Thursday, January 15, 2009

The REST of my Hickory Farms!!

Holy Smokes Batman! Sausage, Cheese, and those really fancy little strawberry candies that make me think of being 7 years old for some reason..fondly! :) Here's the rest of my Hickory Farms bounty.. sausage anyone? Sausage & Rice, Sausage & crackers (of course), Sausage sliced in cheese crisps (quesadillas), on top of pizza, chunked in soup, diced in eggs, ???? Ideas? Diced on baked potato maybe, but not a meal. I need casserole love here people! I got this tuesday but was too busy to post until now, though I tried!

The red tins are FULL of shortbread type cookies (swirl, choc chip, choc, rasp center, etc.) and will last 4-ever! at least 2-3 days!! No, really! We eat slow around here. And, Uh, about those chocolate fudge bites thingies on top of the cookie tins? Pretend You DON'T see 'em, mmmmmm kay? Thank you so much.

1 comment:

  1. I am seriously wanting that cheese and sausage! I would imagine you will find a lot of ways to use that bounty!



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