Saturday, January 24, 2009

Get the GoodLife 4 Cheap! Cat food that is!

Publix + Sale on GoodLife Cat food for $3.49 + Lots of $3/1 GoodLife Coupons (thank you, thank you, thank you coupon trading friends!) + 2 hungry cats (plus stray boy cat) = CHEAP cat food + Happy Cats! I have picked up 3-6 bags per trip and have made 3 trips in the past two days. I get a few bags at a time and can mix this with my other cheapie deals!
  • I also had several coupons for KRAFT mac n' cheese CRACKERS B1G1F & Publix has them B1G1F, so several free boxes!
  • Fantastic cleaners B1G1F, had 2 $1/1 coupons = $.99 for two bottles!
  • Jolly Time Popcorn is $1 a box, printed ONE $1/1 = FREE! I could have printed one more, but my printer freaked out!
  • I also have been using the $1/2 Publix coupons in their store FLYER (not the weeky ad) to get the B1G1F Rotel Diced/spiced tomatoes for only $.29 for TWO cans! You can get mild, jalapeno, w/cilantro, with green chilies...these tomatoes are awesome to just pop open and use as SALSA! Or they make great chili! Also perfect tossed into your scrambled eggs or wrapped with eggs and sausage (try chorizo) in a spicy breakfast borrito! The possibilities are endless, the price is RIGHT!
  • I got a few glade warmers w/nightlight. On clearance for 2/$2.49. I had $2/1 IP coupons and got them FREE!!
  • Coffee Mate was $1.50, used $.50/1 Internet Printed Q for a total of $1 for yummy creamer (Im WEAK!)
  • The Turkey bacon was on sale and I found blinkie $.75/1 coupons RIGHT THERE!, so my bacon ended up being cheap, but I can't remember..I'll update when I get my receipt!! Sorry!
  • Also, needed some cough drops for the gals and got HALLS B1G1F on sale at Publix and used my two $.50/1 coupons, making them $.69 for two bags!
  • I also got 2lbs of carrots for .79,
  • 2 half gallon cartons of ALMOND MILK (vanilla) Yum Yum! 2/$5 on sale and 2 $1/1 coupons = 1 gallon for $3!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE this yummy treat! In cereal, oatmeal or just with dinner. Even great in smoothies! We love it! Coupons in a recent insert, you should try a carton, its smoooooth! (and also comes in chocolate!)
  • and a bag of frozen stew veggies for $1.50. I really wanted to just get the potatoes and the carrots and onions (I'm out, have some frozen diced, but wanted bigger chunks for stew) and celery, but the potatoes were $4.99 a bag and I would have ended up spending over $8 for the veggies alone for stew. So I just grabbed the frozen mix and will add some extra carrots into the stew tomorrow.
I will do my receipt tallies tomorrow, left the coupon envie in the car, but total was around $10 with pet food and $8 without for one trip, $1.02 for 2nd trip. Other trip...not sure, was mostly cat food and I need to check it! Sorry don't have my numbers with me! I'll update later though!

Tonight, we were GOOD little savers and we all had leftovers, the pork tenderloin/rice, cabbage/sausage soup and almond milk.

: Did you all like my freebie posts or should I stay away from those? I was surprised that after posting a couple of them, nobody had any comments on any of them (save for ONE!, so far!). So, it made me wonder if you all just want me to stick to saving info and deals??? I also have pics of my WAGS and CVS pepsi/frito deals, but again, I'll wait for my receipts to do a proper budget adjust! Got lots of goodies though for cheap!

HEY! If any of you got that CVS $10/$50 coupon, the $20 pepsi deal is the perfect time to try to use it! If you have a bunch of ECB to roll and are going to do the Gillette shampoo and razor next week and Revlon, you can add a few monthly freebies maybe and some milk and get that $10 off! I'll work out a scenario after I study the ad!

Nighty Noodle!


Tracey C.


  1. I eprsonally like your budget and saving posts better than the freebies. I would love to see more about the meals you are making with this budget.

  2. Some people really like the freebie posts I think. However, for me, I don't have a CVS store and so they don't mean alot to me. I prefer frugal type posts, recipes, tips or ideas but this is your blog, my friend. You write what you wanted.

    I only mentioned this because you asked. I love writing about frugality and organization, etc. and I asked a very similar question once too because I wanted people's opinions. People pretty much said to write what I wanted. So I encourage you to do so too.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I know my detailed shopping info (more for me as a record) is BORING and WORDY too! I like the frugal tips and fun also, but I'm also trying to track my spending, ALL of it! I guess I need to just spend LESS! I see so far that my spending in Jan is WAY more than I thought it would be. Now I just need to buckle down, use my Cats, rebates and such for things like milk, bread, produce..and use my stockpiles as much as possible. Thanks again!
    Warmly, Tracey C.



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