Thursday, January 15, 2009

CVS Final Christmas Clearance (Olay & Vitamin Shampoo too!)

From tuesday, again, late posting..I'll catch up! I had to hit CVS one more time with the 90% off Christmas stuff! Well, truth be told, I hit about 5 stores..or was it 4? I won't detail what I's all fluff for next year and now I'm done. Paper, bags, bows, boxes... a crazy amount of stuff. I also added water, crackers and toilet paper with the $3 CVS coupon from I heart CVS. WOW! What a coupon! My TOTAL spent (on my CVS gift card) was $20.81. Nothing OOP. The cool news? I got some Olay Definity mousse cleansers on clearance for $5 ea and had a $3/1 and a $1/1 coupon.. so for less than $7 I qualify for the $15 gift card rebate. I just hope it isn't good only on Olay products! OY! I also got a bottle of the Vitamin shampoo for $6.99 with rebate tag around bottle neck. So, for my $20.81 on a GC I can also mail away for both rebates $15 + $6.99 = $21.99. More than I spent on my gift card! Fun! See my pics for detailed amazement. Yours of course.

Warmly! Tracey C. $1200 budget $1008.46 left in budget


  1. Great finds. Our store is 90% off too. I bought wrapping paper and some wine bags for next year.

  2. Holy deals, Batman! What a haul you got! The Christmas clearance was really slim pickings in my area. That's okay, since we didn't need anything.

  3. Wow, you did AWESOME!!! My CVS is slim pickings also. Love your blog..inspires me to get greater bargains!!
    Julie @ Kingdom Klipper

  4. Ooooh! Look at all that clearance stuff! Looks impressive in front of your backboard.

  5. Come on you guys! You are making me *blush* Thanks for the sweet encouragement..I had a blast!!

    Tracey C.



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