Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I just KILLED my budget!!! LOL!

Oh no! I just made a purchase that basically killed my budget!! Here's what happened... On Refund Cents (www.RefundCents.com) someone posted about a sale at Hickory Farms of 75% off regular prices, PLUS 15% off of your order with code CLIPPER. So over I went. THIS is what happens when you are sick at home, mostly in bed for over 7 days, you get a little crazy for a deal! I ordered the following:

  • 2 Preslice Boneless Hams: Net Wt. 5.5 - 6 lb. Serves 16-18. GIFT# 7670 PRICE $45.00 SALE $11.25
  • Ham Smokehouse Collection: Net Wt. 2.2 lbs. GIFT# 12825 PRICE $30.00 SALE $7.50
  • Turkey Sampler: Net Wt. 1.0 lbs. GIFT# 11877 PRICE $15.00 SALE $3.75
  • 2 King Comice Pears: Net Wt. 13 lbs GIFT# 20003 PRICE $50.00 SALE $12.50
    Available for delivery October through December (So, will I get this?)
  • Finest Fudge: Net Wt. 19 oz. GIFT# 7916 PRICE $22.00 SALE $5.50
  • Cookie Bliss Tin: Net Wt. 4.5 lbs. GIFT# 7322 PRICE $22.00 SALE $5.50
  • 1 Cheese Trio box: Net Wt. .7 lbs. GIFT# 7174 PRICE $15.00 SALE $3.75
  • 1 all day celebration gift box: Net Wt. 6.4 lbs. GIFT# 12711 PRICE $75.00 SALE $18.75

Shipping for all of this was a whopping: $ 20.99 (tax was $2.09 and my discount was $14.66 off my order). I also added a $1 to donate to Share Our Strength. Grand total of $107.18!!! OUCH!!

My husband advised me that since this w
as food, it obviously had to come out of our budget! I tried to get around it, saying, but it's a gift for our family, or maybe it's under crazy sick lady expenditures.. but none of it would fly! LOL!

Anyway, we are trying to be real here, so this has to be included! Since I was contemplating a $800 budget like Jane4Girls, I guess this makes me a little closer to that! In addition, because I plan to add ebay sales to my budget (only of things I use my budget to buy), I think this allows me some room to get my amount high again. Some may agree, some may not, but this will work for us I hope! Especially since none of our stores double!
I plan to cut and portion everything once we get it. I really hope we get the pears! The website says only avail til Dec, so why are they still selling? We shall see.

I will freeze portions for our meals and we can see how far this goes! Sausage for beans and rice, egg mix-ins, pizza toppings, etc. Ham for a billion things, cheese same thing. I even plan to freeze the cookies and portion them out for the family! So, let me know what you think? Was it a total waste or will time tell? Let this be a lesson to you guys! (and let me know if you do the same!) Hopefully out and about tomorrow...

Tracey C.
$1200 budget

$1091.22 left in budget


  1. Tracey, I think is sounds like you got a lot of food for your money! Especially at Hickory Farms. I am sure you will make it last a while.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. OMG I had to find your blog now??? On this post??? LOL Yes I too went and lost my little mind over at Hickory Farms. Not quite as *bad* as you did but still.. lol
    40.08 final total.
    These are GREAT deals so thank you for linking about it.. Wonder if Harry and David's is doing anything like this... lol

  3. Frances and MomIsCrazy thanks for the vote of confidence (sort of!). Yes, I went a little nuts, but I promise, I had tortes and petite fours in my bag before I thought, what kind of dinner would those make? I kept the cookies though because they can last and I can freeze! I think I can make a LOT of things with the food, but lets wait and see how it goes! They were great deals! Not free of course, but I never get meat free anyway unless it's a try me free rebate!!
    Tracey C.

  4. I wish they shipped to Canada, I would have done the same!
    The all day celebration pack and cheese looked like wonderful deals...I would have bought them in a flash!
    And you are starting with a certain amount $1200 and working backwards....So as long you do all right with E-bay you'll make it.
    I am trying to spend only $50 a week and adding what ever I don't spend onto the next week... I will also add surveys and point cards etc. Trying to "grow" the money... I am starting with a full pantry though. So far I am on track BUT it has only been less than two weeks LOL.
    You got some great deals!
    Glad you are feeling better.



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