Friday, January 23, 2009

Free After Rebate Vent Fresh Elite Car Air Freshener BONUS!

If you recently bought the Vent Fresh Elite Car Air Freshener for $4.99 at Walgreens to get the free after rebate deal from the monthly EasySaver catalog, be sure to check the package! In the back of mine, at the top, is a coupon good for a FREE Scented Oil Refill! It expires 12/31/09, but take advantage of it soon so you don't forget! If you want to give the Vent as a gift, good luck trying to pry that package open without completely cutting it to shreds! If you have tips for getting the coupon out without destroying the package, comment and let the rest of know! You can get worse than a paper cut with these things! YEOW! Forgive the horrid pics, but I wanted you to see the product and coupon and what to look for! Smiles!


Tracey C.

$992.84 left in budget

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