of that! ALSO I discovered that one of my Publix stores TAKES catalina as a competitor coupon! So I can directly translate my savings to my grocery bill! Awesome!!!

So, TOTAL OOP (for both transactions) is $5.51
Tracey C.
$659.42 left in budget

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Scott Toilet Paper at Albertsons with coupon!

Scott 4 roll pack is on sale for $1 this week at Albertson's and there was a $1 off coupon in the 2/8 Smart Source insert. If you have multiple coupons, you can stock up like me! Cheap toilet paper is hard to come by around here, so I love this sale when it comes around and I have been saving my coupons! FREE TP!!! Whoo Hooo!
Thanks to Amy over at Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? for reminding me to post about this!

Cheap CARDS at Walgreens!

Today I noticed a deal on BOXED CARDS at Walgreens. If you look in their ad, you will see that the cards are normally 2/$3 ($1.99 each reg price) for a box of 12 cards. On sale for b1g1f so 2/$1.99 with in ad coupon!! 4 different designs in each box. Great price! I really fell in love with the blank cards, see pic, but they also have sympathy, friendship, get well and birthday that I saw. I like the blank ones because they are pretty, sort of retro and funky, which I like, and BLANK! I can make it any kind of card I want to! Thank you, hello, birthday, whatever. Also great for business if you are small or personal. A nice way to send a thank you without spending an arm and a leg to do so. Great deal at only $1 a box of 12!!! Check it out!


Tracey C.

Cheap Powerbar at Walgreens! FREE DOVE!

Today at Walgreens I found an unadvertised Catalina (at least in my area) deal on Powerbar, later I found one of those tags that shows a Catalina deal underneath the Powerbars, but this was another store. Apparently, if you buy 3 powerbars you get a $1 RR at checkout. The reason I discovered this was because the Smoothie bars were on clearance for $.47 and I thought I'd grab a few for my husband to have on hand at work. Not realizing there was a Catalina deal, and not realizing you needed to buy 3 to get the RR, I got lucky! So, for $.47 + $.47 + $.47 = $1.41 - $1.00 RR = final adjusted cost is $.41 for 3! Now I need to see if I can find some coupons!

Look for the orange clearance stickers..and if your store doesn't have them, maybe get a price check to see. Both stores I shopped at had the bars marked at clearance price, one in Orange, one in Strawberry (smoothie kind only), but at one store they rang up full price. Because they were marked, it was not a problem sorting it out, but keep your eyes open when they are ringing up clearance items! I am posting a photo to show you the bars.

Also included is the SUPER DOVE SOAP deal!

Haven't heard? Dove bars are only $.99 each with in ad coupon (weekly circular)! Great price you say? Well, how about this? I got 8 bars for about $8 and got back $10 RR!! If you can buy 8 of them, you will get back a $10 RR from DOVE!! WOW! Now, you may not get all 8 at the $.99 cent price because the store states a LIMIT OF 4 at this price, but the coupon will take the amount off of all 8. If your store sets a limit, tell them you would like to get 8 anyway, even if 4 are full price (I think $1.59?) because for around $11 or so dollars (prices may vary) you get 8 bars of soap and $10 back! So worth it! If you haven't done this, don't be surprised though if you YOUR STORE SELLS OUT of the single bars! 8 is alot! Anyway, I found one store with around 12 in stock and another with 0. The $10 will work with shampoo/cond/styler too I think, but those are full price at my store for $4.49 or more and not worth it~ Even with the $1.50/1 Unilever coupons. Maybe next week..

Also, I did some Publix/Wags shopping for other things.. $.20 poptarts, more Smart Start Cereal b1g1f (my hubbies favorite) and a free 4pack danactives..some bulk onions on sale, and I SPLURGED on Doritos (b1g1f), some whipped cream cheese, some sushi and some treats for the girls. I did several store runs but will just put my new balance..too tired to add all the details! I did buy another rebate item to mail in. Not my best day of shopping for sure, but I did get some great deals!

Tracey C.
$664.93 left in budget

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$5 Huggies Coupon printable

Use Huggies Diapers? Thanks to and the email link HERE to print a $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care Product expires 4/2 (mine did anyway) and ALSO a $3/1 Huggies natural fit product (diapers on both I'm assuming, but could it include wipes for the gentle care? I dont know!)

I checked the huggies boxes, printed, closed the browser window and clicked on the link again to print twice. These go to a friend since I do not use diapers anymore. Praises and joy!

Hope you can use these! Hurry, these disappear fast when enough people have printed!

Tracey C.

Rebates Received!

I need to record these rebate checks I received (was busy weekend, sorry for not updating sooner!)
  1. Vitamin shampoo rebate of $6.99 recd 2/25 709.68 + $6.99 = $716.67
  2. Theraflu rebate (I had to resubmit, but got it) recd 2/28 add $3.00 = $719.67
$719.67 left in budget!

Monday, March 2, 2009

FREE Walgreens Stuff!! FREEEEE!!!

Walgreens. Free Stuff. I like! I must say, it was a total MESS though! Sigh!
But, lest I complain about my great deal and wonderful savings, I must praise the wonderful employees at the Walgreens I went to! Miss Liz was AMAZINGLY patient and nice (my cashier) and Mr. Edward was exceedingly pleasant to deal with and helped me by solving my problems quickly and with a smile. How REFRESHING! How nice! Plus, it was not their fault I had issues! It was partially mine, partially the ads posted on the shelves, but here it is:

I bought several things. The REACH toothbrush must be the new one, it was not, but there were coupons taped over the price/description and over the two rows of toothbrushes, so I ASSUMED they were the right one. This was Problem #1. Hair color for the Loreal Match, shows a coupon underneath the boxes for $2/1 using the ES coupon. I could NOT find an easy saver coupon for this product. I looked, the cashier looked, mr. manager looked. NOPE. Finally, he just told her to adjust the price to reflect a $2 savings. Problem #2. BLINK eye drops/tears had the same sale stickers over the tags for 2 rows of products, so I just looked at pics in ad. Mistake. I picked up the bonus box, as it was marked on sale and with RR. I was NOT. NO RR PRINTED. Problem #3. Of course, 2 problems not discovered until I was checking out, RR one once I was done and had to go back in!

