Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stir Fry Dinner

My Cutie Pie about to dig in!

Dinner tonight was some tyson frozen chicken breast tenders from our big Ole freezer. I was reading a neat recipe about coating the chicken in mustard, then coating in bread crumbs before baking to make it moist....and I guess that idea stuck in my noggin. I just used some brownish mustard, some of my Hickory Farms CRANBERRY mustard (mmm) and some honey. I stirred it all up together and coated my tenders in it. I then cooked them in a bit of olive oil until almost done then I added a couple of splashes of Kinkomans Teriyaki sauce. I then set the tenders aside and in the same pan, with the sauce/drippings still in the pan, threw in a 1/2 bag of frozen pepper stir fry mix from my freezer. Meanwhile, I cooked 2 cups of Publix brand brown rice from my pantry (almost out!). Meanwhile I cut up my tenders in bite size pieces, then tossed them into the pan with the peppers for a final heating/coating of sauce. I served piping hot over the brown rice with milk as our drink. Yummy!! The chicken was very tasty! Here are some highly professional photos of the experience for your highly refined viewing pleasure!

Tracey C.


  1. That looks delish! (And I have that big ol' jar of honey at my house, too! We love it!)

  2. Hah! We LOVE honey in our house!! What do YOU use it for? Thanks for the comments, my oldest loves having her picture on the blog!! :)
    Warmth, Tracey C.



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