Monday, January 26, 2009

Fasto Easy Dinner Tonight

I did a FASTO dinner tonight. That is where you pick whatever is in the freezer that you can make the FASTEST! That happened to be the rest of the HUGE bag of Tyson honey bbq wings that we bought at Sams Club a few months back. My daughters (who are UNbelievably CUTE! Hi girls!) love love love these things! Did I mention that they inhale these? Just nuke those little things for 4-6 minutes and presto chango! FAST-O Dinner!

I added some instant red chunky potatoes, which are truly instant...and surprisingly delicious! I bought them on sale at some point and just never made them because, well, they never seemed appetizing enough. SHEESH! So I dragged them out, boiled some water, added butter and then dumped in the spuds and stirred. No kidding, potatoes were DONE. We added some butter, chives, parmesan and S & Pepper. Delish! A little Koolaid that we had in the cabinet and dinner was done.
Not the most nutritional, but nutrition does NOT matter with a Presto FASTO dinner night! So there! OH! I want to thank my friend Kim for giving us some FREE home grown grapefruit (gross, these are for my hubby) and a sweet orange. The girls had a couple of sections each for dessert! What a great way to stay on budget, free fruit!

Wow! Thanks Kim!

Tracey C.

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