Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Cake Roundup!

How FUN! Life as Mom is having a Birthday Cake Roundup... featuring lots of cake ideas and photos! I wanted to join in the fun to show off a cake or two I have made for my kids.. because I love doing it! Want to join Life as Mom and see the cakes? Go HERE ! And thanks to her for this fun roundup!

I might show two cakes, but for now, I'm just showing my daughter's from last August. She had a surprise pool party and I found this neat idea at Family Fun in their cake section. I just turned the boy that was featured in THEIR cake, into a girl with braids in MY cake! I know, it looks a little freaky, but isn't it fun?

Wanna know my BEST secret? I orderd the big ole sheet cake from SAMS club with aqua blue frosting and that's it! I told them NO decorations! This made for a nice canvas for my "art" and a lot less cooking worry when I was trying to surprise the girl! The shark fins made the night before are just sugar cookies thickly formed and baked with a popsicle stick inserted. I then used a royal icing on the fin. When ready to decorate, just insert the popsicle stick into the cake and PRESS! I had also previously added some white frosting where I wanted the fin to go, to look like wave "foam."

The snorkel stick is a big pretzel stick covered in pre-made fondant from Michaels. I bought a box of the pre-made fondant and used gel food coloring to color it all. I used frosting for the face (white, from a can, colored to look fleshy..start small with the color until you get it just right, it was kind of hard to do for me), and it sort of melted, but looked appropriately scary! I mean, come on! A SHARK is coming! LOL, isn't it fun!??

You can see our PicNic cake HERE, it was LOTS of fun!

Well? What do you think? :)

Tracey C.


  1. Ha, Ha, what a great idea for a cake, and great job!

  2. What a fun cake! It looks great!

  3. Thanks so much guys, I had alot of fun with this one!

    Warmth, Tracey C.

  4. Amazing! Thanks for sharing a great idea!



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