Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FREE Diet (or not) Dr. Pepper

If you haven't seen the good deal on getting a FREE coupon for Dr. Pepper, go HERE and get it! You must register and choose between a free 20 ounce or a free 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. The coupon I saw said Diet OR Regular though, so if you don't do diet, try it anyway! You can always trade the free coupon for something you really want! Slurp!


  1. I got my coupon and hubby got one, too. I went to CVS to use them and they had only 1 2 liter of Diet DP on the shelf. LOL! I guess everyone else used theirs already.

    Oh well, I can use it when I go to Kroger or Walgreens.

    Free is good!

  2. Hi buddy,
    This post is dedicated to you :
    Your buddy Jamy

  3. Frances, FREE is VERY good! :)



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