Saturday, January 31, 2009

Teddy Bear Cake! Cake Roundup!

Cake Roundup!

One more cake to show! Thanks to Life as Mom:
Birthday Cake Roundup blog page!! Go see the fabulous cakes that everyone submitted to this roundup, they are pretty amazing cakes! And such great ideas too!

This cake was for my daughter's Build a Bear party. I wanted something personal for each kid. So I decided to tackle the wedding cake type tier, served on individual plates, etc. THIS WAS VERY TIME CONSUMING. But if I had to do it over again, I would!! I would just choose a different method. I used pound cake and cut out the shapes by hand (used a plate template I think). Anyway, next time, I would try a sheet cake, and I would cut out my circles/layers, then cut that in TWO lengthwise. It would take several cakes, depending on your method, but so worth it! I made chocolate-rasp frosting that was thin so I could POUR it over the cakes... and added a chocolate molded teddy bear (used candy melts). I made some HOT PINK frosting and piped it all around. I stacked the cakes on tiny CAKE rounds and served them like that. They looked SO CUTE!!! The kids liked them and so did I! One of my favorite Birthday cakes so far. You can see my Shark Attack cake and Mine and my Daughters PICNIC cake for sweet Dad! Fun fun fun! Which of the three I posted is YOUR favorite? Leave a comment and tell me please, I'm curious to know!

Tracey C.

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