Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pizza Night Friday

I am posting this late, but showing a frugal find!

Our friends who own La Familia, an awesome Cuban restaurant, gave us some left-over Cuban bread at close on Friday. (they close on weekends and head back to Tampa). We used it that night to make pizza! Used my cheap (still had some Ragu from jar we opened 2 dinners ago, but opened a new jar too, maybe 1/4 of a jar used) Ragu .37 JAR and some of my unfrozen cheese shred that I purchased in Nov or Oct that was in our deep freeze. We cut some of the Hickory Farm Turkey Sausage up, about a 10th of one s
ausage (I used some Ham cubes from that order too) and made pizza. The girls just wanted sauce, cheese and a little oregano on top, I wanted meat! NOTE about bread: First, pre-heat oven to 350 or so. Next, spray with a little Pam (I used the organic olive oil spray I got on sale for $.99 at Publix) and slide into oven on cookie sheet to toast a little before adding your ingredients. Unless you like a soft (soggy to me) pizza! This firms up the bread and makes it nice and crunchy! YUMMY!

Isn't my family adorable? :) Cost of meal ran us around $2.50 (I think I got the cheese on sale for $1.50 or $2, wasn't keeping track, but always bought on sale) for all of us. And was DELISH!


  1. Thanks for such a great idea. I have some of that Hickory Farms sausage and now know what to do with it.

  2. Precious, you can also make a sausage, bean and rice dish. Spicy, cajun or just simple. I haven't done it yet, but I will soon! Also the sausage makes a super yummy sausage and bean cuban style soup. (A friend makes this and I will try to get the recipe. Otherwise google spanish bean soup maybe? Its superb with hot crusty buttery bread!)
    Tracey C.



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