Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I LOVE Target!!

Don't you love the great 90% off Holiday sales at Target? Sure, it is usually slim pickin's, but the deals can be so wonderful! I finally felt well enough today to hit a store and that was Target. I had heard they already went 90% off Christmas, but not everywhere, so I thought I'd take a look and had a small list of "hidden" deals from my friends at www.refundcents.com, thanks guys! Here's what I picked up for only $11.29!! I used a gift card, so $0.00 out of pocket..Excellent!

  • 4 caramel cider drink mixes in bags with cute little whisk ornaments tied on $.49 ea
  • 1 lip smackers cola 2pack gift set $.29
  • Elf cat hat and collar decorative wear (for my daughters stuffed animal, my cat would bite me if I tried to put this on him!) $.49
  • 3 2-packs of Christmas gift bags $.29 each
  • 3 pack robe gift boxes $.19
  • HUGE box of ornaments in black and silver (shatterproof!) $1.99
  • Green gift tissue 2 packs of 20ct for $.19 ea
  • Scotch tape 2pack (could only find one darn!) $.39
  • Knex single car kits X 4 at only $.39 ea!
  • Hello Kitty pink dollar spot notebook $.10 (future gift addition or stocking stuffer)
  • Hello Kitty pink photo album (same deal) $.10
  • Archer Farms low sugar instant Oatmeal (free) couldn't find on receipt??
  • 2 4-packs of Angel soft $1.24 each (no coupons, needed som t.p. though)

Grand total for all that, again, was only $11.29 on a gift card! Not a big haul, but great deals! How did you do at Target this year?

Tracey C.
Budget $1200
Budget left $1091.22


  1. 90% off?? I'm definitely heading there today! I love those silver & black ornaments. I was eyeballing them when they were 50% off but decided I'd wait. :-) Hopefully they still have them.

  2. You did great!
    The only deals I snagged were an 8 roll pack of christmas paper for .99 cents. I am keeoing my eye on the chocolate though. Prices keep getting lower and I might pick some up for Valentines day.



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