Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NEW Crockpot for ME!!

Hey there! Guess what? I love crock pot cooking, but I am fairly new to it. However, I just recently in the last 6 months bought myself a 6 quart cooker that I have used a lot (for holiday chili, parties, etc.).

BUT, after reading about the yummy crock pot yogurt you can make at
Jane4Girls blog, I decided to try that recipe soon. However, after reading more, I found that Erin had found the recipe at this cool blog about Crock Pot recipes! See her blog HERE! Very cool!

Some readers suggested however that using a DIGITAL crock pot was best, so you don't, you know, burn the house down among other things while you are away during the day. So I went looking. I found this
Rival Smart Pot Crock Pot at Bed Bath & Beyond on clearance for only $24.99!! 5 1/2-quart crock-pot is ideal for feeding approximately 4-5 people, and has the capacity to cook a 5 lb. roast or 3 lb. chicken. IN ADDITION, I have had a $25 GC to BB & B for over a year just waiting for the right thing! So for just over $7 to cover shipping and tax, I have a new SMART crock pot coming my way! I'm sure I'll be making yogurt, chili and every old thing in this beauty soon! I love a good deal!

Tracey C.
$1200 budget
$1091.22 left in budget


  1. What a great gift to yourself! Hubby gave me a new crockpot for Christmas. LOL! since he is the one that does most of the cooking. It is a 3 Qt., which is the perfect size for us. Our old one worked great, but was 13 or 14 years old and we wanted one with a removable crock. Hubby was as happy about it as I was.

    I love tjhat crock pot blog!

  2. I totally want to try making yogurt!

  3. Hi Tracy! I stumbled onto your blog, some how, some way. :)

    I have the 6 qt and use it regularly. One thing to note, this particular item runs hotter than most. If a recipe calls for low 6 - 8 hours, and you plan to be out of the house, cook for only 6 hours!

    Try out parmesan chicken by following Stephanie's chicken nugget tips (layering foil with holes). My family raves about this!

    ~Allie Z



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