Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oops! Missed purchase from budget...

OOPS! Apparently while I was sick this past week my Hubby hit the store twice, but I was just too out of it remember. He knew about the budget so he didn't want to spend any money! But we needed tp again and he got milk and bananas! He spent (gulp) $6.57 on three things, but did pretty good considering I was almost dead and he could have bought LOTS of stuff! I MUST find a cheap tp deal, toilet paper is killing us! GADS! New budget total below.

Tracey C.
Budget $1200
Budget left $1091.22 - $6.57 = $1084.65


  1. Good luck! I have been stocking up on the cottonelle tp at Kroger. I am not sure if you have a Kroger nearby??? Right now they have there 4 pack single rolls on sale for .99. Use a .50 coupon that doubles...making it free.

  2. Cottonelle is the only tp I have been able to find to stock up on, as well. I used to get the Scott 12 packs when they were on sale and I had $1 coupons and spent about $4 a pack. (Yes, it was a while back. LOL!) I used to have quite a stockpile but I am now down to 1 1/2 12 packs of Scott. Darn!

    Cottonelle doesn't seem to last very long for us, but I still get it for cheap or free.

  3. Leigh & Frances, unfortunately I do NOT have doubles nor do I have a Kroger! So I've been desperate LOL!

  4. Neither do we canadians... but I still find good deals sometimes..
    4.99 for 8 double rolls with a $1.00 off coupon is as good as it gets here. Royal, or cottennelle usually have coupons.

    Good luck. I hope a good sale on TP happens next week for you.



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