Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winn Dixie Unplanned trip (don't try this at home)

So. In a mad dash of desperation to the store for salad. (for salad?) Me. No coupons. (DUH saster!) I mean, I got a mini loaf Italian bread (impulse), Eggo Lego waffles clearance $1.39 (impulse), pre-made salad because ALL of the sale salad was gone and everything else was over $3.00!! (no pulse!). It was $2.39 for the salad, at least it had cheese, egg and toms in it too!

Why? I am placing dinner on the table and open the bag of salad from our fridge to find it (the salad) not so fresh..uh, not even for the rabbits ok? (repulse) So dinner is ready (just mac/cheese/tuna thingy), kids are sitting down, and salad, which is their veggie, is not happening. OH NO you don't! We are HAVING SALAD! Whatever. We don't even EAT salad that much, I was just freaking out... or something.

So. I....

Run to store, get new salad. See waffles (why am I even LOOKING in the frozen section? Why?), clearance, OH! Lego Waffles, how fun! We can build things. Because, you know, I have LOTS of free time in the morning with the girls before school. So giving them something to DISTRACT them on PURPOSE is like walking into idiot-ville with a can-do attitude. DUH mb.
Oh, and lets not forget the Tuna fillet I bought on sale (did I say SALE? I could buy $30 worth of food for $1.99 if I really tried! Really!! I CAN!) for $1.99 (for ONE sad pouch) for my oldest because, "I don't like macaroni and cheeeeeeeessssssssseee.. can't I just have salad?"


Cuz, she will do that. She will really eat just salad and be satisfied. She won't even ASK me 20 minutes later if she can eat something because she is starving. Sure!

So. I got it. The pouch. She loves them. Im a sucker.

Oh and some BAN NA NAS. Which we actually could use and were on sale for .69lb. Total OOP? $8.83.

No coupons,
No rebates,
No amazing sales.
Sometimes.........I just buy stuff at almost full price. .. then I feel guilty for about 2 weeks. I see the coupons I could have used, I dream of them, I cry a little into my pillow. But you can't ever hear me.

At least I have my Starbucks chocolate!

Night Night
Tracey C.
$795.99- $8.83 oop = $787.16 left in budget (don't look at me like that!)


  1. You are too funny! May I suggest getting this Tupperware salad keeper thingy? No I swear I don't sell Tupperware but I got it like two years ago and it has a vent thing on it and my bagged salad lasts for weeks, seriously! Since you don't eat salad that often it might be worth a try and no more "impulse" trips to the store for it!

  2. I'm just laughing! I have been reading your blog for sometime and this one is cracking me's normal to do the things you did...we can't be perfect every time!! ha! ha!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi Tracey! I need your address as you won 'consolation' in my little Aussie giveaway. It has taken me TOO long to ask you for this, so forgive me!!! But, if you send it, I will post in all on Tuesday.

    I agree, this post is funny... Although, I know it doesn't feel so at the time!!!

  4. Wow! I found my way here from Extreme Housewife. I must say that this is a very very lofty goal! What an interesting challenge to embark on.
    Bless you in this. I will for sure be following your blog.

  5. I know I am behind in posting a comment but I love this post. Makes me feel better really. I too have the WORST feeling about buying things in a rush and KNOWING I am paying too much.
    Today I bought hamburger helpwe (yeah I know) and couldn't lay hands on even one of the millions of coupons for this I have had. I luckily had a cellfire but dang it... I should have saved at least $.75 more cents.



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