Thursday, January 29, 2009

Walgreens 4 bread & FREE Colgate!

So everyone is talking about the Colgate Total at Walgreens that is in the blue wrap, (see pic above, you can click on pic to enlarge for detail) and how it is on sale (though NOT advertised) for $2.19. Well, with the register reward as advertised in their ad this week, you get back $2 Catalina coupon. So if you have a coupon, you get it for FREE! Of course, I DID. I had several $1.50/1 that I printed a few weeks back and I also have several $.75/1 coupons from the sunday inserts.
Only one Catalina $2 coupon will print PER transaction, so you can't buy 3 and get 3 of the $2 coupons. So I brought 2 up to the register and just had the girl ring one of them seperately. You can't pay for the next one with your $2 Cat either or another new one won't print!

I really needed bread, but had a $10 cat from the pepsi (I have 2) and a $5 cat as well. I also saw some Citrucel Chews on clearance and there is still a register reward of $5 if you buy 2 participating products. I wasn't sure if this was one since it isn't an advertised ad deal anymore, so I tried it out. The Chews (see pic) on sale for $5.59 and there is a coupon in the Wags ES rebate book for $3/1.. so $2.59 each box. NO CATALINA printed!! Boo Hoo! I MIGHT return these. Here's what I got:

  • 2 AVENT bottles for a baby shower gift for this weekend (she doesn't read this!), not out of my budget since it's a gift. On clearance for $2 each!
  • 9 hershey Reeses Whipps candy bars. I am sure I bought 8, so they overcharged me by .80 for one I didn't get and didn't use coupon for (sigh). On sale with in ad coupon 2/.89 and I had $1/2 coupons so FREE (except that ONE!)
  • 2 citrucel chews @ $5.59 ea and minus $3 ea = $5.18 total but no register reward like I hoped
  • colgate total $2.19 had $1.50/1 (and got $2 RR back)
  • Cat toy clearance .50 for our new (but temporary) cat.... cat nip, WHAT was I thinking?
  • 1 loaf Sara Lee wheat bread $2
  • 1/2 gallon of milk for $2.49 and got $1 off for buying the Sara Lee bread..
  • RENU travel pack on clearance for only $.87!! might go get more if hubby likes this kind
Subtotal is $4.74 after coupons and $10 catalina $5.53 with TAX OOP Return: candy bar overcharged for (didn't get it, but I'll take one back to reduce hassle) = $.80
Return: $5.18 for 2 citrucel that didn't print candy = $5.98
total OOP = ZERO
(also got back $2 cat)

Second Transaction: 1 colgate total $2.19, used one $1.50/1 coupon. OOP $.84 (got back $2 Cat also)

I also got a tub of cool whip (store brand) at Winn Dixie for $1 when picking up cat litter. TOTAL OOP today was $1.84.

Tracey C.
$919.40 - $1.84 = $917.56 left in budget

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