Friday, January 2, 2009

Sick as a DOG!

Ugh! I am still sick as a dog, but up for a little bit because I've been asleep all day. I feel awful with, what I assume is the flu. Thank goodness my Hubby has been off the past few days to take care of me and our girls!

In addition, a stray cat we picked up at a restaurant the other day ( I don't recommend doing this) apparently had a hidden injury that became an absess that broke open today and left the poor kitty running through house "leaking." Not pretty. Also, hello, it's a holiday! So we had to get him some help since I'm no Vet.. we took him to the Vet hospital (hubby hasn't shared cost with me, yet!) for some meds and to check him out. He obviously was a pet before, he is fixed and so adorable... He is doing better now, but I feel bad knowing someone is probably missing him. I'll put out more ads in a few days when I'm feeling better.

As for ME being sick, well, no shopping means no money spent so... financially speaking we are off to a great start. On the flip side, I could do without the flu to keep me from shopping... Wish me well and a big Hello to all the 2009 frugal challenge Yahoo group members!

Tracey C
$1200 in budget

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