Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CVS Good Deals Today!

I went to CVS today to look around for a few deals. We are in the "test" market, whatever that means. It means to ME that I don't get some of the ECB deals most other people are getting. Some decent sales though. I spent $4.14 on my CVS gift card. ZERO OOP. Look for the Johnson & Johnson bandages with NEOSPORIN. Look at my pic: These are in the monthly ECB ad on page 3. These I happened across, wasn't looking for. They had $2/1 PEELIE on the box! LIMIT of 5 so go get em! These were FREE after ECB. I also got:
  • EXTREME Energy 6 hour shot 2pk for $4.99 (FREE after ECB)
  • EARinse for $7.99 and FREE after ECB
  • 1 box 36 count Orange CVS brand chewable Asprin 81mg strength. $1.99 FREE after ECB
NOTE on the Asprin: The ad on FRONT page of the extra value book shows CHILDRENS CHEWABLE, but Look closely at my photo (click to enlarge it). Mine were ADULT low dose. It is the same product and the numbers on the shelf for the sale item (childrens) and mine were identical, so look for this. Compare the "orange sale tag" on the shelfs number to the box number if you must. I almost walked away, but thought I'd check. One worker said it was wrong box, but the other checked the upc and said it should work. I was their trial and it gave me my ECB.
  • 6 CANS of Campbells Condensed Soup (tomato and chick noodle) I used 2 of the $.40/3 coupons for a better deal than the 2/$1 sale price.
  • 3 ROLLS CVS toilet paper single rolls on sale 3/$1.00
  • LOOK FOR IT***** The ZICAM in the pic was on a hanging end cap in a cardboard display and stated "FREE Trial Size" and has 4 doses. CHECK my pics. There is no bar code on the product, it is FREE!
My total was $4.14 and I paid with GIFT CARD. Zero OOP. I also used an $8.00 ECB and a $15.00 ECB but I got back $7.99 (earinse), $9.00 (J&J $3 each), $1.99 Asprin, $4.99 (energy shots) I'm looking for more Zicam FREE and more J & J bandages w/ $2 peelie coupons. Not sure if ECB printing for the L'oreal Revitalift cleansers. They are not advertised, but I'm not positive they aren't working here or if they are just not advertised. I may try it out. If anyone knows if they are working in the TEST zone (FL), let me know!


Tracey C.
$906.31 left in budget

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