Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Picnic : Another Cake Roundup Cake

This beauty was decorated by myself and my then 8 year old daughter for my DH, her Dear Ole Dad (She is a 9 now, thank you very much!). She LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of fondant when she saw it in cake book. So we used fondant to make a cake she entered into a Fall festival contest that year. It was a brave first attempt! I don't have a picture (it must be somewhere) or I'd show you! She made a tree trunk with a rabbit on top of it and leaves... it was cute, but a definite beginning for my budding cake artist. This picnic in the park cake was one of many ideas we came up with when browsing the Wilton cake books at Michaels. They had some similar version, of a table, with cloth and food and ants... adorable! We DID not buy the book, because I'm too FRUGAL (read: cheap). So we tried to remember it and we thought a blankie on the ground would be just as good.

I made the center tiny chocolate cake out of two stacked and frosted oreos. I frosted them just like a double layer cake and used a baggie with edge snipped off (very very tiny snip) to "decorate" it. The candles are the tops of those wavy skinny candles that you've probably seen, I just cut off the tops to use as tiny candles, and inserted into circles of white frosting and further down into the cookie's frosting. This Oreo cake would be so cute on its/ their own decorated in a million ways (or let the party goers do it) for a mini party or doll party or tween party...endless ideas. You can use cake, but the cookie is SO EASY and becomes quite soft after a few hours, so it CUTS like cake almost! And so fun to decorate! Any girl group would love to decorate a bunch of these pre-base frosted, I think. We saw cakes like this in the American Girl book called TINY TREATS. Or make a picnic!
My girl worked on this ALL day long! She painted the blankie for me. I rolled fondant out, cut out a big "blanket" square and then scored it with a dull knife. She made the plates, food on the plates, pitcher of lemonade (hard to see in photo and glasses too, watermelon, burgers, fruit. They can all be 'attached' to the blankie with a drop or two of frosting to hold. Some score and wet the fondant a bit, but that can get messy when you are new at it!

Adorable! Didn't she do a great job? We took it with us to church on a Wednesday and handed out slices (confetti flavor, the best). It was a hit and nobody could believe she made all those little food stuffs. She basked in the praise and her Dad's adoration! :) What do you think? Cute and so many ways to do this one too! Add some pound cake to make a "real" picnic table, lots of food things to try (like fried chicken). ANTS! The original picnic we saw had little black ants (made of fondant I think, but anything could work) in a line going up /onto the blanket and circle back off on their way home with crumbs. It was so cute like that! We ran out of decorating time though.
Thanks so much for looking! And don't forget, we got this Cake Roundup at Life as Mom blog, HERE
I may have another cake to add to the list, I need to see if I can find it. (FOUND IT! HERE is my Bear Tier Cake) One of my favorites! Warmly,
Tracey C.

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