Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bless CVS!

I DO have fun at CVS! I ran in tonight to one close to my daughters' school because they were the only store that might still have some soyjoy left. They did not..bummer! However, they did have Christmas 90% off and up til now I hadn't gotten too much. The best part? I FOUND 2 CVS $25 gift cards in my lingerie drawer last night!! Whoo Hoo! Funny thing about these cards is, my hubby surprised me TWO YEARS ago with tax rebates..he had the option of buying gift cards for 20% off. He got me $200 worth of cards for $160 and he also got me some Starbucks (much smaller amount) and some Lowes for himself. Well, I remember being thrilled at the time and tearing about 4 of the cards or so off the paper and sticking them in my purse. Then we set them aside. Guess what? These cards became buried under mail and we forgot all about them until almost a year later when we were clearing out that old mail. What a pleasant surprise!! I stuck them in my undies drawer and pulled out one here, one there. For some reason, I had stuck the final two way at the bottom of the drawer and AGAIN forgotten ALLLL about them!! Whoo hoo! Found money! The additional bonus is that I got my CVS $50 gift card in the mail today from Mypoints.com and will use this for our milk for a couple of months! These cards will really help us stretch things and if the cards are available again this year, we are getting more because that is a good money saver. If you don't lose them....

Anyhow, I got 3 boxes of 10 gift box packs for only .49 each! I got 3 wine size bags for .15 ea, 1 big 4 roll of wrap paper for .79, 4 GIANT bags for big presents for .25 ea, 3 bags for .19 ea, tiny 12 count metallic bows for .19 ea, 2 things of tissue paper for .19 ea, 2 gift card ornament holders (tins, great for putting cards in your purse according to a lady shopping, good idea!) .25 ea, 1 spy guy kids toy for only .99! One box of candy canes for .09. I also added a 4pack dbl roll CVS brand toilet paper for $3.29 and used a $3/any cvs item coupon. I also used a $2 EcB. Total cost for 24 items was $5.56 on my gift card! OOP= $0.00!!

FUN FUN FUN, gotta use up those CVS $3 coupons before they expire. Need one? Print them here at: I heart CVS and a big shoutout to them!! Thanks!

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