Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wags, Publix, CVS budget update

Okay, I need to adjust my budget for some shopping I have done. This is wordy, so you may want to skip, but I need a record of what went down! :) I would have done it sooner, but I was slacking. ALSO, my transactions were SERIOUSLY messed up. One had to be completely redone as the cashier was blaming my use of coupons as the reason my $10 Pepsi/Frito-Lay coupon did not print out. Another overcharged me, yet another didn't even print out! WRONG! Anyway Here is how it works out: Wags #1: bought 2 Skippy for $1.99 (used .60/1 Q's), 6 Ragu @ $1.99 ea. used 2 1.00/3 Q's) got 3 fructis shampoo (had 3 $1 Q's and 3 $2 Easy Saver Q's), 2 4pk of tp for .59 ea., 1 Baster for $1 (needed one of these, but not out of food budget), Also got some paper for girls and some books for b1g1f) My total minus the books/paper/other was about $8.41 (this includes tax for the other items, but that's fine). Used a $5 CAT and $3 CAT from previous deals and GOT a $10 CAT. OOP was $8.41 HOWEVER, I find on my receipt that the girl trying to ring up my manufacturer coupons for the Fructis, plus the wags coupons totally messed it up! She got frustrated and then said she figured it out, but what she DID was charge me $1.99 per shampoo, so even with my Q's, I paid .99 ea. NO NO NO!! That means she didn't even take off the full Wags coupon value! I am going to just return these shampoo! Even with the coupons taken off my receipt total, I am still ahead on that one by $2.97. so OOP is $5.44 & I still had the $10 CAT to roll into the Pepsi deal. Wags #2: bought 3 chips $2.50, 1 cheese dip $2.50, 1 gatorade $1, 4 sierra mist 8packs $2.25 ea. AND one Revlon blush Matte for the Free after Rebate in Wags EasySaver (had $2/1 coupon, so profit on this). Total fiasco here. The CAT didn't print, so the guy had no idea what to do. I took to beauty counter, manager came up, said it was my coupons, I say no, he said his machine wasn't working. So we re-ring, she does a BUNCH of weird stuff, including not using my revlon coupon but instead refunding me for it after we finished (so it wouldnt mess things up, ARGH!) I don't even know what happened, but for my next transaction, I didn't get to use my new catalina, so it ended up more out of pocket. I haven't had good luck with these Wags deals for sure! Sigh. Used my previous $10 Catalina for THIS deal. My total OOP was $19.34. got back $10 CAT & will get back $9.99 rebate plus 10% on gift card of .99 =$10.98 on GC. Wags #3: bought 6 Ragu/$1.99 each (used 2 $1/3 coupons), 2 Skippy $1.99 (used 2 $.60/1 coupons), 3 Hair elastic holders w/6 elastics inside for each of my girls 3 @ $.10 each (clearance), 2 Boxes of granola bars Choc chip on clearance for .50 ea. Total was $14.15 OOP & got back $10 CAT so $4.15 for all that! :) GRAND TOTAL OOP? $38.93!! Sigh. I DO have $20 in CATS and a $10.98 rebate. Will also mail for the Pepsi Coupon Rebate, but that isn't cash! So in THEORY I have $30.98 back, so all my things cost me $8.93!!

That is awesome!! In theory! Now I have to be a wise steward of my CATS and my rebates. I'm not counting my ECB's and Catalinas or Gift Cards in my total budget, but I do use them after all, but they are limited. Right now I have over $25 in CATS from deals and Rebates coming in from Wags and over $20 in ECB's from CVS. Mostly I like to try to reuse these for new deals. But as you can see from above, sometimes that doesn't work out. I think in those cases you have to decide to just cancel the transaction or go ahead and be ok with the results. I did NOT want to spend $39 out of pocket! That Kills my budget! BUT, I was there, I WILL use the catalina coupon, the Ragu and skippy (and pepsi deals) were outrageously cheap for us and I went ahead. Some might think it wasn't worth it. Remember though, we don't get double coupons here, so I'll take under .50 pasta sauce when I can get it! :)
More updates coming, though less wordy! Warmth,
Tracey C.
$992.84-38.93= $953.91 Left in budget

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