Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whipp It at CVS!

Whipps, Whipps and MORE Whipps! I purchased 30 Reeses Whipps at CVS tonight for the Hershey spend $15 get a $5 CVS gift card by mail. I spent $4.52 out of my budget buying 30 of the Reeses $1 off 2 Reeses Whipps coupons from The Coupon Clippers.

You might wonder why I would WASTE $4.52 of my precious budget on Candy? Boy, you don't know me very well do you? LOL!

Seriously, the Whipps are included in the $5 gift card deal I just mentioned above and they are on sale this week for 2/$1!! That means with coupons, they are FREE FREE FREE!! (plus tax, so mostly freeeee!) I spent $.68 on 20 of them at one CVS and half that in tax at the other CVS so $1.02 plus $4.52 = $5.54 I spent on 30 candy bars and I will get a $5 gift card. My husband may take his card and use the other 15 coupons to get 30 bars...but I think it is one deal per household (not sure, need to check ad but I think only 1), so if so, I will find one of my local coupon friends who wants to do the deal, split the costs and end up with a profit of around $2 or so and THIRTY YUMMY WHIPPS. I mean, 29. Tee Hee. I also spent $7.54 on my CVS gift card for the rest of my order. I got all the items listed in the pics in this post. I also got back a $3 ECB for buying 3 American Greetings cards (I got the .99c ones, so FREE cards!!) Thanks to Julie at Kingdom Klipper for

~CUTE! 99c AG cards FREE after ECB!~

posting this deal or I would never have known about it! I haven't heard a thing! I believe you can do the deal 5 times (15 cards), but check your ads/stores! Also for that purchase, not pictured, I got another 6 pack of CVS flavored water and another $2 in ECB. Check out my clearance trouser socks and tights!! ONLY .67 for tights and $1.25 for 3pk trouser socks! Wow!
Coupons used:
2 of the .50/1 dawn (making them only 50c each they are B1G1F for 1.99)
15 Reeses $1/2 coupons making them all free but for tax
2 Exedrin coupons for $2/1 (free) and one for $1/1 combined with CVS $1/1 any Exedrin (free)

1 $1/1 CVS 6pk water (NO PIC, still in car, sorry!) coupon (printed from scanner/pricing machine when I walked in)
2 $2 ECB's
$7.54 on one of my CVS gift cards and $.68cents other trasaction.

So, instead of putting one jammed photo of a bunch of stuff. I wanted to show more pics so you could see the items and appreciate how far that $7.54 went (and I got back my ECB's plus $1 and will get $5 gift card, don't forget!)

Another great bonus? A friend of mine gave me about 11-12 coupon inserts this Sunday. Some of the coupon inserts (as in the comics, store ads, coupons, etc.) were complete, some only had the Unilever. I was grateful for ALL of them!! Whoo Hoo! No money spent on these coupons this week and they are already saving me $$$!! Thanks dear friend!

Tracey C.
$992.84 left in budget (last subtraction was for Whipps coupons).


  1. You sure stretched that money! WTG! I couldn't buy that many Whipps. DH would be eating them constantly. He can't say no to candy. LOL!

  2. Hey they had the Dawn deal here too! I stocked up on dish detergent and have 8 bottles, that will last me a while!

    We have also had a few great deals on Electrosol dishwasher tabs and managed to get 6 boxes for free.
    So free clean dishes!

  3. Frances I feel like I didnt really buy them, like I invested in a CVS gift card instead. LOL! I buy milk there anyway, so spending $5 now for candy and then getting it almost all of it back is a joy! And MY hubby has eaten 3 or 4 already, but he's thin, he can take it! But I think I'll put them aside until I'm sure they don't get recalled in the crazy PB debacle!
    B~ I already had 4 or 5 Dawns, and only 2 .50c coupons, so it will work for me for now too! Glad you got some!



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