Friday, January 16, 2009

Wags & CVS & Milk & Bread

I think I should have stayed home, yep! I needed milk though and have a problem going to the store and ONLY getting one thing when there are sales and rebates and ECB's.. sigh. I also have decided not to use the $3/off any CVS coupon anymore since I have heard that CVS says it is not authorized, wasn't authorized to be on internet. I know there are many sides to this, and I have used the coupon, but I am just not going to any longer. Just my humble opinion. So.. Walgreens: $11.10 OOP! EEEK! However, I am mailing in for an orajel $8.49 and Windex $4.00 rebate = $ it will work out. I just hate that budget reducing! I also will get Walgreens Orajel rebate for $8.49 + 10% extra of $.84 so $9.24 on a Wags card. It was really a great deal for me, but that reduction in my budget just makes me "shudder ."So at Wags I got:
  • Milk $3.29
  • Sara Lee Bread (used $1/gallon milk w/Sara Lee purch coupon) $2 - $1 =$1
  • Dozen eggs $1.50
  • 4 oust B1G1F and used the 1/4 b1g1f coupons SS 1/4 = 4 for free
  • water bottle with 6 packets drink mix for .50 on clearance
  • mandarin oranges cans 2/$1 (school lunches here)
  • REAL SOFT wags brand? 4pk toilet paper was on sale for $.59!!! Normally $1 I think, it said until 1/17 if you think that is cheap tp..not sure if at all Wags though, so maybe call first.
  • 2 canisters of Windex wipes b1g1f $3.79 for 2 used .40/1 coupons for each and will mail in for $4 windex rebate in SS 1/11 (so was .40 coupon)
Not bad! I needed bread, milk and eggs and used my $10 catalina also. CVS ?? I was just hoping for the soyjoy and maybe the throat pops which I have NOT been able to get. Instead, I was sucked in by the chocolate reindeer pops and bought a big ol handful... for my daughters you understand! I got a 6 pack of the flavored Gold Emblem water that is $3.97 and generating $2 ecb, also 2 boxes of crackers cheese for $1.99 each, each generating a $1 ecb and I had a $1/2 coupon. I also had a $1/2 gold emblem candy. I HAD to use it! I didn't want it to go to waist.... errr, waste! Sheesh. I also bought a few more of the candy canes filled with m & m generics. Great for cookies and brownies and only 9c. Also 4 cans of cranberry sauce 90% off at .17. My total at CVS was $3.67 and I used a GC, no OOP. I used a $6 ecb to pay and I got back $4 in ecb and a $10/$50 purchase to use later!

Nighty Noodle!

Tracey C.

$997.36 left in budget


  1. New to your blog!!! I heart you!! You are amazing. I am inspired. I just started a couple of months back with the coupons, still learning the ropes. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Way to go! I've nominated you for a blog award. Check it out at:

  3. My, you are getting some great deals....and, sure the chocolate is for the girls!! Anyway, it's been too cold for me to get out much...Will get to CVS tomorrow,though, to get local papers w/coupon inserts and both week's deals!
    Julie @Kingdom Klipper

  4. Great deals, Tracey! I will be on the lookout for the tp and cranberry sauce. That is a GREAT price for cranberry sauce and I use a LOT of it for Christmas baking. Gotta stock up for next year!

  5. Tracey, what's really funny, is my shopping trip to Walgreens this week looked just like yours!! Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  6. I've given you an award

    I've enjoyed reading how you're going to try to stay within your budget :-).

  7. Kasey, how sweet! Thanks! Hang in there, you know, you pick up on coupons and savings fast with all the great bloggers around here! Welcome to savings! :)

    Bliss, I wonder how many more will match this year? LOL! Thanks!

    Frances, you might have to share some of your cranberry recipes, I never use it, but thought I could find something at that price! Typical saver mentally.. I WILL find a way to use this!

  8. Corrie and Sara, thanks for the shoutouts! Sara, I went a lookin' but couldn't find it! Maybe I'll see it soon? Thanks guys! You rock!

    Tracey C.



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