Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shopping in a CRUNCH

Planning is everything! Hubby was taking over the girls for me this morning, and in my joy of knowing this last night, I didn't PLAN their lunches for him. Because we are out of bread, this is a real stumper for him. So at the last minute, there was nothing to do but decide to bring their lunches to them later.
We had assembly this a.m. for the younger girls and they both were recognized for character awards! Isn't that sweet? I'll put some cute pics up later.. after assembly we had coffee and bagels together in a little date (our eating out is a seperate, but new budget for us) at the bagel cafe. Sigh, it was so nice!
Anyway, the girls' school is just too far from home to run back and then back we decided to go to Publix.... This can easily get expensive, but I'm on a mission right? We check the lunchables because I thought I saw them on sale and they were.. only $1.25 (4/$5) each! Not bad at $3.75 without a drink for 3 of them. But...hmmm... We check out the fruit cups, b1g1f and 2.59 for ea. 4 pack.. means fruit for about $.32 ea. We could add a smuckers uncrustable, but that would be quite a bit more than the lunchables. So I check the yogurts and there are several on sale.. We setteled on the Dannon which were on sale .40 each, got 3. We went to produce and got 3 small bananas at .69lb. We didnt get drinks because CVS was next door and I have a gift card. We got spoons from the deli as well as a couple of napkins and asked at checkout for small brown paper sacks, they gave us 3 gladly. We walked over to CVS and they had the SOBE Life Water on sale for $1.25 and I had .50/1 coupons in my purse! Perfect! We bought 2 (one for older one for twins to share) and spent $1.67 on a gift card (no oop) and $2.85 at Publix for the yogurt and bananas. We then decorated the bags in the car with the girls' markers and had fun being artists for a few minutes. Then we sacked it all up and delivered the goods! They were fun and a big hit! Total OOP $2.85. Faces glowing at fun artwork and love messages? Priceless! ;)

Tracey C.
$929.61 left in budget

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  1. What a great solution! And it sounds like you had fun doing it within your budget. Kudos to you!



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