Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walgreens Rebate Motor Oil

Today at Wags I got my Hubby some of the Shell Motor Oil that is in the February Easy Saver Rebate catalog. Only a few days left to get those Feb. items everyone! You have to buy 4 to get the $5 rebate. Mine were $3.59 each. I bought 4 and also 2 Starbucks chocolates for $10 for 2. I used the ES rebate coupon (from the book) to get $6 off 2. I then used 2 of the blinkie $1/1 coupons for an additional $2 off. I then used a $6 catalina (fusion) and a $1 catalina (exedrin). I would not normally use my budget money to get something like motor oil, and def not my catalinas! But sometimes I like to do that anyway. My total OOP was $11.00 but only $2 of that will count from my budget (for my evil chocolate craving). And while I "gave" my $7 in catalinas to the motor oil for our van, I will get back $5.50 in rebates. It all works out in the wash and it saves us money on something we need anyway.

My hubby had accumulated some serious points on one of his credit cards..enough for me to get a $45 starbucks and $90 in CVS gift cards!!! Whoo Hoo! Hopefully they come faster than my Target MyPoints reward came (took about 8 weeks). I can use that! I also sold some coupons on ebay..actually, because coupons have no cash value, what you are really selling is your service/time in locating, clipping and posting the coupons. Anyway...
I had the Alpo free can coupons and I can't use them since our Pooch only has dry food (per vet recommendations), so I did a buy it now for $6.50 for 15 (value of up to $20+), plus $1.00 shipping (gas, stamp, envie, ). I just put them at the price that they were selling for, a little less than the higher ones. I have to subtract my ebay and paypal fees, but it should be around $4 profit I can add to my budget once I figure it out. It isn't much, but that's some toilet paper!

I don't sell my coupon clipping service very often, because it can be so time consuming. Sometimes you get burned on the fees and because I don't have enough coupons to make it profitable, I don't even bother usually. But these free coupons are worth money to people, just like some free coupons are worth money to me.. so I'd rather earn a little on those!

Anyway, if you don't want to bother with something like that, free coupons like the Alpo from the 2/8 RedPlum insert have a high trade value. Do you need the Angel Soft coupons bad? You can trade the dog food for the toilet paper. Someone wants those dog food coupons and has extra Angel Soft! There are lots of good trading spots like Refund Cents (pay per subscription, but they have lots of goodies, I use them too), A Full Cup, Coupon World (I think)...others. So don't throw those coupons away! And you can always share them with a friend who does need them! OR you can redeem them and donate to a shelter. Extra shampoo, womens needs to a maternity, abuse or rehab shelter or home will be welcome. Extra pet food, litter, treats to a local pet shelter or rescue organization. Your church may have a pantry or "closet" for helping otu memebers of the church or community. And of course food shelters are in dire need right now too, so you can always share your extras. If you find you have 30 toothpastes, you can save for a yard sale, or you can keep what you need and share the rest with others... :) Blessings!

Tracey C.

OOP $2.00
$772.85- $2.00= $770.85 left in budget

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