Look at the pics! I got all that you see pictured for $22.58. Which seemed high. I saw that I was charged $14.99 for the BLINK, because it was the wrong product! I took it back inside and Mr. Edward found that they had NO product that matched. SO, he said, I'll fix it and exchange it and give you a coupon anyway. OK>>>> Not sure what he was gonna do, but he exchanged the big for the small (not the right one) and I was refunded $7.50 CASH. So $22.58-$7.50 = $15.08 OOP for this shop.

  • 2 BIG bags Hershey Mixed/Assort 2/$7 -$3/2 ESC-$2/2 Manufacturer Q SS 1/25
  • Disney Water Color Paintset (now we have 2!) $1.59 clearance
  • Blink Tears (bonus pack of 2 .05oz) $14.99 WRONG one! Exchanged for smaller (still wrong), got back $7.50 and received the $8 RR which the manager had to key in. Left w/out the blink! But whatever, I think I still got my $2/1 amount off my check so I'll get some blink later! $2/1 RP 3/1 and $8 RR
  • Nice/Easy Perfect 10 Haircolor clearanced $3.59 used $5/1 coupon from P&G, which they adjusted to $3.59, free
  • Mylanta Ultra Mint 12oz clearanced to $1.89 FREE with $2/1 ESC
  • Balsam 600 haircolor clearance $1.29 used P&G clairol $2/1 any
  • Nutrisse h/c clearance $3.19, $2/1 ESC (booklet) and RP 2/8 $2/1 Garnier
  • Colgate Max $3.29 (get $3.50 RR) used $.75/1 SS 2/22
  • Colgate Total w/bonus on sale $3.49, used ESC (booklet) $2.50/1 and $1/1 Publix Health flyer coupon (manufacturer coupon, not a publix coupon) = free
  • Sambucol $12.99, used $10/1 ESC and $4/1 from printable
  • Vaseline INtensive Care 10oz lotion sale $2.69 used $1.50/1 RP 1/18 & got back $2 RR (only can do ONE of these at a time,a nd if you pay with the register reward you earn, you will not get a new one! Pay a different way if you want to do the deal more than once!)
  • Reach Ult Clean toothbrush (wrong one) $3.49, price adjusted to the $.99 in ad coupon price, got 3 for $.99 and used 3 of the $1/1 RP 2/8 coupons
  • 24:7 energy drink 2/$3 got two no sale for hubby
  • Loreal Natural Match 7W clearance $4.19 price adjusted to $2.19 couldnt find ESC, and used a $2/1 RP 3/1 any natural match Q
  • BIC mechanical pencil (HAD A PEELIE TMF rebate on it!) Added this in because I'm doing all the rebates for free products I can items are fun!! $4.99 and will mail in. I did not do any Wags rebate items on this receipt, so I can use it to mail in for my pencil!
Ok, after ALLLLLL that, including my $7.50 refund back, I spent $15.08 OOP AND I used one $6 RR from the Gillette Gamer/Fusion razor deal last week. I got back $8 RR (blink), $3 RR (I have no idea!!), $3.50 RR and a $2 RR (vaseline), and also my $4.99 Free after Rebate Bic. So I come out with $16.50 RR's and $4.99 cash rebate, about a .50 profit which will be eaten by my rebate stamp. So, ALL FREE!!!!WOW WOWOW WOWOW!! Whoo Hoo! I didn't even MEAN to do this, I just attract the freebies! :)

Ok, so let's discover what the unknown $3 RR was for. Perhaps the Mylanta? It says, thanks from McNeil-PPC, Inc. Let me go look. Ok, I was wrong, this was from the REACH toothbrushes! I got the wrong ones for the ad price (they were priced/tagged wrong), they price adjusted, and I got them free, I didn't realize there was a deal, but in the ad it says buy 3, get $3 RR. Solved!

Tracey C.
$724.76-$15.08 OOP= $709.68 left in budget!

CVS run Sunday

Dropped into CVS to get some milk, and SCANNED my CVS Extra Care Card FIRST! Always do this! Anyway, got a $5/$20 CVS brand coupon. OK, hmm, I can wait and use this, or just use it now. I had no coupons with me, just my ECB, my card and a CVS gift card for $25. I am almost out of Toilet paper. OH NO! So, perfect timing, even if not free.

I got my starbucks $45 and my 2 $45 CVS gift cards in the mail on friday. Very Good! So fast for a reward from our Credit Card!! I still have about $60 in reward to redeem too! Nice!

Anyway, I decided to get some tp and to get my total to $20 (milk is now TG Lee, used to be CVS brand I think) I added the FREE after ECB monthly Vitamin D 400 100count for $2.99, 1 CVS bleach for $2.39 and 2 12pk premium CVS tp for $7.49 each. Not on sale, I know, but $5 off! good enough for me, plus I make money on ECB items all the time, so using them towards this, and my free gift card, is what keeps me from spending out of pocket on these items!

I also got 2 nestle candy bars on sale 2 for $1 and my milk for $3.29.

COUPONS: $5/$20 CVS brand purchase coupon, $3 ECB, $5 ECB.
TOTAL after coupons: $12.02 w/tax, which I paid on a GC. $0 OOP
ECB received $2.99
No pic.

$724.76 left in budget


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