Thursday, January 8, 2009

CVS fun today!! More shopping!

CVS was my target today! With the girls in school and myself feeling almost normal I did a couple of CVS runs. My first trip was pretty good, I had $8.99 in ECB to use and a bunch of deals rolling around in my head that I was trying to get straight. I'm still not 100% and my thinking is still a little foggy lol! So, first trip I bought a 6pk of SOY JOY (earn $6 ECB), 2 pantene on clearance $1.55, a teeny tiny tea set for .49, 2 4pk of CVS tissue (cheap stuff $2.49 & $1.49 b1g150%off), 2 boxes CVS cheese crackers $1.99 & .99 (same deal)), 1 fructis hair gel $2.99 (used $1/1 coup), and some clearance candy for $1.44. I used a $3 off any CVS item printed online and a $3 off any $15 purchase as well as my $8.99 ECB, a $3/2 Pantene coup & finally a $1/2 boxes cvs crackers printed when I walked in store. Total OOP was only $.74!!

My 2nd run included more t.p, a conair brush set on clearance for $2.49, 1 Better Homes & Gardens cookie tin Christmas clearance that everyone was saying to look for (you get a refund or 12 month mag subscription with this one), 6pk soyjoys, 2 celestial seasons gingerbread boxes of herbal tea on clearance for $.87 and a bag of Hershey Kisses for $1.25 with a $1/1 coupon. I used another set of CVS coupons and My $6 soyjoy ECB & $2 fructis ECB. My OOP this time was $2.70. (I should get back $2.49 for the cookies set rebate, but I'll add that when/if it comes in the mail!)

Total OOP for today? $3.44. I also still have $6 in ECB to use. I then went home to rest! Later, cute kids compelled me to use the CVS cheese crackers to make peanut butter cracker treats for my youngest girls for a snack. They loved them!

Finally a little toilet paper for less $$!! (though, it's still killing me!)

Later, I tried the Naan bread profiled on one of my blog searches, but now I can't find it to give credit to the poster! If you see this dear friend, please let me know it came from your blog and I'll point at you! Anyway, I've never even eaten it, but the reviews for it were crazy online and the ingredients simple so I made some. It got rave reviews! I'll post it as soon as I find it, really! It was almost as loved as hubbies stuffing and turkey sandwich I made for him yesterday. I highly recommend stuffing sandwiches for the man in YOUR life! Doesn't it look yummy?

Hot Stuffing, Gravy and Turkey Sandwich...yummy!

Tracey C.
$1200 Budget
$1081.21 Left in Budget


  1. Great job at CVS!! I love getting tons of stuff for little money out of pocket.

  2. WOAH! GREAT DEALS! Can you shop like that all the time! I wish I lived there.

    I would love the recipe for the Naan snacks when you find them.

    Your twin daughters are soooooo cute!

  3. LOL BCholly thanks! No, not ALL the time, but lots of the time! I don't get double coupons, so I have to be crafty at CVS & Walgreens! Send me your email because I saved the Naan recipe in a file I can send you! I also copied a bunch of "tips" from reader and those are included. It was YUMMY!

  4. Kkk, feel a bit dumb, but how do I send you my e-mail without posting it?

  5. Hmmmmm, that's a GOOD question! I don't know the answer to that though and neither of us wants to post our emails. How about this? Go to our Yahoo Budget Challenge group (you can join if you want!) and send an email to the moderator (that's me). If that doesn't work, Ill just post my email for you ok? Go here:

    We'll try that! :)

  6. BCholly (sorry don't know your name!), I added a contact me button on my front page. Just scroll down and you should see the little envelope on the left side under about me and subscribe.. just email me and I will have your email addy! :) Thanks for getting me to accomplish this one!
    Tracey C.



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